10 Bollywood movies I’d like to see in 3D

All this 3D buzz that has been surrounding Hollywood studios since Avatar invaded the B.O.  must have definitely started ringing bells in the Bollywood camp of producers. We can (or try to) forget the horror of Haunted 3D.  I heard this rumor about RGV making a 3d horror flick called Warning. Of course Bollywood had its historical innings with 3D before all of this recent craze of 3D germinated. The first Bolly 3D movie was Jaggu Dada’s version of Zorro called Shiva Ka Insaaf. Just look at that flippin awesome poster.

And then of course, we all remember the all time kids favourite – Chhota Chetan, which was re-released with an additional item number starring Urmila. Don 2 is being given a retrofit 3D green light. C’mon George Lucas is doing it. So why not the Bokadias, the Chopras and Desais? Let thy imagination fly! Here we go again, making yet another list. I don’t think you’ll really agree to this list, but what the heck. You know this post would definitely be worth it. So hit the jump and let the feast for your eyes begin.

*10 Bollywood movies I would like to see in 3D*

#1: Karan Arjun:
Karan Arjun 3D
If anyone starts arguing that this is not a Bollywood classic to begin with, I’ll pop out of the monitor and strangle him/her straight away. This one has got all the elements that it takes to be a Bolly classic.
  • Epic janam-janmantaro walee Maa ki Mumta.
  • The bromance which spans across two incarnations.
  • Salman and SRK singing Bhangra Paale in Mohd.Aziz’s playback
  • Immortal dialogue from Maata Durga – Durjannnn!!! Mere Karan Arjun <constipated voice>..aayenge!</constipated voice>
  • And finally, there’s Kajol and Mumta Kulkarni, both backless in different scenes.
Why I want to see this in 3D?
Johnny Lever. Imagine Johnny Lever in 3D. His eyes. His teeth. His smile.
The song: – Jai Maa….. Kaaaliiiiiii
At least it’d be better to watch Rakhi Gulzar in a Mandir than Rakhi Sawant popping out her cleavage in 3D.
#2. Umrao Jaan:
Umrao Jaan 3D

If someone was to classify a genre as ‘Bollywood mujra’, then the point of reference to that genre would begin and end with ‘Umrao Jaan’. Muzzafar Ali’s tragic magnum opus magnifies Rekha’s diva status. And it’d not be wrong to state that her larger than life onscreen persona owes it to this movie.

Why I want to see this in 3D?

It might come to you as a surprise that I am a big Rekha fan (see sidebar on the right). If I was given a choice to watch just one Rekha song ( Can’t imagine of that scenario though; still IF ), it would be “In Aankhon Ki Masti Ke“. Now imagine that somehow with technological enhancements, you could replicate the experience of watching that very song, as if you were there seated next to Farooq Sheikh in that Lucknow waali Shaam, with or without a Gajra in your hand. Convinced?

But why the whole movie then? This movie is replete with grandeur and Rekha’s seductress avatar at her best. Besides, there’s Justuju Jis Ki, a song which can melt even the heartless ones.

#3. Dil to Pagal Hai:

Dil to Pagal Hai 3D

I know quite a few people who put this on their worst movies list. Not me. To me, this is the best yuppie movie there ever will be. This is the smack in the face to all high production Hollywood musicals. This is Grease and Moulin Rouge on steroids. There’s dance, there’s drama, envy, friendship, love and rain. And there’s Madhuri Dixit dancing her ass off, like she wouldn’t get another shot at it. ‘Nuff said.

Why I want to see this in 3D?

Ok, so there is plenty of routine stuff in this movie which would not really make a difference if it was to be in 3D or otherwise. Such as Deven Verma’s shaayri, Farida Jalal’s mamtaa, and Akshay Kumar’s “mullet-ed” surprise cameo. But there’s plenty of other stuff which totally makes up for it. Apart from the songs which I’ll mention next, the scene which makes the 3D retrofit totally worthwhile is – the introduction of Maya in the dance studio.  Lit in highly saturated hues of Blue, Madhuri in her white salwaar gives us an onscreen lesson on Kathak, fused with SRK’s best filmy mock-drumming display.

The Songs: Le Gayee Le Gayee, Dance of Envy, Maya and The finale. There’s even Aruna Irani – the mole on her chin is definitely worthy of a 3D treatment.

#4 Mughal E Azam:

Mughal E Azam 3D

If the word ‘Magnum Opus’ was a movie, that movie would be K.Asif’s Mughal – E- Azam. There’s hardly anything left for me to say about the utter dedication and jee-jaan that has gone into the making of this romantic epic of the tragic love story of Anarkali and Salim. It has been re-released after being digitally manipulated to fill the Shwet-Shyam frames with Rang Birangi hues. Imagine, what wonders could be done with the 3D retrofitting to Emperor Akbar’s Mahal and how Madhubala would look in glorious 3D?

Why I want to see this in 3D?

Apart from the obvious reasons of indulging in the minute details of K.Asif’s detailed and painstaking investment in the set design and art direction of this movie, the biggest reason is Madhubala. And I don’t think I need to add any other reason after that.

The Songs I’d like to see: Mohe Panghat Pe, Teri Mehfil Mein Kismat Aazmaa Kar, Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya

#5. Sholay:

Gabbar - Sholay in 3D

Now this is an obvious choice of sorts. By all means, Sholay is the most widely loved movie in Indian cinema, and I don’t see any one of you rioting about it. There’s an array of characters here which we love to remember, and others that we despise of. Just think about it – how will the whole action scene in Ramgarh pan out in 3D, when Kaalia and gang face Thakur’s two men army on the day of Holi.

Why I want to see this in 3D?

Think – Surma Bhopali, Jailor Asrani, Basanti and Dhanno, Jay and Veeru, Ramlal and Thakur, Mausijee Chakki peesing and peeesing, and of course – Kitne Aadmi Thay!!!  Now think – Suar  Ke Bachcho in 3D.

The Song I’d love to see in 3D: Mehbooba Mehbooa 😛

#6. Yaadon Ki Baraat

Yaadon Ki Baraat 3D

This is the movie which spawned a whole generation of lost and found movies. Interlaced with immortal RD Burman melodies and a psychedelic Neetu Singh, and of course Guitar maestro *ahem* Tariq, Yaadon Ki Baarat is what probaly defines Bollywood formula from alpha to the omega. And there is no fucking way that I’m going to keep it away from my dream3D list.

Why I want to see this in 3D?

Imagine Zeenat’s silky hair caressing your face whilst Asha tai serenades you on – Chura Liya Hai Tumne. And then Tariq and Neetu throwing you in the midst of a red-light rampage in Lekar Hum Deewana Dil. Or even better, Dharam paajee’s “kutton ki maut” punch in 3D.

#7. Enthiran / Robot

Enthiran 3D

Even with all its flaws and rushed theories of sci-fi, Shankar’s Enthiran was one superb piece of cinema that only Shankar could’ve delivered. Everything here is blown out of proportion, in a very good way – from Ash’s screeching  capabilities to Chitti’s literal order taking abilities. There are gangsters who are ever-ready for an orgy, and then there’s the awesome Danny. Of course, needless to mention, there’s Rajni, Rajni, and Rajni. Enthiran has it all.

Why I want to see this in 3D?

The effects are almost at par with Hollywood standards, and the action set-pieces are eye-popping to say the least. Enthiran has got numerous mentions in various scifi and movie blogs for the sheer ambition that its action scenes depicted, and the absolutely brilliant execution of them, for a fraction of the budget of Transformers . It is most probably the easiest choice for me to want to see it in 3D, just for the action scenes to “hit” me harder. Although, watching Mrs. Rai Bachchan in3D could be a tad bit more plastic than we can handle.

#8. Lagaan:

Lagaan - Bollywood 3D

Another popular choice, I presume. A story of the villagers of Champaner, faced with draught, and the oppression of a British tyrant Captain, fighting back to win in a completely unknown game. With all the melodramatic period drama and Hero-vs-Villain dynamics flying throughout the movie, how is that supposed to be appealing in 3D? Well,  to answer your question, there is an amazing line-up of well choreographed songs, a detailed cinematography by Anil Mehta sweeping the Royal palaces to the dry lands of Champaner, and some hardcore sporting action.

Why I want to see this in 3D?

  • Lakha’s jawdropping catch
  • The sun-set scene in O Rey Chhori, actually, the whole of that song.
  • Radha Kaise Na Jale
  • O Paalanhaare
  • Hum Jeet Gaye

#9. Namak Halaal:

Namak Halaal 3D

This is one of Bollywood’s most quoted films after Sholay. Besides the Arjun Singh, vald Bheem Singh quotes, Namak Halaal also has a extravagant dose of masala, bromance, oomph in Smita Patil’s wet sari, Bappi da’s infectious soundtrack and Amitabh Bachchan at his comic best, supported by a very strongly starched “pagri“.

Why I want to see this in 3D?

  • Arjun Singh, vald Bheem Singh.. Vijay Merchant told Vijay Hazare
  • Pag Ghungroo, Raat Baaki, Aaj Rapat
  • Jawaani Jaaneman, Diva-tastic Parveen Babi,
  • Maalik – Maalkin – Maa confusion melodrama.

#10. Disco Dancer:

Disco Dancer 3D

The final movie to feature in this insane list, is unsurprisingly, the movie to kill ’em all. This is the one which released the Aakashvani to the world, of the arrival of a New God who will bring a new world order. This new God, would be called Prabhuji Mithunda, and will melt our faces with his sheer awesomeness of his eyeblinding glittering discoball sets, and vibrating pelvic thrusts. To Jhumo, To Naacho, To Mere Sang Naacho Gaao!

Why I want to see this in 3D?

  • Is it a Man? Is He a God? Is that for real? That’s Prabhuji!
  • Kakaji delivering a face-melting guitar solo with one hand, whilst playing the bongo with the other hand.
  • Some ‘electrifying’ performance.
  • The ultimate sacrifice by a mother.
  • D-I-S-C-O, Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy – Aaja Aaja Aaja, Krishna,..
  • Kakaji’s final attempt at Anil’s revival – Agar Tu Aaj Nahi Gayega, To Teri Maa Hamesha Hamesha Ke Liye Mar Jayegi.

And that my friend, is the end of this insane list. Feel free to voice your opinions in the comments section and include your own favourites which should get a 3D retrofit treatment. If you liked this post, please share it with your friends using the buttons below.

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  1. **imagines** hum jeet gayeee close up in 3d…………. ROFLLLLLLLLLOLOL
    **imagines** Bhuvan holding ‘mitti’ in hands and looking up —– AWESSSSSOOOOOOMEEE !

    Fab idea for a post man. Fundoo.


  2. would like to suggest you a correctio..” Kajra in your hand. Convinced?” .. its is Gajra not Kajra … Kajra is refered to eyes with kajal…


    Sujoy Reply:

    Always get that wrong. Well, in my defense, I have never been to a Tawaif’s mehfil 😛


  3. Mr. India is probably the best of the Bollywood Sci Fi movies if you can call it that !!

    I am sure we would enjoy Mogambo’s Lair and ofcourse Sri Devi in “Kaate nahin katthe .. ”


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