Ajj Hona Deedar by Master Saleem

Master Saleem

One of the most awesome Qawwalis I have been listening to continuously, and almost to levels of irritation for my neighbours, is Master Saleem’s Ajj Hona Deedar Maahi da. Big thanks to Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Superstars to have enlightened me with this gem.

The first time I heard it, was when one of my favourite contestants on the show ( Sa Re Ga Ma Pa), Harnoor, sang Ajj Hona Deedar, after his selection into the Top 20. This song was going to be the decider as to which mentor’s group he’d be joining. IMHO, Harnoor has a very different voice than Master Saleem’s, in terms of tonal quality and texture, even though both of them have very unique voices.

Hit the Jump to check out these awesome videos, and there’s a not-so surprise announcement at the end of this post 🙂

Harnoor Singh - Ajj Hona Deedar

Here’s Harnoor’s performance on the show which got me stuck to the song. [ Video courtesy : SaReGaMaPaSuperstars ]

It is an awesome Qawwali to start with and has got all the basic elements just right. Needless to mention, the quintessential build up to climactic peak is beyond awesomeness.

And here is Master Saleem’s live performance.

As I mentioned earlier, Master Saleem’s voice is more sharp, and high pitched than Harnoor’s. For the uninitiated, Master Saleem is a big name in the Sufi and Punjabi music circuit. He is the son of renowned Sufi singer, Ustab Puran Shah Koti – who was the Guru of famous folk singers such as Hans Raj Hans and Jassi.

Ajj Hona Deedar shot him into fame, and his Bollywood career is also replete with popular Punjabi hits such as – Mast Kalandar ( Hey Baby ) and Maa Da Laadla ( Dostana ).

Another one of his many gems is a track called – Charkhe Di Ghook ( Check out the video here – Part1 and Part2 )

The following video is the most awesome one of them all. This one is from Star Plus ‘ Voice of India – Chhote Ustaad’. In this video, Master Saleem collaborates with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Have a look at how things enter a whole new dimension. And a big big round of applause to Sonu Nigam to have concluded it brilliantly (Also, wtf is with his hair?). Watch out how Rahat Fateh Ali Khan bounce-runs to his seat 😛

Now, that’s a whole lotta awesomeness for one post. Let me just play all of them, one after the other, and then again 🙂

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