5 Reasons Why I Don’t Want a Magadheera Remake [OKS List]

Ram Teja vs Ranveer Singh - Magadheera. Ranveer Singh to star in Magadheera remake

Is there a good reason to make a remake, other than making a quick buck over a pre-existing idea? I guess that debate has been all discarded, since all that we have been chewing on in Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood are remakes, inspirations and redone guano of some kind. We have had Tolly remakes of Bolly hits, and vice versa. I don’t need to cite any examples; a quick look at the Bolly releases of the year will suffice. The latest to enter this list, is the remake of the Telugu blockbuster – Magadheera. Ranveer Singh is helmed to play the lead role, and Anurag Kashyap’s production company Phantom will be producing it. Now, you all who follow this blog, know of my love and intense affection for this film. And hence, I have a big problem with it being tinkered with. Read on to find out my..

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Want a Magadheera Remake

1. The Music:

Being a project in it’s initial stages, it is quite unclear whether it’ll be using a new soundtrack, or re-using the existing one. And in this case, both could backfire. Magadheera‘s soundtrack is unique in every sense, with M.M.Keeravani’s mix of epic royal sounds in Dheera Dheera, as well as downright desi beats in Jorsey, leaves very little scope for it to be transformed to fit into Hindi lyrics. (Look what they did to Aaromale). And we haven’t talked about Panchadara Bomma. And if they are having a new soundtrack altogether, I guess, the pressure is on!

2. Bangaru Kodipetta

Bangaru Kodipetta - Mumaith in Magadheera

And reason 1 brings me to this. Bangaru Kodipetta is a cheesy ol’ tribute to the tour de force of Superstar Chiranjeevi anna. A smart fusion of Baap-Beta doing a dance routine together on a remixed version of Baap’s 90’s hit was one of the high points of the movie (the movie had many high points, and that’s how they make a blockbuster). That and Mumaith’s Medusa sonic boob explosivo move (refer GIF above). With Ranveer Singh taking the lead role, the only person I can think of joining him in a Hindi Bangaru Kodipetta-esque remix is Anil Kapoor on – Ladki Hai Kya Re Baaabaaa!!! Now, think of the consequences if this shit got real!

3. Anurag Kashyap vs the Cheese

Anurag Kashyap is a prolific director. He is brilliant in every single way. His filmography speaks for itself. But it definitely does not speak the language of cheese. And Magadheera is well known for not taking itself too seriously. Right from the downright evil villain Billa, to the ever submissive Kajal Agarwal as Mithravinda. And even the reincarnated friend Sulaiman/ Sher Khan. This is a love story spanning two births, and the new age one involves horse riding, falling from helicopters, a dramatic entry at intermission, and loads of cheesy romance. Can Kashyap’s Phantom production handle this? I have some serious doubts.

4. Ranveer Singh vs Ram Teja

And speaking of more cheese, the lead figure who will be in charge of delivering the cheesy lines, is going to be Mr Bittu aka Bread Pakorha – Ranveer Singh. We haven’t seen much of him yet, apart from the two Yashraj films, which could be a boon, as he has more areas left to explore. But as an unexplored territory, I feel apprehensive about a Bollywood actor handling the same amount of silly banter, epic anger and poker face sword slashing in the same movie.

5. Do not mess with perfection

Ram Teja - Magadheera

This argument sort of stems from my opinion about remakes. If you did not think of it in the first place, there must’ve been a reason. And some original pieces should just remain undisturbed. Magadheera, remains a perfect piece that embraces all flaws and eccentricities under it’s awesome umbrella. [Read my mental rant] There are flipping jeeps cannonballed onto a helicopter. There is an epic face-to-face combat with 1 vs 100. And a villain who javelins through his servant’s hearts. The lead jodi have a very strong conductive property which ignites a flashback. Yes, it does look preposterous on paper, but Magadheera does it so well, like no other. And hence, the only reason I’d be compelled to watch the remake is to quench my curiosity of how bad did they fuck it up! Look at what happened to Veer. Hollywood is remaking Oldboy. And Bollywood wants to remake Magadheera. It must be 2012 indeed!


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