10 Indipop One-Hit-Wonders

Need I write any intro to this one. The title is pretty self explanatory. In the 20 years or so of Indipop [ that’s a fair assumption right? ], we’ve had some really massive hits. But once in a while, there comes a hit to sweep all of us off our feet. And then, we don’t get to hear of that artiste ever again. Until they appear in regional channels judging (and in some cases – hosting and even participating ) reality TV shows, or appear in the left corner of some Page 3 party. So either they get busy in the scripted reality, or get seriously involved becoming social. Doesn’t matter where they eventually ended up, this list explores ..

The 10 ‘One Hit Wonders’ of Indipop.

10. Paisa – Agosh

Agosh - Mil Jo Jaaye Paisa

Such a shame that this band churned out just a single hit when it showed so much promise with this single. The video is a very clever parody of the many flavours of brands consuming our lives. A very smart take on consumerism, Paisa, or as you would remember – Mujhe Mil Jo Jaaye Thoda Paisa – is narrated by an unsuccessful Kavi, sitting in a tea-stall, and speaks of what he’d do if he had money. His desires range from celebrating Sunday from Friday night, decorating his car with Disco light, having a beautiful Biwi, and even his Kids would have their own TV 😛 (noble thought). But the most simple, yet beautiful line here is – Hum bhi honge unke jaise ( We’d also be like THEM ) – Kind of shows the frustration of the struggling lower middle class, which looks at the ridiculous affluence of the high society and its glam sham. Musically, this is a brilliant fusion of rock and Carnatic – listen to the sweet Guitar solo. Very very awesome!! [ Video Link ]

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9. Kahin Karta Hoga – Anamika

Anamika - Intezaar

Almost 4 feet something Anamika, splashed on our TV screens, and every channel beamed this song. What I didn’t realise then was that this is a remix of a very old Biswajeet song from the movie Phir Kab Milogi (1974), originally sung by Mukesh. The new version features a high heeled Anamika trying to do a sort of a Swayamvar and trying to select from Red Indians, to Kung Fu masters, to futurustic Robots? And finally settling for a Desi dude – kyunki – Jaanii, Dil Hai Hindustani !! Unfortunately, we did not hear back from Anamika after that – perhaps, she lived happily ever after with some desi dude. Oh, she did make some appearances as guest judge on Boogie Woogie, and a minor hit remix of – Se Hooooo Tumko Piya, Dil Diya Kitne Naaz Se, but that video disappeared like Tushaar Kapoor’s PR manager. [Video Link]

8. Ae Sanam – Abbey

Abbey - Ae Sanam

This video created a rage of jerking heads throughout the nation. If you have seen the video, followed it back then, and the parody created by the Jaffreys n Behl trio, you’d certainly know what I mean by the jerking head. If you haven’t, try watching the video, and I think it is pretty obvious. The track is a very groovy techno mix and Abbey’s vocals are crunchy, rough and crisp. The non-stop unedited feel in the video, shot in a steel manufacturing factory was a trendsetter back then. And this was also the launch vehicle for Abbey, who went on to sing the male vocals on RGV’s Company hit item number – Khallas. But what happened of Abbey after this? [Video Link]

7. Ek Rahen Eeer – Big B

Aby Baby - Ek Rahen Eer, Ek Rahen Beer

Not even Big B could escape the curse of the One Hit Wonder. The album Aby-Baby remixed by Bally Sagoo was a big hit. And its two highly promoted singles were the talk of the nation then. One of them – Kabhi Kabhi – a remix of the Sahir Ludhianvi/ Khayyam / Lata Mangeshkar original mixed with Big B’s narration of the poem featured in the movie. The second hit single – Ek Rahen Beer, is a poem written by Mr.Bachchan’s father – Harivansh Rai Bachchan. It basically featured Big B rapping in the video about these three kids – Eer, Beer, and Phatte and their many exciting adventures. Choreographed by Prabhudeva’s brother Raju Sundaram, and directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, the video’s stylish presentation and interesting special effects were nothing less than brilliant. It was also the time when Big B’s BPL ads were doing the rounds on telly (remember, him walking out Piccadilly Circus, and then on the roof, speaking of Believing in the Best? ). But after the success of Aby Baby, Big B has not done another album, or even a single. [ Well, he sorta did a collaboration with Adnan Sami on Kabhi Naee.. but meh! ] [Video Link]

6. Chandu Ke Chacha – Aasma

Aasmaa - Chandu Ke Chacha

Channel V’s second popstars with the Kudi aur Mundo ka funda fizzed for a while. At least with the initial release of first album. Imagine, months long audition process to select the nation’s best popstar group, and then you end up singing – Chandu Ke Chacha Ne , Chandu ki Chacha Ko… how lame! No wonder, this was a big hit. The only thing that was memorable about the whole Aasma episode of Channel V popstars was Simpoo Sir’s ads of the Popstar – with the awesome aping of Kumar Sanu’s nasal notes (see video here), and the Kudi aur Munda, Popstars ka Naya Funda. Everything else was meh! Aasma did try to follow up with a single for the OST of White Noise – Mere Saiya Mere Balma. Does anyone remember that?
[P.S. I haven’t included Viva here, because they at least had a respectable second album with that awesome techno track – Ye Pyar Nahi to Kya Hai Jaana ] [Video Link]

5. Mohabbatein Lutaunga – Abhijit Sawant

Abhijeet Sawant - Mohabbatein Lutaunga

Speaking of reality talent hunt shows, why forget the most popular one – Indian Idol. I know there have been a lot of products from these shows who are forgotten faster than Rakhi Sawant’s last national breaking news headline comment. Be it Debojit Saha, Onek Dhar, Toshi, Rahul Vaidya, Qazi Touqeer, Ruprekha, Prajakta Shukre – the list is endless. But of course, the crown in this genre has to go to the one to begin it all – Abhijit Sawant. As the first Indian Idol, he arrived with a bang with that ‘oh-I-am-so-obliged-to-be-here’ song ‘Mohabbatein Lutaunga’. The nation certainly took notice. He toured and toured cities, towns, villages, in India and abroad. And round 1 was completed. Nothing cool came up for Round 2 unfortunately. Abhijit Sawant since then, was seen in Reality TV shows – competing, hosting and singing in between – onstage, and even in drag. [Video Link]

4. O O Jaane Jana – Kamaal Khan

Kamaal Khan - O O Jaane Jana

This one was a rage of national proportions. London return, Kamaal Khan’s catchy guitar melody caught the ears of the nation and he was a national phenomenon after that. His track was also given the Bollywood treatment, now famous as that shirtless song. A second single from the same album followed – Kya Yehi Pyar Hai. And then Kamaal Khan was never to be seen in the Indipop circle. His second single – Suno To Deewana Dil featured Riya Sen , but never managed to climb the heights of Indipop charts. He can be heard these days playbacking in certain Salman Khan movies such as – Maine Pyar Kyu Kiya (Laga Laga Laga Re). Just for fun, check this out – Sonu Nigam mocking Kamaal Khan 🙂 [Video Link]

3. Breathless – Shankar Mahadevan

Shankar Mahadevan - Breathless

Ok, this is here just because of technicality. Of course we are surrounded by the music and melody of Shankar and the trio – Shankar/ Ehsaan / Loy. But for Shankar as a solo pop artist – this was it. His single attempt at being a solo artist was accompanied by Javed Akhtar’s lyrics. The song speaks of the ‘one’ which brings colourful changes to one’s life – Koi Jo Mila To Mujhe Aisa Lagta Tha, Jaise Meri Sari Duniya Mein Geeto ki Rut, Aur Rango ki Barkha hai, Khushboo ki Aandhi hai

(Attempt at translation: When I met that ‘one’, I felt as if my whole world was in a climate of music, there is a rain of colours and a storm of fragrance) – – awesome foreplay with words don’t you think?

Such a shame that the duo – Javed saab and Shankar did not attempt at going independent and non-Bollywood soundtrack again. The occasional collaboration of Shankar with other artistes such as Alka Yagnik or Taufiq Qureshi (Rhydhun , oh man! I need to get back to listening Rhydhun again ) have given us some really memorable melodies, but c’mon, don’t you think a solo album again by Shankar would be so awesome? [Video Link]

2. Ho Gayi Hai Mohabbat – Aslam , no Shibani

Aslam /  Shibani - Ho Gayi Hai Mohabbat

This is again one of those lucky tracks to have enjoyed maximum airplay in its prime. Featuring Shibani Kashyap and a very muscular Nakul Kapoor ( then famous as the bungee jumping Thums up dude ), the video to this song was shot in the picturesque backwaters of Kerala (Alleppey?). And then, the cheesy storyline to accompany the lyrics – Girl taking dips in the sea, boy sees girl (gets turned on), but to avoid being termed a pervy, wears a black glass and poses to be blind. Girl accidentally bumps into boy later to find out boy is not blind and argues. Later, girl sees boy helping small girl, and gets so impressed that she falls for him. Wait wait…whaaaa????  And then, they pose in extreme hues of blue, much like a Kamasutra condom ad. Ok, no time for arguments here; the video is only 5 mins long. And oh, there are some angrezi lyrics to end the song too.
But yaar, what happened to Aslam after this? Shibani had him with Ketchup 😛 [Video Link ]

1. Chui Mui Si – Milind Ingle

Milind Ingle - Chui Mui Si Tum

The father of all One-Hit-Wonders. This one comes from the house of Rajshri Productions – yes, the one who gave us Maine Pyar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hai Kaun (and everything after that never happened , NEVER HAPPENED !!!). In true Rajshri productions style, this musical movie was revealed with each song serving as a 5 minute episode of the big wedding video. Featuring Abbas and Preeti Jhangiani and the clip teddy bear ( awarded the 1st runner up merchandise of all time, second to – the Friends cap in Maine Pyar Kiya ), this video is usual Bollywood fare. Oh, I completely forgot to mention – Milind Ingle. He sort of made an appearance after Ye Hai Prem ( the album where Chui Mui Si features ), singing a track called – Main to hu ek rasiyaa (which sank like 15 Rakhi Sawants tied to one Ravi Kishan and a massive stone). But none of us can deny the amount of cultural uproar and impact that Ye Hai Prem (as an album) and Chui Mui Si ( as a pop video) had on us. It catapulted the career of Preeti Jhangiani until she decided to throw it all away by doing movies such as Chaahat: Ek Nasha and Aan: Men At Work. We still are quite optimistic of yet another musical episodic saga from the house of Rajshri to invade our screen space. [Video Link]

So there you go, those were the 10 one hit wonders of the Indipop world. I am sure I have missed some. Shout it out in the comments, and for a change, please show some love – Retweet, share on Facebook, Digg, stumble. Come on!! Don’t be shy my honey! Oh Rouge – dammit. Maybe next time.

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