Of London Indian Film Festival 2012 and more [Rant]

London Indian Film Festival

Thanks to the generous Asim Burney (Upodcasting), I managed to get to some of the screenings of the London Indian Film Festival 2012, including the opening night. Now in its 3rd year, the festival had a wide range of selection of movies to choose from. The festival opened with Anurag Kashyap’s gangster magnum opus – Gangs of Wasseypur Part I, and boy-oh-boy, it couldn’t have had a better opening than that. (Check out my interview with Mr.Kashyap here).

The purpose of this post is to serve as an introspective “note to self” of the things I observed in the course of this festival, and also, where I find myself in this crowd of bloggers/writers (whatever you’d like to call me, I prefer blogger).

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New Logo and 35 smashing Header Images

I am quite a restless kinda guy, and I can’t stand stagnation. Whatever that meant. Here it is. Ladies and Gentlemen, please give the loudest of your applause, for the new OKS Logo that I designed using GIMP. It took me 30 minutes, 3 tweets and two replies to arrive at this logo. [ Thanks to @dunkdaft @bhargavsaika @yajam @Nrzz @kaushikcy].

Here’s the Big one:

And the small one used for circulation across various social networks etc. will be:-

And in this process of redesign, I had started to make a crazy amount of header images. As you might have noticed, that the header image are randomly rotated. And this is possible to a simple code I included in my header.php file. Without going into the technical details, here are the 35 smashing header images. I used Arcsoft Photostudio for this, and it was fun making them. I have tried to keep a coherent theme in the header images.

1. The Kapoors

After the Jump, more header awesomeness !

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Day of Geekness @ Bluewater – Lego, Doctor Who and Other Geek Awesomeness!

So, I went to Bluewater on Saturday. I have been there just once before, and the first time was more of a brief visit than anything else. Personally, I don’t like long whole day shopping sessions. I just get tired easily. But I had no idea of what awesomeness was in store for me. I have been writing way too much in my previous posts. So, this one is going to be just about pictures, pictures and more pictures [ accompanied by tiny, little comments]. The pictures have been taken by my very humble Samsung J200’s 1.3 MP camera. So don’t expect much of a quality. But to have captured all the goodness just made my day.

Here’s batch 1: WH Smith’s book collection of Biographies.

Look Ma! Ant n Dec have got a Book now. And there’s Peter Kay..Yayy!! And Jeremy Clarkson.

After the Jump:- Lotsa Lego!!! Lotsa Star Wars and Doctor Who awesomeness!!!

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While I was Hibernating!! – v.2009

What’s been up with the world? I have been in a long phase of hibernation from the blogosphere apart from the occasional tweeting. I know a lot has been happening, buzzing, creating waves if not ripples. We saw the rise and damned fall of the 13-song marathon that was “What’s Your Rashee?”, which I haven’t dared to watch yet, and will only do so once I get the DVD. I also heard of the final proof that YRF will never step out of the borders of Punjab, and that finally, Rani has resorted to losing weight and golden bikins. While Mayawati still remains unapologetic about the monu-‘mental’ case, Doordarshan turned 50. And I learnt a new equation which goes:

Salman + PrabhuDeva + Ayesha Takia = Nonsensical Gobar!

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