Agent Vinod (2012) [Music Review]

Agent Vinod Music - Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Music by Pritam.

The Saif Ali Khan- Kareena Kapoor spy-thriller action vehicle, which is launching into theatres next month, has an explosive soundtrack to match. From the number of times I have been playing this soundtrack in a loop, what I can briefly say, is that music director Pritam is back in the game ( assuming it is not another inspirado project from the East). Hit the jump, as I briefly dissect the tracks on the cracking soundtrack of Agent Vinod.

#Steal The Night (I’ll Do The Talking) – Neeraj Shridhar, Aditi Singh Sharma, Shefdi Alvaris, Barbie Amod

I think I am suffering from a Neeraj Sridhar fatigue now. The man’s voice is almost getting close to the irritating levels of what Mohd.Aziz and Shabbir Kumar used to be. Having said that, this is a very well produced club track. The sound mix is top notch, and the track almost sounds like a feature on Ministry of Sound album.

On the remix one, the female vocals calm down the ambience, almost like *that* J-Lo track. And then, there’s some random chants, which kinda give me the feeling that this is an inspiration from some Indonesian/Korean hit. Any sources confirming this?

Kareena Kapoor - Dil Mera Muft Ka - Agent Vinod - Mujra Video

#Dil Mera Muft Ka – Nandini Shrikar, Muazzam, Rizwan, Shadab Faridi, Altamush Faridi, Shabab Sabri

Nandini Shrikar sounds dangerously close to sounding like an Alisha Chinai clone. All the elements required in a Qawwali / Mujra song are here, and then some more. There are the “kharash” waale Qawwals singing – “Ni Main Kamlee“, and the Harmonium solos accompany the riffs on the Bulbul Tara. But what I don’t understand is the decision to throw in the distorted guitars into the arrangement. But somehow it works. Not sure, if it still remains a mujra though. Maybe Bebo will prove us wrong with that sultry pink dress, and Saroj Khan choreography.

#Pungi – Mika Singh, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Nakash, Pritam

Skip. Escape. Next please! Oh there is a remix as well. Fuckin’ hell. Leave me alone. Oh, if you’re a fan of Mika Singh’s ridiculous discography, go right ahead.

# Agent Vinod Theme

Like a typical spy movie theme, this one’s got the goods. The horns, the guitars, the drums and a groove to match. I expect this to be blaring out of the speakers when Saif kicks a butt or two. And of course for the rolling credits. Nice track to accompany your daily work out.

# Raabta – Arijit Singh & Joy, Shreya Ghosal, Aditi Singh Sharma, Hamsika..

Don’t be surprised when you see multiple versions of this same song featured on the album. There are 4 versions in total, but I am not complaining. Each one has something new to offer. Arijit Singh’s male version is very Ash King silky vocal type, and Aditi Singh Sharma’s female version is again a very feather-light female take on that. Shreya Ghosal’s version is quite filmy to say the least, but damn, that voice is flawless. My favourite version remains the first one – sung by Arijit Singh – probably because I heard that one first, and the arrangement is very Amit Trivedi. And that is meant to be a compliment in the nicest way possible.

# Dil Mera Muft Ka (Remix) – Malini Awasthi

One of those mysteries! I don’t understand why this one would be the remix, rather than being the original. Malini Awasthi nails it with her flavour of folk vocals, and the dholaks ensure you have a desi outburst with this track. If you need your daily dose of latak-jhatak-matak, then this is the track to go for.

OKS Rating: 3 Dhiskows Out of 5

Welcome back to the spotlight Pritam Da. We missed you. As for the movie, I’ve got two words. CANNOT. WAIT.


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4 thoughts to “Agent Vinod (2012) [Music Review]”

  1. Hey Sujoy, just recently started reading your blog, and I really enjoy your writing style.
    And thank god someone dislikes Pungi as much as I do!


    Sujoy Reply:

    Of course, such a silly horrible song. Am glad you like my blog. Cheerio!


  2. The song ‘Steal the Night’ borrows its tune from the hit English song ‘Rasputin’. Vinod even mentions this song’s lyrics once when injected with Pentothal, at the end of his trance, saying “Ra-Ra-Rasputin, Lover of the Russian Queen, It was a shame how he carried on”


    Sujoy Reply:

    Thanks for the info matey 🙂


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