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About OneKnightStands aka OKS aka Awesome Name!

Just a naughty name with a naughty pun. That is what reflects me and my state of mind. OKS is all about bringing naughty and saucy awesomeness to the table. Sometimes spiced and more often than not, diced – as in dicing off all that is crap, fat and presenting to you pure, lean, awesomeness. All that I just wrote doesn’t make any sense grammatically, but in the OKS universe, we don’t need grammar. In OKS universe, awesome is the language we speak.

Why was OKS Created? It was the next level of blogging. As in, I had been blogging on Blogger and WordPress for sometime, and in Jan 2008, I thought, why not spit it out on a personal domain rather than rely on those free services.

The sole aim and purpose for the creation of OKS was to retain my stability of mental state by venting out all the insanity and random thoughts that occur in my head. It is essential for my survival and over the years, has been sort of a therapy for me. Not that I am sick or anything ( I think!)

What is OKS about?

So OKS started off as a mix-mash of a lot of things. Things like Anime, Comics, Rock Music, besides the usual stuff  which still rules the turf now – i.e. Bollywood. And then one day, I decided to stretch my arms and move them to a new domain – and hence, 9e3k.com was born ( pronounced ‘GEEK’, you get it) .  And now, the new and improved OKS is all about….

BOLLYWOOD: Yes, it is the fuel which keeps me burning, and the force which pushes me to write. If it was not for my love of Bollywood, I would not have sat down and written my first movie review. I love Bollywood, every aspect of it, its imperfections, flaws, melodramas, ott-costumes and also the deep emotional impact, family, festivals and shamelessly glittering hues -I love all of it. I love the songs and I love the dance.And I worship RD Burman and Amitabh Bachhan. And as we look at Bollywood’s new wave of ideas taking shape on the big screen, we can say: All we hear is Bollywood GaGa!!

Seriously dude, what’s with the title?

It is just a desperate attempt to sound very cool. There you go, I said it.
And if I were to seriously justify the title, I’d say – I am the Knight, and these posts, are my stands / opinions on stuff that I like, love, hate and despise – some more indulgent than others.

What is OKS not about?

To the zillion spam mails that we get about elongation of genitalia or  the Yahoo Lottery that I luckily won, we don’t endorse any of those. OKS is also not about sponsoring any random products or services. Adsense was put on this blog, because it made an impression that we made money. But after almost 16 months, and the great fortune of 100$ that we made (and which Google never paid), it remains on the same spot because it has more or less blended with the template. OKS is not about making money, but expressing the deep-rooted desires and love for all that we discussed above.

So, if you are looking for us to write sponsored posts for reviews of products, or Tourist package deals, or Siddha medicine, please move on.


We try our best to honour what we like and love. And more than often, these are legends which have changed our lives- from the cinema of the Big B, to the music of RD, or Bollywood as a whole.

We salute to the great geniuses of all these greats through our posts, and also our Yearly Specials.

<There is a slight twist to the honour section though, i.e.The Annual Bollywood Razzies, you know what that means.>


Rakhi Sawant, The entire MTV Roadies Gang and the b#$%^es of Splitsvilla, Himmesss…., the Clan of B-Grade Bollywood ( you know who are the members). There is no space, sympathy or words for you all on this Blog.

Audience Requirements:

More than often, the language here could be a bit harsh on you. So, if you are easily offended, please try harder not to be, and keep reading. All expressions and views on this Blog are exclusively personal opinions and in no way are meant to marr or demean anyone (except for some, e.g. the guy at the counter, who made me wait for 2 hours to just get a signature).

More often than not, Bollywood dialogues in Hindi are featured and hence, I’d give my best shot at expressing it in English. But this might not be the best translation (or at least not the dictionary meanings)

Other than that, just have an open mind, open heart and open eyes.


To keep the ball rolling and to keep the number of posts flowing, we are always in need of guest conributors to display their creativity and writing skills, or both. So, if you are a lazy bum (like many of my creative friends ) who doesn’t want a separate blog of your own, but would not mind to contribute a post or more on OKS, you are always welcome to do so. Please contact us at: for more details.

What YOU get out of it? An official mail of appreciation, a genuinely respected salute, credits to the author, and above all: Honour for Life.


OneKnightStands is best viewed in 1024X768 resolution in Firefox browser. IE6, IE7, Safari, Opera,Flock et al work just fine.But hail Firefox.

All articles and posts here are owned by Sujoy Singha. In case any article here, excerpt or in total length be reproduced/republished on another site, it must be solely done under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative License.

12 thoughts to “About”

  1. Well I have been following your blog for a long time .. but the current template dosent seem to be that cool … The previous one was way better , be it the colour scheme or the layout .. Even the sunbit comment button feels weird .. Just posting my thoughts on this 🙂


  2. ok before you pick on me thats Submit Comment 😀


    Sujoy Reply:

    ok ravi…point noted. Just lemme know if u come across a cool wordpress design. Right now, I am not at all in a position to redesign though. Hell, right now, I am squeezin my time to write a post.Lotsa thoughts, especially, I wanted to write about the Mayawati situation.


  3. Hi ,

    We came across your blog. Must say that it looks interesting and insightful.

    I represent Bloggers’ Mind. We are a Social Media consultancy. We are organizing a big music boot camp in Bangalore on 23 September 2009. We would be keen to extend an invitation to you. Since we couldn’t locate your contact details on your blog, we request you to share your email and mobile number, so that we could connect with you and share more details on the event. Thanks.

    Songita B Verma
    Bloggers’ Mind
    # 9871458811


    Sujoy Reply:

    Thank you for your appreciative comments.
    Unfortunately, I do not believe I will be able to make it to Bangalore for the event as I am based in London.
    I am very pleased by the gesture.

    Thanks again, and hope you share the link for the event updates with me.
    You can email me at: sujoysingha+blog@googlemail.com


  4. Stumbled upon your blog on blog catalog. Nice blog I must say. Liked the content. Keep it rolling!!

    All the best!!


    Sujoy Reply:

    Thanks mate for the comment. Hope to see actively contributing in the discussion on here on my small blog. I often write about pop culture, bollywood, sci-fi.

    If you are interested in tech discussion, do check out my other blog: http://www.techkeyla.com where we discuss gadgets, internet, social media etc etc.



  5. B grade bollywood????????? Will you please tell me the difference between so called A grade and B grade cinema???? I appreciate the thing that u DISLIKE all those raunchy things like roadies, splitsvilla, rakhi and bla bla bla (Himesh used to be one of my faves until his recent work). But i feel today, almost every bollywood actor belongs to B grade category. Almost every other movie revolves around nonsense stuff (need i say VULGAR!!!!). Item songs, s** scenes, double meaning dialogs…Whats there to be known as family stuff?????? Would like you to please let me know names of a few A grade actors 🙂 Dying to know their names…Mr. Bachhan????????? Nishabd??? Boom!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Hey man,

    Love your blog. Even I blog about Bollywood and I was wondering if you still allow random bloggers to do guest posts on your blogs for a little traffic and a link? If yes, do tell. I would love to do a guest post for your blog.


    Sujoy Reply:

    @Prateek Modi,
    Hey Prateek,
    Thanks for your encouraging comment 🙂
    You’re welcome to contribute anytime mate. Lemme know the title and content of your post. You can email me at:
    sujoysingha[at]gmail[dot]com. Cheerio!


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