Bolly Mashup: When Babu Bhaiya Met Lucky

Lets have some fun. I haven’t had those in quite some time now. LOLjk. We always have fun at OKS (or at least try to have some). Lately, I have been quite busy with work blah blah! So, I haven’t really had the time to reflect upon movies that I watched, liked or disliked. But I underestimated my own brain. Hehe.

Ok, to prove that, let me tell you with what I came up this time. Think of two totally unrelated characters and let’s bring them together. For instance (as is evident from the title) – Baburao Apte aka Babu Bhaiya (from Hera Pheri ) and Luckvinder Singh aka Lucky (Oye Lucky Lucky Oye ). I know , I know – Babu Bhaiya, I mean Paresh Rawal portrayed Lucky’s father’s role. But it still doesn’t count as an overlap.

Think of the characters:

Babu Bhaiya: Jai Maharashtra!! He’s a kind bloke at heart. Runs a garage, is a drunkard (he likes his khamba) and has two harami tenants. He’s got signature carbon-framed glasses, wears a dhoti always and is troubled by his phone number (Star Garage) being swapped with Star Fisheries.

Hera Pheri - Devi Prasad

Lucky: Dilli ka munda, Sadda Lucky is multi-talented and versatile as a Swiss knife. He’s attitude with life can be summed up in one line – Kyun? Kar Nahi Sakta? [ Why? Why can’t I do this? ]. And he’ll stop at nothing to achieve what he desires for. Superchor! Of course he’s got Bangalee as his sidekick. And Bangalee knows a bit more about A-tomatic buttons of fancy cars. Shoo Shaa!!

Oye Lucky - Bangalee Shoo Shaa

So what if these two characters shared a scene together? Would we see something like this?

Hera Pheri - Baburao Apte

And, Lucky replied…

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye GIF

I know, this doesn’t really match the hype of the title. You must have expected that I might weave a whole new universe with these characters interacting. But, in my defense, those last two GIFs have made me LOL even whilst I was making them. Just look at it. I’m a fucking genius 😛

Now jump into the comments and leave your own thoughts about what, how and where would these two gems interact and what situations would raise due to these. And if you liked these post, feel free to share it. Cheerio!

P.S. A big salute to the genius of Priyadarshan, Paresh Rawal, Manjot Singh and Dibakar Banerjee.

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