Bollywood Monday Meme: Sharmila Tagore and Saira Banu

Ho Ho Ho.. Happy New Year 2011.

Yes, I have been lazy for quite a long time. Thanks to my extended innings with the amarettos, the proseccos and the vodkas and ..well that list is a bit too long. Anywho. OneKnightStands is back to begin a new innings in the new year of 2011, and I hope we  ( me and both of my brains ) will be able to entertain you and give you Nirmal Anand. And as I have been hibernating for quite a while, my brain has been stewing a few ideas, and one of which, is quite obviously, the Monday Meme. I hope to stick with this and make it a regular feature. For now, enjoy the first edition of Bollywood Monday Meme.

P.S. We are thinking of a new tagline for OneKnightStands, and we invite awesome suggestions. Anywho, here it is.

Saira Banu - Junglee

Another one after the jump. C’mon Hit it.

Daag - Sharmila Tagore

Hope you liked this edition of OKS Bollywood Monday Meme. We will be back with a lot of other fun posts. And again, Happy New Year 2011.

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4 thoughts to “Bollywood Monday Meme: Sharmila Tagore and Saira Banu”

  1. Dear Joy,
    Just like the small joy one gets by having(reading) “ONE k NIGHT STANDS” will be coming to this page always to get more in this new year…. Wish you happy writing those amazing stuff and keep on bachooo….. Happy new Year again..
    Daniel Thomas


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