200th Post: Monday Meme: Deepika, Kakaji, Amjad Khan and Big B

Good Morning Monday. Let’s kick your blue face in the face. And let’s start by spreading some Bollywood awesomeness. And how? Well, I know that the count of posts on this blog has been seeing a decline in its frequency. That’s because I have been busy doing a lot of side projects. And that’s primarily because, well, I am so bloody impatient. But anyway, before I get sidetracked again, let’s put down a few points.

1. This is the 200th post of OneKnightStands. So hurray to me, and to you, my lovely readers – to have had the endurance shakti to withstand the forces of awesomeness for so long. Jeeta reh!

2. I have been populating the blogosphere with a new Bollywood based tumblr blog called: Bollypop.in

Now, this tumblr is still in a experimental phase, trying to get more traffic, and more and more people to read and appreciate it. It is mostly some random pictures and memes that I have created with the help of my stupid brain. Some of my favourite examples –

Deepika Padukone Meme

Amjad Khan Meme

Bollywood Meme

Rajesh Khanna Meme

So, head over to Bollypop.in now and enjoy more of this madness.

3. Finally, I will be posting more of my regular stuff on OKS – such as insulting movie reviews for movies which waste 90 plus minutes of my life, awesome music playlists, my round up of Indian TV shows ( which I follow). Also if this tumblr thing doesn’t work out, I might think of shifting it to WordPress altogether. Yeah, but I’ll probably keep calm for a month and see how this all shapes up. Wish me luck!

Thoughts, suggestions, fan mails – I love em all. So send ’em to me in the comments section below. Cheerio!


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5 thoughts to “200th Post: Monday Meme: Deepika, Kakaji, Amjad Khan and Big B”

  1. AHA, so Bollypop is YOU! I’d been wondering who was behind that 🙂 How great to have a place for the other kinds of projects that inspire you!


    Sujoy Reply:

    AHA, so you finally cracked the code LOL! Yeah, all kinda crazy stuff is lined up for bollypop. 🙂 Provided I get enough time to do it. But most of the times all these ideas crop up whilst I am fast asleep, and I suddenly wake up and boot my laptop and write it down. Crazy me! 🙂


  2. SUPER STAR RAJESH KHANNA – Ultimate true romantic legend
    There are romantic leading men and there are ‘romantic leading men’, but very few have taken cinematic love to legendary heights. While there might be other icons, superstar actor Rajesh Khanna after four decades, is the ultimate true romantic legend.


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