Of London Indian Film Festival 2012 and more [Rant]

London Indian Film Festival

Thanks to the generous Asim Burney (Upodcasting), I managed to get to some of the screenings of the London Indian Film Festival 2012, including the opening night. Now in its 3rd year, the festival had a wide range of selection of movies to choose from. The festival opened with Anurag Kashyap’s gangster magnum opus – Gangs of Wasseypur Part I, and boy-oh-boy, it couldn’t have had a better opening than that. (Check out my interview with Mr.Kashyap here).

The purpose of this post is to serve as an introspective “note to self” of the things I observed in the course of this festival, and also, where I find myself in this crowd of bloggers/writers (whatever you’d like to call me, I prefer blogger).

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Mum, I’m on BLOGUE!

On BLOGUE May Edition 2011

The very awesome and Doctor Who lover Louella has featured me on her monthly web mag – BLOGUE. For the uninitiated, BLOGUE is a monthly feature on Bollywood Bloggers, and has featured the likes of the great FilmiGirl, Bindaas Nikki and DunkDaft Darshit. And now, its my turn this month.

If you’re intrigued enough, you can download the PDF here.

Please follow the very awesome LOUELLA’s equally awesome Tumblr, and her eccentrically regular MasalaWBigOsie

Sketch of Zuko and what’s shaking @ 9e3k!

I think it is fair enough to cross link and do a lil’ publicity stunt of my other blog baby – 9E3K which was born last January. I did face quite a bit of criticism from a lot of my other friends saying – Yet Another Blog? I know I know. I haven’t been that regular in writing for OKS or Techkeyla either. But I did feel the need to blurb out and just rant on geeky stuff which I think OKS was not the right platform for. But enough about that. If you haven’t been following 9E3K, here is your chance to join the awesome club and contribute to the ever-growing awesomeness.

So what have I been talking on 9E3K? I have been very very excited about a few really awesome things in 2010. And this short list consists of – Iron Man, Tron, Doctor Who, Lost amongst others.

I compiled this huge-ass list of LOST memes that I collected from various websites.

I also reviewed two very awesome movies, which truly deserve a huge round of applause. Zombieland – from 2009, and from 2010 – Kick Ass which was indeed very ass kicking.

My excitement about the new Iron Man coming out this summer can be found in this post, however, the final posters disappointed me a lot.

And not to forget, I reviewed the first episode of Series 5 of  Doctor Who.

This brings us to the latest post on 9E3K – a sketch, continuing the tradition of sketches that I used to post here on OKS.  This one is a sketch of Zuko.

For the bigger version, visit this link.

So, as you see, 9E3K has been quite actively discussing about all the awesome stuff, and I’ll try to continue this. Which also means, that OKS is getting a BOLLYWOOD DESI OVERHAUL. Yes, you read that right.


And I’ll be back with more update on what’s shaking at 9E3K in a couple of months. Until then, kindly adjust!

New Logo and 35 smashing Header Images

I am quite a restless kinda guy, and I can’t stand stagnation. Whatever that meant. Here it is. Ladies and Gentlemen, please give the loudest of your applause, for the new OKS Logo that I designed using GIMP. It took me 30 minutes, 3 tweets and two replies to arrive at this logo. [ Thanks to @dunkdaft @bhargavsaika @yajam @Nrzz @kaushikcy].

Here’s the Big one:

And the small one used for circulation across various social networks etc. will be:-

And in this process of redesign, I had started to make a crazy amount of header images. As you might have noticed, that the header image are randomly rotated. And this is possible to a simple code I included in my header.php file. Without going into the technical details, here are the 35 smashing header images. I used Arcsoft Photostudio for this, and it was fun making them. I have tried to keep a coherent theme in the header images.

1. The Kapoors

After the Jump, more header awesomeness !

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