Vishwaroop – 2013 [Movie Review]

Vishwaroop - Kamal Hassan

Kamal Hassan’s terrorist ass kicking magnum opus Vishwaroop has been doing the rounds for all the wrong reasons. Let me begin with this; it didn’t offend me at all. And to all those dumb-nuts shouting for their 15 seconds of fame to ban this, what is your problem ? Did you have a problem with an Indian muslim going underground to mingle with the Taliban? Or was it Kamal Hassan’s choice of Kathak over BharatNatyam, or his hair-style that left you cold? Leaving all the controversy hoopla aside, does the movie add up to all the hype? After all, even though Kamal Hassan has been a big sensation down south, this is an actor who is way past his prime. And I say that even after being a big fan of his work. Vishwaroop does get quite a few things right, but there’s a lot to chew here, and most of it is bland.

WARNING: This review has some spoilers.

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Kahaani (2012) [Movie Review]

Kahaani - Movie Review, Vidya Balan, Sujoy Ghosh

You know it’s an awesome movie, when it compels you to think about it over and over again, long after the credits have rolled. You keep thinking, trying to put back the pieces in place, as the director had pointed it out, and also in your own direction of thought, questioning the feasibility. And when it all fits, you smile like a complete fool. But fuck the world, that smile is one of satisfaction – of experiencing a surge of current through your neurons, which have not been so excited for quite some time. And you almost can’t help giving in to the temptation of going back for a second viewing, just to revisit the jigsaw pieces strewn around the length of the movie, to add up to the big picture. Yes, Kahaani is *that* awesome.

I have taken my time with this, as I have revisited Kahaani. And as usual, I have volumes to talk about the movie.
Beware, long post, and yes, SPOILERS alert! :-

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Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu [Movie Review]

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu Accurate Poster

I have a pretty meh sort of relationship when it comes to romcoms, especially Bollywood ones. I am not sure if I would consider it to be my favourite genre. The occasional Dharma production or Imtiaz Ali flick seem to amuse me once a while, but that is all about it. Judging by the trailers of Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, everything about it seemed to be average. The chemistry between the lead pair – Bebo and Imran, seemed to fall flat. They looked more like a bro-elder sis pair, than a romantic pair to me. And also, the curse of editing all the jokes into the trailer could’ve almost ruined the movie. The result of all that lead me to enter the cinema with expectations set to almost below sea level. And that could’ve somehow worked in the favour of this movie. Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, is not a cinematic masterpiece. It is just an average, good, well told story which can be summed up as (what my poster here says) – How To Get Friendzoned in 14 days. But debutante director Shakun Batra’s smart juggling of story elements makes it work well in parts, and as a whole. Hit the jump, as I discuss some points about the movie. [SPOILER ALERT]

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10 Points On Karan Malhotra’s Agneepath (2012) [Movie Review]

Agneepath Movie Review, Starring Hrithik Roshan, RIshi Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt

The remake of the 90’s cult movie – Agneepath might have sounded like a bad idea on paper. After all, it is so deeply embedded with the strong presence of a performance which defined the star, and the star which defined the movie. Amitabh Bachchan’s white suited, guy-liner endorsing gangster, might have been a 90’s take on the many smuggling movies of the 70’s – viz. Don and Deewar. But what made Agneepath different then, was its no holds barred, self destructive protagonist, who is solely driven by revenge. How could one recreate that? Debutante director Karan Malhotra has the answer for that. And the answer is .. not to recreate *that*. 2012’s Agneepath is a remake of the 90’s original in as much way as Ram Gopal Varma remade the Godfather into Sarkar (and Sarkar Raaj). It does not attempt to shift the time scale and create similar scenes/situations existing in a parallel universe, re-enacted by a different group of actors. Instead, it redefines the dynamics, the relationships and the narrative to a certain extent, and yet, pays tribute to the presence of the original. And THAT is how you remake movies – not by driving your script to make more cash, but by making your characters come back to life..or rather offer a new life to your characters.

By now you must have got it that I loved this movie, despite a few silly unwanted additives. But when the end product is so damn good, who am I to complain. Hit the jump, as I discuss a bit more in details, and of course will be making some comparisons with the original [inevitably].  SPOILER ALERT

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