All time Top 10 songs: Auto-Drivers Association certified

Forget the FM channels. The magnetic audio tapes, with the wait time for rewinds are the thing when it comes to music for our buddy Auto-Drivers. And when you ask them why not FM, they say “Fuck the Big Red Mirchi”. That’s actually how you abuse three channels at one go. Of course, it’s not in English that they tell me so, and well, it’s just a figment of my imagination. Anyway, Auto-Rickshaw music is BIG in a country where Himmessh actually sells audio cassettes more than CDs. In a world where digital music (okay CDs you may call it) to us is primarily MP3, music in daily life is predominantly high on the tone equalizer, and resonating from the Big black soundbox in the backseat of an Auto-Rickshaw. And what is the possibility of you being subjected to listen to a Himmessh, (yeah the man’s creation, as in a Picasso, or a Vinci, or a Sujoy, whatever)-probably 99.999%. I shall confirm the numbers very soon. But quality is not at all governed by the sheer number of playtime, is it? So here I am, preparing a whole Top 10 list of the Favorite Songs of the Auto-Rickshaws. The criteria for judgment: my ears, my senses and my reasons, perhaps movie background scores at times, and well a little SPICE.

10. Chalo Bulawa Aaya Hai: (Avtaar) This is one of the sole reasons why Narendra Chanchal is still one of the top grossers at Sanskaar Channel and what actually pays for his monthly post paid bills. One of the original examples of Devotion meets pop culture. Listen to it on a very high tone, and Narendra Chanchal actually sounds like Asha Bhosle, who sang the female version. Money wasted!! Saare Bolo Jai Mata Di.

9. Chal Gori (Krishnamuni Chutiya)– Most of you must not have heard of it, but this one is a gem. I belong to Assam, although I am a Manipuri. Auditoriums were sold out, and needless to say, the audio players were on steroids. It was like North East India had found its “Thriller”. Hate to admit it, but I once even danced to it, under severe intoxication. This one features here solely because of the auto-drivers of Silchar. Woo hoo! Can’t rememeber the infinte number of Pujo pandals playing this during the Pujas.LOL.

8. Rang Barse: (Silsila) The Big B gets high on Bhaang, and this is certified by the Auto Drivers association as the official Holi-High Song, nationwide. Launga ilaichi ka beeda lagaya-Chabe Gori Ka Yaar, Balam Tarse Rang Barse. This song often plays at first down, second to Anuradha Paudwal’s Gayathri Mantra Bhajan in the mix-tape of Ramu Bhai, the friendly neighbourhood Auto-driver.

7. Tu Shayar Hai: (Saajan) Alka Yagnik, Madhuri (before she was Mrs.Nene), and the photo clicking lame (seriously as poet Sagar, he was indeed lame) Mr.Dutt. I can still remember my Auto buddies imitating the finger moves of Madhuri. Recently heard it in a newly released version with Extra Jhankar Beats. Still reminds me of my 4th standard.

6. Sochenge Tumhe Pyaar: (Deewana) Rishi Kapoor in white pants, and his favorite anti-fat white suit. Kumar Nasal Sanu at his nasal best, (gosh! If he knew if he could push it further more, he wouldn’t have been forgotten by the music industry today(Nasals back in fashion eh!).Actually, this also features in the Kondhwa Auto Drivers Association Jhankar Beats Hot Picks list.

5. Aa Ante Amlapuram: (Aarya) This is a Telegu song and I don’t understand a single word of it. Surprisingly it is a huge rage in Maharashtra. So big, that it has become the anthem of Ganesh Chaturthis and Navratris even, well a close second to Falguni Pathak. Go to the Youtube Page here, and the comment written here is: Sluts on a Train. So untrue. That’s Tollywood for you, where plump is IN.

4. Naino Main Sapna: (Himmatwala) One of the original groundbreakers in filmi choreography and set design with a 1000 pots, 100 sarees and white sand beach backdrop to the Jumping Jack in white pants and the “Apsara Bikini” Clad Mrs.Kapoor. Believe it or not, I heard it full for the first time, three days back in the auto. I had to choose between Naino main Sapna and death (I was given a life-threatening stare when I asked him to stop the song). Just imagine High Treble Tathayya Tathayya Hoooooo, and imagine Monday morning beginning with it.

3. Bolo Tara Rara (Daler Mehndi): If there’s a single song which Daler Paaji is still selling, it is this one. I remember hearing it for the first time on Doordarshan’s first Countdown show “BPL-Ek Se Badhkar Ek”. Punjabi or not, Auto Drivers do know how to be ‘Fun’jaabi. Hayo Rabba Hayo Rabba!! I just love this song, and so does Raju Bhaiya.

2. Main To Raste Se Jaa Raha Tha: (Coolie No.1) There’s always an element of Govinda in each of his songs. This is actually just one of them. But the actual no.2 goes to each one of them. From Raja Babu’s ‘A Aaa Eee..U..u ..Ooo’, to Hero No.1 –Sona Kitna Sona Hai, to Sajan Chale Sasural’s – Dil Jaane Jigar Tujhpe and Tum bhi, DhokeBaaz Ho, also the Jhankar Beats version. No.2 is for the iceberg of Govinda Numbers which we love to hate, and the auto drivers love to keep it LOUD. Oh yes, I forgot, O Laal Dupatte Waali Tera Naam to Bata and Maine Paidal se Jaa.

1. After that mammoth no.2, you all must be wondering, what could possibly be No.1.

Hold your breathes me people, the Winner is….Prabhu Mithun (ala Greatbong) with India’s Bling Bling Lord Bappi Lahiri’s Guttar Guttur…Guttar Guttur (Dalaal). Forget the image if you can. Actually you can’t. Yellow Tribal Bikinis and Minis, replicating a village Vegas kinda showdown, with Mithun da in a dhoti and Ayesha Jhulka as the heroine, long before her Telebrands days. Ila Arun gives her career’s best vocals(apparently), alongside Alka Yagnik , Kumar Sanu and Bappi Da himself. The very intense lyrics reflect the deep love anguish of the protagonists –

are chadh gaya oopar re
atariya pe lotan kabootar re
panchhi deewana chugh kar daana
udd gaya phar phar re
atariya pe lotan kabootar re

Couldn’t help but embed this here. Just go insane!!!

Clipta – new video wave: Gutur Gutur (Dalaal)

And I remember there was a controversy associated with it, the costume design which was quite “liberating” to say the least. Actually this was just a rumor. The real controversy was raised by Menaka Gandhi (who was then associated with Heads and Tails, a popular show on DD), and she had objected to the following lines:-

baalon mein to pankh daale hain goriya
kitane kabootar maare hain goriya
tune sikaar karke
atariya pe lotan kabutar re

Controversy or not, we, as in the auto drivers still vote for this as the Numero Uno of the Official Auto Drivers Association Hot Song List. YouTube High Quality Link for BETTER VIEWING PLEASURE. You got something else on your favs, Half Return Mangta Hai!

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28 thoughts to “All time Top 10 songs: Auto-Drivers Association certified”

  1. khub moja legeche pore………tht ws sumthin really different….we usually dont come 2 know bout ds small things…….gd job…… d way kotha theke infact shud say ki kore survey korli on serious note?jai hok…..satti bhalo hoeche…d lyrics of d son 4 a change gav me jhatka……


  2. hay dude,
    I guess you missed out few great names here.
    Tum To Thehare Pardesi.
    Yaron Maine Panga Le Liya
    Then we had Bewafa Sanam’s songs as well.
    Dil Tod Ke Hasatiho Mera.
    Acchaa Sila Diya Tune.


  3. man how can u forget apna Himesh bhai’s songs..

    “13 13 13 ssuuuuuuuurrrrrroooooooooooooooooooor”

    or else

    ” jhalak dikhlaja, 1 bar aja aja aja…”
    even he’s paid tribute to the auorickshawallah’s in his latest film…


  4. Good job buddy, as usual. Gutur gutur…hmm…kind of always relate that song to Paati(kalita) and his room……Entire final semester…gutur gutur, day in day out…hard for me to give in to the auto drivers claims for its constant playing copyrights. Have you heard it more in autos than in Paati’s room?


  5. @ arka da: Yeah yeah, the frequency of playtime for himmess might be high, but c’mon, all of his songs dont even come close to the gems mentioned here, especially chal gori and gutur gutur.

    @ abu
    it was me who had captured the video and gave it to paati, so i guess m the culprit. another one which was also on paati’s list was “lootela”, if u remember tht.


  6. =)) hilarious. Good topic. Sadly, here in Bangalore I prefer avoiding an auto ride, and even when I do, the only thing that grasps my attention is the friggin auto fare. However, back in Mumbai an auto ride was a charm. Good write up pal, thoroughly enjoyed it.


  7. wonderful post …
    I was about to say How could you forget Altaf Raja…
    but you’ve already answered the query in the comments section 🙂


  8. Brilliant list, I really mean it! 😀

    I’m getting goosebumps now! loL! This is the effect of songs like Gutur Gutur and Chal Gori! Both absolute classics..I’m going to come back to your post whenever I need a good stressbuster 😀

    By the way, I just realised that you aren’t on my blog list. Adding you now.


  9. I woke up and got my mobile. Checked Twitter. [daily routine :D]-Got to your post- then, 😀 😀 😀 got my head stuck in ‘Altaf Raja’s song [just a day back I listened in a Rick. ] Sa$##$, ab pura din mere dimaag se Rick-songs niklenge nahi………..aaaaaaarghhhhh……… me..!!!

    Seriously, Hillarious Post !! I always get annoyed with all drivers choice songs, be it Bus driver, Truck Driver or Rick driver. [Don’t you miss them in London …he he he.]


  10. @Bhargav: I knew, you would relate with me, especially on Chal Gori. LOL. That was one big hit man.And thanks for the add mate!

    @Darshit: Chill, chill. Life main itna tension nahi lene ka. AUr kabhi kabhi Altaf bhai ko bhi chance dene ka. Enjoy madi.


  11. Gori tor honth lal…aaike kajal..karela ghayal..

    moi deewana holi…fuckin awesome dude..pure genius…

    thanks for this awesome list


  12. God, Gutur Gutur…Pujote mone aache…eto beshi baajto ei gaan ta….the Hindi and the Bengali version ..Chode gelo Upor Re…hehe


  13. This one was a riot of laughter dude. Just brilliant. Where did you come up with these songs man???? And kudos to your thought process. Lets see what lists you’d come up with in the future.


  14. Infact I would go on to say that precisely 4 movie soundtracks defined the Jhankar Beat Revolution in the 90s –

    1. Aashiqui
    2. Saajan
    3. Deewana
    4. Sanam Bewafaa


    Sujoy Reply:

    The Jhankar Beat revolution in the 90s was also pioneered by Gulshan Kumar’s Super Cassette Industry aka T-Series which churned out re-done ( which evolved into remix with Bally Sagoo and all that DJs who followed) versions of Mohd Rafi, Kishore Kumar and Lata songs.
    Those were the days when Kumar Sanu covered Kishore Da, Anuradha Paudwal covered Lata Mangeshkar and Sonu Nigam covered Mohd.Rafi.

    Imagine, I have heard – Bahaaro Phool Barsao..with extra Jhankar beats [ as shown on the cover ]. The cassette btw was called – Jubilee Kumar hits – hits from Rajendra Kumar’s movies, sung by Sonu Nigam. 😛

    But yea, I do remember hearing Bahut Pyar Karte Hai, and Payaliyaa Ho Ho Ho…with Jhankar Beas as well 😛


    Himanshu Manroa Reply:

    Good going Sujoy! Keep packing in the great information. Must appreciate your profound knowledge, great observation and great insights on the various posts in your blog. Not to miss – a super-chilled sense of humor as well!


    pr4k4shr4j90p41 Reply:

    5) Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahin (with Jhankaar Beats)


  15. Haha, great list! Have you also noticed that the tempo of the songs played in the auto is always faster/slower than the original tempo? Funny.


    Sujoy Reply:

    Yep. It always happens. Alka Yagnik sounds like Anuradha Paudwal on Helium 😛


  16. dude…how can u forget ‘dil ka rishta’ and ‘raaz’ songs???…they were in every auto from SMC to REC….and don’t forget their ‘record breaking’ run in capital travels buses….


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