American Idol Season 7- so far- so near

American Idol Top 5

The Top 5 have been revealed. And am I happy with it? There has been one major setback/upset which I shall be talking about at length in a while. But first, the Top 5. It comprises of the frontrunners- The Davids -Cook and Archuleta, and the rest- Syesha Mercado, Jason Castro and Brooke White. For one, I do believe that Jason and Brooke just don’t have it in them to be winners and even eventually go ahead and sell records.Firstly Jason, who is just banking on his “blue eyes” and the cute guy smile to woo all those American teen chicks to vote for him. He is just a very repetitive singer, and throughout the competition his performances have all been acoustic.Nothing wrong about that. He even gave some good ones – Hallelujah and Somewhere Over the Rainbow. But the rest of them are just as repetitive. Brooke on the other hand looks like a very weak performer.She messed up onstage twice, has a very vulnerable quality to her vocals, which means her vocals break down too often and they have gone off-pitch at many instances. Add to that I can’t remember a single performance of hers which was remarkable. So I just do not bother if she leaves the competition next week, or even if Jason left. I’d also not be yupset if it was Syesha to leave next week, unless she belts out a killer Neil Diamond song.

As for the major upset of the season- that is Michael Johns. The Dolly Parton week were he performed “It’s so wrong , but it’s alright” was his Idol moment for me. More than his now-famous, Hollywood week “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Michael Johns has a strong and pwerful vocal line and he can surely boast of the sheer quality. Freddie Mercury vocals suits the tag.Inspirational Songs week, when he performed Dream On, it was more of the “first song curse” which made him leave, rather than the weakness of his performance. Of course, Steven Tyler is THE VOCALIST, and no one can do Dream On as Tyler did and does even now. But, Michael Johns version (bit abridged, but he even tried bits of the falsetto in the end and did it successfully) was good and memorable as one of the hot-ones of that night. I really was pissed of thinking what the hell were Kristy Lee Cook, Jason castro, Brooke White and Carly Smithson still doing in the competition, while this Aussie guy who just did an Aerosmith song has to leave. For those who still don’t believe me, believe your ears and watch this remarkable performance of Michael’s It’s so wrong, but it’s alright”. The arrangement is just so RIGHT!

But then, as they say, at the end ther’s only one Idol. who’s it gonna be? Well, looking at the performances so far, the judges comments, the fanb following, the online polls, the iTunes downloads, the sheer talent of the singer and my own gut-feeling, I will go with –David Cook. He has IT. As Simon would put it-the X Factor. As Paula would put it- the whole ‘package’.LOL. And as Randy would say ‘ Dude! You are the one to Be. That’s a Bomb!!”. He is very intelligent with his song choice, the arrangements are done with intense efforts and lastly, he has the looks to carry the title. But then, I could really care less, after we see that Daughtry ruling the charts while Taylor Hicks is….where is he? (Idol publicises more of Daughtry, Katherince McPhee,Elliot Yamin and even Kelly Pickler rather than the season winner Hicks. What a shame!!). As they say, they are all winners. Yeah right! Look at the last season. I couldn’t disagree more. Last Season’s Idol finalists had a bunch of loohoo–saahaars. Jordin Sparks wouldn’t even feature in the Top 10 if it was for this season. The only respected ladies in the last season of Idol were-Melinda and Lakisha. And well, Blake and Chris Richardson were just too forgettably pop.Compared to that, this year the Top 5 looks like a well-deserving one , except for Jason and Brooke. Who could be the right ones,if it was left to me? Well, Michael Johns of course and perhaps Carly, based on her last performance “Jesus christ Superstar”.But then, you can’t be absolutely perfect. Otherwise,it wouldn’t be Idol, right?

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  1. Taylor Hicks has just finished two sold out tours and is currently working on releasing two new albums and a live DVD. His first record went platiunim *without* them giving him any airplay but he terminated that contract due to the record company breaching the contract.


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