5 Things I Did Like About Ra.One [Review]

Ra.One review

Like the many reviews out there, my thoughts on Ra.One are also divided. On one hand, I have extremely strong complaints against the movie’s script and its many inconsistencies [ Check out my previous post – My 5 Complaints against Ra.One]. But on the other hand, there is no denying, that there is some amount of absolutely engaging good stuff here. This probably is a good thing for the movie’s future on BluRay or DVD, as we can straight away skip the shitty bits and watch the good ones. So in true Hollywood style, I present to you this sequel to my review – The Ying to the Yang ..the White to the Black..the..you get it.

If I were to be a crafty editor, this is what I’d suggest Ra.One to be – a coherent script which slickly travels through ..

**The 5 Things I Did Like About Ra.One**

1. London and the Battersea Power Station action sequence:

Ra.One - G.One at Battersea Park

This was one of those moments when the movie was absolutely on the money. It delivered the goodness that it promised in the trailers, and the action sequence, right from the car chase to the VFX was classy. Ra.One’s first face-to-face action scene with G.One was filled with flying cars deflected with electric pulses in shades of red and blue. There’s some good action choreography here, and there’s even SRK’s action version of the now famous – arms-wide-open gaze. This one’s called the “Badass look as the Car falls”. [Refer to GIF above]

2. Chammak Challo:

Chammak Challo 2

Akon on autotune, singing Akkiyo se Akkiyaa milaa de.. and Hamsika Iyyer waxing lyricals in Tamil. Bebo looking red hot in a crimson red sari, and also the ultimate reveal that its actually Ra.One in a Bebo disguise, doing a vaguely homoerotic routine, trying to woo G.One and get her/his H.A.R.T. back. OMFG, the size of this metaphor. Kill me now!

3. Chitti Babu and The Other Geeky Nods:

Although the scene with a group of local goons assaulting Bebo at Mumbai International Airport and open firing, is as preposterous as it can be, it was totally worth it to see Chitty Babu’s cameo. That was one absolute no-holds-barred “whistle-blowing” moment. I wish we could get more of these crossover universe things in modern day scifi..like the Doctor landing on Tatooine.

Also, Lucifer’s introductory dream with SRK battling against Khalnayak to save Piggy Chops reminded me of Dante from Devil May Cry. And that whole thing with Ra.One morphing into Akaashi (Tom Wu) and killing him off was so T-1000. And finally, all that flying Rasengans / Hadouken gave me an awesome chill.

4. Train action sequence in Mumbai / CST:

Flying G.One

This is one of the best action scenes that I’ve seen in a while, and although it is not as good as the one in Endhiran, its still has enough awesomeness to carry it off. There’s SRK flying between coaches, probably symbolising the rush in Mumbai’s daily life. There’s SRK running on the roofs and racing the train, running sideways on the train, and landing with absolute precision between the engine and the coach, without a single scar or a speck of dirt on his white shirt or undone bow-tie. And in true superhero isshtyle, he stops the train from crashing, but somehow cracking the walls of CST. Is anyone from MNS complaining ?

5. Evil Bebo:

And finally, this has got to be the best part of the movie. Primarily because, unlike most superhero movies, where the female lead is more trouble than help, and is only abused as a damsel in distress, Bebo gets to give it her own spin. Of course, she is the damsel in distress, but Ra.One messes her head with some chemical locha (or was it Electric Impulse Locha), and turns her into a red-eyed maniac. And that diabolic laugh paired with her evil eyes – Man, that can do wonders. Imagine how Bebo could look in an absolutely maniac Dexter kinda role. Someone please write a proper script for her, and make her stop doing Maa Ki Aankh roles in Golmaal type movies.

So there you go, those were the 5 things I liked about Ra.One. Not quite the obvious ones, or were they the most obvious ones – you decide in the comments section below.

Also read (if you haven’t already) – Part 1 – My 5 Complaints Against Ra.One

OKS Rating – 2.5 Crotch Kicks Out of 5

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