A Very Happy Bollywood Christmas 2011 To One And All

BEHOLD - Bollywood Christmas is here

Warning #1: This post might just melt your face with all the awesomeness that Bollywood Christmas has to offer.

Warning #2: Image heavy post.

With collaboration with my meme-heavy tumblr blog – Bollypop, I have decided that 2o11 Christmas shall be renamed as “The Bollywood Christmas”.

Let the celebration begin.

Disclaimer: There is a possibility that this post was created under heavy influence of drinks of the alcoholic nature. Hence, the amount of Photoshop skills in this post might range from outrageous to sheer genius. But it’s Christmas, so who cares! Hic!

XMas is a funny time. Whilst some like Kabira (#ZNMD) turn into utter romantics in search of a date..

Abhay Deol - Kabira has a Bollywood Christmas

Others are not so sure if it is XMas at all, living in complete denial.. like Pran.

Pran is not so sure about Bollywood Christmas

Some turn into absolute whiners and are specific about the fitting of their Santa hats..

Jagdeesh Raj and XMas hat problems


..whilst others (@SrBachchan)  are just never happy with their presents.

BIGB - Bollywood Christmas


Some even have allergy with Santa hats (go figure).

PARVEEN - Bollywood Christmas


Mothers have to face a lot of dilemma with making crucial decisions

NIRUPA ROY - Bollywood Christmas Dilemma


And some are very concerned with their hosting skills at the Christmas party..

SHASHI - Bollywood Christmas


Some do emerge triumphant, but with no recollection whatsoever, thanks to the Jager-bombs.

Shashi's XMas party went well


But in the end, when the turkey has been served, and the bottles have been opened, and ermm…

Madhuri and Sanjay - Bollywood Christmas


Naughty Sanju and Madhuri tried to sway me away there .
And Chulbul Pandey does not seem happy.

But it’s Bollywood after all, kindly adjust.

Chulbul Pandey - Bollywood Christmas


Some just don’t care about the context or about anything (Good on you Preity Girl)

Preity Zinta - Bollywood Christmas


And some are ready to give you a double dose .

JUDWAA - Bollywood Christmas


So from me, Bindu jee (who cannot contain her emotions apparently)

BINDU - Bollywood Christmas


and everyone at OKS, Bollypop etc etc.. Have a very Merry Christmas.

And oh, Vinod Khanna saab has something to say as well.

Vinod Khanna - Bollywood Christmas

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