10 Things About the Trailer of Sajid Khan’s Himmatwala


I am pretty vocal about my dislike for everything Sajid Khan. He is an intelligent man, and I do get his Bollywood fandom completely (which is evident from his TV shows – Ikke Pe Ikka, and the other one which used to air on Sony India). But when it comes to his movies, they are completely not my cup of tea. Heyy Babyy and the two Housefull movies (with help from Rohit Shetty’s flying cars) have collectively recreated the dumbed down 90s of Bollywood. And now, Khan has taken up the big task of reviving the Ooty Production of the 80’s upon himself. The Jeetu white trousers, the matkas, the saris, the apsara bikinis, and bazillion background dancers – what the hell could that be? But of course, it is Himmatwala.

There is no reason why I should be remotely excited about a remake of a movie that I did not like in the first place. Jeetendra’s epileptic dance routines, and hyper-melodrama storylines that consisted of premarital pregnancies, Shakti Kapoor, and terrible background score; all of that is just the recipe for a quintessential 80’s movie – an era long gone (and for good). Would that old (and stomach churning) wine serve well in a new bottle?

From the trailers so far, things look pretty meh! And the font looks like the designer picked up MS Word, and vomited out something on WordArt. Pfft! Here are ..

10 things About The Himmatwala Trailer

1. Ajay Devgn

Himmatwala - Ajay Devgn

He’s back again in his Singham roaring avatar. And frankly, I have had enough of it. Sajid Khan cashes in on the Singham roar, and Ajay Devgn delivers some lines, and I almost dozed off in between. There’s ass kicking , and heroine cheek pulling, and some aping of Jumping Jack’s PT dance. Am I bothered?

2. Paresh Rawal

Himmatwala - Paresh Rawal

Whoever did the hair-styling for Paresh Rawal, should be shot in his face. This comes on top of the most annoying comedy hair style in film history, closely followed by Paresh Rawal’s question mark hair in Judaai.

3. Tathaiyaa Tathaiyaa Ho

Himmatwala - Tathaiya Tathaiya

Naino Main Sapna is an iconic 80’s track – composed by Bappi da, the track has infinite levels of high pitched strings rolling out at once, and Sridevi and Jeetendra posing PG rated Kamasutra poses. I am cautiously optimistic about the new version, because the Tathaiyaa Tathaiyaa Ho on the trailer sounds insanely awesome. To be honest, it is the only good thing about the trailer, and it brings that sense of retro feel to it, which is otherwise lacking.

4. Be ready to cringe !

Himmatwala - Dialogue

And if Tathaiyaa didn’t make you feel it is the 80’s, Sajid Khan has blatantly inserted one such line to make sure that the audience is onboard – 1983 hai, palluu phaadho aur baandh do. So, he is fully aware of what is supposed to happen in 1983? Is he a man from outer space, or the future?

5. Mahesh Manjrekar

Himmatwala - Mahesh Manjrekar

So, I am guessing Mahesh Manjrekar is going to play Amjad Khan’s role in this. This could be good, as Manjrekar is equally good as the good-hearted man, as well as the evil bastard. Can’t tell much from the trailer though.

6. Tamanna

Himmatwala - Tamanna

She does look like a yougn Sridevi in some of the close-up shots. And that is a mega plus. Will she be able to pull off the fiesty Rekha Bandookwala character though? Tathaiyaa Tathaiyaa Ho!

7. Ghanta Action

Himmatwala - Ajay Devgn action

And of course, every Ajay Devgn release of the last couple of year promises some bonkers action – with extras aided with anti-gravity shoes, and cars flying from all corners. The weapon of choice here are two big ass bells. This remake is for the Rohit Shetty fans (if that wasn’t obvious by now).

8. Thank God for no Jacky Bhagnani!

Now, this is a movie produced by UTV and Vashu Bhagnani. And I have to thank Ronnie Screwvala for not letting Bhagnani Senior to include Jackyy Bhagnani in this movie.

9. Zarina Wahab

Himmatwala - Zarina Wahab

Wahida Rahman’s maa role is going to the jholi of Zarina Wahab. Will she be able to move us to tears? Dekho, emotion dekho! Jai Mata Sherawali in the background. Dharmik emotion check!

10. Lookie Tiger!

Himmatwala - Tiger

They even brought back the tiger from the original. I am getting cautiously optimistic, but again, this is a Sajid Khan movie, so it could all go horribly wrong.

Will I Be Watching It ?

Depends! On what you say? Depends on who are playing the roles of Kadar Khan and Shakti Kapoor from the original. Those are the only things that matter. For now, enjoy the trailer below.


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2 thoughts to “10 Things About the Trailer of Sajid Khan’s Himmatwala”

  1. Hey Sujoy,
    I have nothing against remakes or Sajid Khan. The song Thathaiyaa just does not look like having energy of Jumping Jack Jeetuji or the Thundering thighs of Sridevi(not that I want them to show). The whole song depends on the energy of these two’s and that itself is lacking. Ajay Devgan looks lost and poor Tamanah does not have Madam Sridevi’s verve. Better luck next time to Sajid…. he cannot fix this potboiler…


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