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500 feet above ground! And I am not talking about any altitude. See 500 feet above ground, jumping to a song called “Opportunity Denied”, and think no further. Just let yourself react to the Metal of Brute Force. I thought of writing this article for a Wikipedia page. But then, thinking of the number of times of the appearance of words such as fuck and fucking awesome, and… you know the words, I realized this article wouldn’t make it to wikipedia anyway. So I had to settle down for my own small blog, again. And well, also for the fact that I really don’t have much hard facts about Brute Force either, coz I don’t know them personally, neither do I have a written track record(I don’t believe you actually need to meet the guys to know their music). But I have been a witness to the growth of a band which has stepped out of that norm of covering the yesteryears’ Metal anthems and adopted such a monstrous form of their own, which can only be expressed best by the euphoria that you get to see when Brute Force takes centre stage.

I wouldn’t exactly say, I have seen the band from their nappy days, but yeah, pretty much during the early days. My first experience of Brute Force live was Western Zone Finals Campus Rock Idols, 2005 in Pyramid Lawns, KP. There comes this short haired guitarist with eyes that can barely open (as mine) and with fingers that can just create Mayhem. Yeah!!! That guy on the drums, I had seen him scream out “Master Master” for Nemesis in the previous Campus Rock concert, when Prestorika won the finals. Don’t remember the set they played then, but yeah the self-titled original wasn’t out yet. And the results, runners up: Medusa from Bombay, and winners: Nemesis. The judges say-“It was a close call between Brute Force and Nemesis. And why didn’t they come second then?The journey from that Campus Rock Idols concert in 2005 to headlining this year’s Western Zone Campus Rock Idols 2007, has been quite long, but sure LOUD as hell. Of course, when a band has a lead vocalist with long hair, a lead guitarist with short hair, and a drummer with power arms and thunder thighs (I had to steal this phrase from an article on Sameera Reddy), and yeah a bassist who makes your ear drums go bum bum bum, what else would you expect.

Anand on the rhythm guitars and lead vocals not only takes control of the crowd, but also sings his songs, plays the riffs. I mean, yeah, you have that showmanship and all going. But what point does it make if you forget your lines and mess up with your guitars, which is not the case here. The frontman knows his music, and well does his stuff too. The weakest link or rather I’d say, the one who lags in the entire band relatively, is the bassist Aniket, the new bassist in Brute Force, according to me is just an “also exists” kinda scenario, purely because the other members just excel. So personally, I’d like the bass to be a bit louder, and a bit more prominent in the tracks, but yeah, not at the cost of just making it loud just for the sake of it. The entire song has to sound good as well. Akshay on the drums really knows the endurance limit of the drum kit and puts it to the test every time. Just see him drilling hard on the double bass, and you feel like a 100 bullets being shot at you at once. But yeah, drumming skills aren’t measured on the double bass criteria only. The main thing is, how tight they can pull the act together, and all the rolls and bangs on the cymbals with all the off beats plus the backing vocals, all have to perfectly align with each other. And it does SO. Hear them cover Dread and the Fugitive Mind, and you instantly feel how organized this band is, when it comes to timing.Wayne, hmm….talking about you is of no use. You all have seen him play live and you know what he is capable of doing with those six strings. So it makes no fucking sense in adding up those big adjectives here. Just one thing though. Wayne, no matter what they shout out at Pune concerts, Hakka noodles and all that bloody racist comments shit, you kick ASS..bigtime.

The Brute Force original composition list as of now (to my latest information) stands as the following.
Rise, Force Fed, Axis, Recipe for Disaster, Opportunity Denied and the most popular of them- Brute Force. I remember the first time I heard their first single. Man it blew me over. It sounded like some unreleased track from Kill ‘em All with the ghostly blessings of Cliff Burton. The riff starts and your head just cannot manage to hold itself straight. Its going up and down rampantly and there comes the double bass for the Kill, and then we have a Sixer…Nataraj phir Champion. Fuck, I got carried away. It was like Hit the Lights reincarnated, and in no way this sounded like any of those “We wanna be Metallica” shit. This was so Fucking Awesome. I tried to get hold of all the possible video sources of their live performance of Brute Force, and my favorite is their performance at Livewire, IIT Bombay. The sound is much better, and I can hear Wayne do his thing. Haven’t really listened to any of their other songs in the studio version, except for Opportunity Denied (I’ve only heard their other songs live). O.D. just grows on you with the intro solo, and when the distortion kicks in, you should see the crowd. It just looks like MADNESS.
Fan following, you ask. Come to any given concert where Brute Force is playing in Pune. And it certainly looks like they own it. They have a strong fan following here in Pune, and weirdly though, any concert which doesn’t play Brute Force in Pune, seems empty. As in “Janta nahi Aatee”. Is that just a coincidence, or a myth or what? Just think about it. There’s some weird connection.

To conclude, I’d say, Brute Force is the band to have come at the right time (when there were probably no bands playing original stuff) with the right kind of sound, which the fans accepted with open arms. From those utterly dark, smoky underground gigs, and the Battle of Bands at Pune Central to winning Independence Rock and many other accolades, I just hope that the journey is far from over. In my own twisted words stolen from Robert Frost,

The woods are lovely dark and deep, but Metal is what you got and Metal is what we need, and You got miles to smoke that Weed, and you got miles to smoke that weed…

\m/ . May the (brute) FORCE be with you!! Peace.

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11 thoughts to “Brute Force”

  1. I cant vouch for waynes magic on the guitar , but i can surely vouch for the thunder thigh , power arms and fuck the devil attitude of the “CS” freak drummer – Akshay Altekar

    \m/ power on the mapex kit dude !!

    hope to see u headlining sometime at BW

    PS:CS = C sharp lol


  2. hey,

    Have had the plaesure of playin some 4 shows with these guys.. and man.. do they kick ass,,,love u guys man…. cant wit to blow crowds with u guys again….

    Shawn (BLACK)


  3. wat do i say about this band there achievements in the past two years speaks it for them. they hav gr8 potential and they r already making it big…..for eg. Headlining act of Rock Idols 07…….waitin to see them live again.

    Rishi(Point Blanc).


  4. @ All: Seems like the Pune rock circle is coming alive here. Woo Hoo.

    @ Siddharth: I still don’t get the C sharp joke. Mathematical ratio gives C as the answer.

    @ Shawn, the black guy (in a totaly non racist way): Thanks for the visit, and I hope we get to see more of Black in Pune,

    @ Rishi: Yep, experience speaks for itself.


  5. A kickass drummer with a ‘go-getter attitude’, Akshay seems to be really passionate about his music and drumming. …He’s one of the best drummers around and i’m one of his biggest fans 🙂
    Love you…


  6. dude im bowled over by brute force..sad they disbanded..
    there are indian metal bands you listen to just because they are good live but honestly do not put up with their standards THAT much in the studio version of their songs.
    These guys are musically insane..they actually did create awesome good music..


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