American Idol Season 7. And the winner is David..

Cook Versus Archie

Yes, it is the season finale. And we have had some disappointments to have finally arrived at this stage where we witness the showdown of the Davids. The second finale to have two males, the only one with both finalists sharing the same first name, and yes, the race seems to be pretty tight. And looking back at the

season, it seems like these two are the only ones who have consistently tried to better every performance and in a way were actually in here to win unlike the others. So enough said, it’s the NOKIA theatre. How many times have to listen that from Randy? I miss the Kodak. Ryan is in make up. Check out his glowing skin and yeah, he plucked his eyebrows. And he welcomes the 7000 members of the crowd, the three judges, and the final Two- Archuleta and Cook. What was so lame about the finale today was the Boxing Metaphor. Oh, that was so much in bad taste, but then, it wouldn’t be Idol otherwise.

So here we go. Round one: Clive Davis: CEO, Sony BMG chooses.
David Cook begins: “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” – U2
Very good song choice. Loved his performance and he seemed quite confident on this one. Now this is what I’m talking about. Cook is much better of a performer , may be Archuleta is the better singer. But then, I can already say Cook is ready to sell records. He is what actually Idol is all about. And yes he winds up with “rock out” stretching vocals. Yeah!!!.

Archuleta goes in next: “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” – Elton John
Umm hmm. Sir Elton is a brilliant vocalist. To sing this song live is really something. And Archuleta does it. Very smooth and very very Archie. Bravo Clive Davis for the song choice. To me, Cook takes round 1, but then, I knew that Randy is going to love this one more. Paula remains the diplomatic one that she is. And Simon calls this one the best of Archuleta, and also declares round 1 to him. WTF!

Round 2:New Song: Contestant Choice

Back 2 Back

Yes, one of those cheesy lyrics talking of how great the moment is and how friends and family and all that, have been put to tune.
Cook: “Dream Big” – Emily Shackleton
This is not the typical song that I expected it to be. Very rich chorus and very much like a current track playing on the radio which I want to know. The orchestration got a bit haywire in between but Cook just kept kicking his vocals. In the words of Randy, “You were singing your face off”. Can be a single today. Definitely is gonna be one courtesy iTunes.

Archuleta:”In This Moment” – Ryan Gilmore
Ok, this one is the typical song that I was talking about. Won’t discuss it anymore. Archie sings with the default settings embedded in him. Yeah, this one is that ballad that Archie has to sing. Just a very poor song. Does nothing to me. And no Randy, a song does matter. Archie is no doubt a good singer. But then, Cook swept this round by his rock.

Last round: Contestant’s choice


Cook: “The World I Know” – Collective Soul
Why oh why? Simon is correct. You should’ve done a Billy Jean or a Hello. Why this song? Not suited for the final performance of Idol. Utterly disappointed. But then, Cook says that Idol has always been a progressive process and why do something which he has done before? We will see.

Archuleta: “Imagine”- John Lennon
While Cook went for being progressive, Archie chose to go for the winner. The most downloaded iTunes song of the season arguably. There is no way that can go wrong. It’s Imagine for Pete’s sake. What else is left to be said. I think Cook blew this one away right at the moment. Or it is not still late.

Cook fans go ahead and vote, because you do know who is the REAL DEAL. David Cook embodies the real image of American Idol down to the last inch. And even if all predictions point to the baby face, I’d still go for David Cook and it would be good and very exciting to watch a rocker win. Go Cookies.

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3 thoughts to “American Idol Season 7. And the winner is David..”

  1. Loved the screencaps. Cook has sucha big head. LOL. But i personally think Michael Johns had the killer vocals this season


  2. Hi Sujoy,

    Loved reading your posts. And your coverage of Idol has been quite good. Shall read some more of your posts. Keep up the good work.


  3. The vocals of Archie is much better. He has a better control . But then Cook is a better performer and has the rocker edge. No wonder Cook won.


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