American Idol Season 7-The Top 12 results

David ArchuletaYeah, so my prediction of the Top 6 guys did seem quite accurate, except for it’s Luke Menard who is leaving in place of David Hernandez. Meh! It’s ok. All the other 5 did fit in the Top 6. As for the ladies, I hardly got the time to predict, before the Top 12 results are out. Thanks to the 12 hour delay in broadcast ( I watch American Idol in India, after 12 hours of the original broadcast in the US, and thanks to Rickey, I get all the results as and when it happens).

No surprises with the ladies Top 6 though. All my favorites are very much here. Brooke White, Syesha, pinoy Ramiele Malubay (she’s such a short hottie), Carly Smithson, Amanda Overmyer, Kristy Lee Cook are in. The one’s who were out were quite predictable from Simon’s comments on their performances. Kady Malloy did a very uninspiring version of Queen’s anthemic “Who wants to live forever?”. I can still remember Katherine McPhee perform thatin Season 5 in the Queen special. This wasn’t even close. On the other hand, Asia’h Epperson’s song choice was way too big for her. Whitney Houston- “I wanna dance with Somebody”; the song showed you the exit.

Looking at the Top 12 however, I definitely think, that it’s the gyus who are here to stay, and definitely a guy who is becoming the Idol. I have my bets on David Cook, David Archuleta, and  Jason Castro out of which Archuleta seems to be the favorite of the crowd as well as the judges. But Cook is definitely cooking it up with his rock spices and it sure sounds yummy. Can’t wait to watch the Top 12 perform in front of a larger audience and a huge stage. Woohooo.

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