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There are ways you can avoid wasting your Thursday Nights in India from watching American Idol Results night. There are reasons why you shouldn’t be watching them. For starters, it isn’t live and of course no matter how much you want your favorite to stick around, unfortunately you can’t do anything about it. So it is much better to just go to or for the Results update and switch on to your other favorite shows on Thursday night.Coming back to the topic- The American Idol Season 7 Top 9 has been revealed and Chikezie has been eliminated. His wrong song choice on last night’s show (Luther Vandross – If Only for One Night) showed him the exit door. What was surprising was the Bottom 3. The Bottom 3 consisted of Randy’s fav – Syesha Mercado. C’mon after that stellar performance of “If I were Your Woman” she manages to go into that damned Bottom 3. Personally I felt, Carly and Ramiele should have been in the bottom 3. The girls in this season haven’t been as strong as the boys. Ramiele’s song was as rightly put by Simon, too big for her and Carly, even though I love her tatoo, her run in the end was on the verge of shouting. On the other hand, Jason Castro was the weakest one among the boys. Chikezie’s one bad night made him to go.

David Cook

Last night’s performances though featured some of the most favorite performances of my entire Idol viewing experience. Michael John’s “We Are the Champions” and Brooke White’s “Every Breathe You Take” were really good. But the show stopper was yet again David Cook with his explosive rendition of “Billy Jean”. Man, that was as good as Constantin’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Daughtry’s “Have You Ever Loved A Woman”. Simply loved it. David Cook just bettered his performance of “Hello”. He is here to Win.I am really really pitching for Mr.Cook, and although the cutie of the lot, young 17-er David Archuleta is getting all the votes, I think America needs to know that cute quotient doesn’t translate to record sales. Go Cook Go!!!

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