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Top 12 American Idol

Let me begin with OMFG. The Top 12 are finally performing in front of a huge stage, an enthusiastic mosh pit, the three judges – Simon, Paula and Randy, and of course not only America, but viewers from across the world – thanks to syndicated Television. And what can be bigger than that, it’s Beatles special tonite. The Idol Top 12 performed to the tunes of McCartney and Lennon one after another and blew me away. Some of them not quite there, some of them I hated, but I loved most of them. At this point of them, I am still quite confused to pick my favorite. Talk about last season – I had none. LOL. So, after Ryan Seacrest unveils the Top 12, we get to see a montage on the works of Paul and John, and yes, I love it.The performances:- Syesha goes in first with “Got to Get You into my Life“. What an entry and what an intro to the Top 12 of this season. I am already feeling that this Top 12 rocks more than any previous season. She deserves all the praise she got from the judges and she definitely is one of the strongest voices. Next in-Chikezie with “She’s a Woman”. He nailed it. Randy loved the intro with the Southern groove and what he did with the rock arrangement. “Chikezie smashed it”. Yeah! Ramiele didn’t go very strong with her performance of “In My Life”. Simon and Randy thought it was boring and so did I. C’mon we are talking about Top 12 where you gotta go out there and sing your heart out and bring the house down. Following Chikezie was a mess, especially with that song choice. She might be in danger tomorrow.

Next up:Jason Castro-If I Fell. We saw him make us feel “Hallelujah” last week by going acoustic. However, this is becoming a bit repetitive and this week, it went on the verge of being a bit boring too. Jason needs to put things up and make his presence felt. Carly Smithson rocks the house next with “Come Together“. I expected someone to sing it tonite, and she did a goo..ood job. Probably because the song is wonderful, Carly has nothing more to do than just have her voice be the icing. Loved it. One of my favorites after Chikezie. And next : My favorite contestant so far -David Cook performing “Eleanor Rigby“. I can’t remember when I heard it the last time, but Cook’s rendition is definitely so modern and very rock. I loved the arrangement and this just topped Carly’s performance.

Brooke White is also one of my favorites this season, and she brings in the piano while she simultaneously sings “Let it Be”. It’s a very beautiful song and her vocals are great. But not quite magic yet. She didn’t wear her shoes while she was playing. She is safe this week.David Hernandez isn’t one of my favorites in the final 12. His performance “I saw her standing there” is just filled with his eye brown movements, ridiculous cabaret dancing and a voice that just doesn’t work for me. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is shown the exit door. Amanda seems to me like a true Rocker Chick (donno what she’s doing here). Every week I look forward to her performance and with “You can’t do that”, she kicks serious buttocks. Though Simon couldn’t understand most of her words, I think Amanda did a great job and she is here to stay.

Michael Johns-“Across the Universe”. Love this song, but didn’t like his performance. A weak one from a strong contender. I wanted him to PERFORM this song and he let me down. *Sob*. Kristy Lee Cook performs on a risky country arrangement of ” 8 days a week”. The risk didn’t pay off. It made Simon swallow his own words, and sorry Kristy, we all know you are cute and that might take you a few more weeks, but tonite yours was the worst. Final performance of the night: the guy overhyped and overtalked about-David Archuleta. He messes up the songs initial lyrics, but moves on with his smile. BTW he performed “We can work it out”– the Stevie Wander version. And well it didn’t work out actually.

Predictions : Tomorrow in the results, one Idol goes home. And to me, that’ll be David Hernandez. Ramiele and Kristy had really bad performances as well, but they are cute enough to stay in the show.

My favorites of the night :
David Cook – Eleanor Rigby
Carly Smithson – Come Together
Chikezie -She’s a Woman

Results night: Guest performance by Katherine McPhee.
Image Courtesy: FOX

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