HD-licious: Avatar

HD-licious is a new section to spread the HD Love. Of late, I have collected quite a lot of HD resources which I want to share with everyone. This section will have a lot of visual show-off of the High Definition kind.

And what better way to start this new section with Avatar; James Cameron’s Magnum Opus, releasing this December. Oh yes, click the images to get to the Full HD screencaps. Obviously, I could not include the High-Definition screens directly on here. Just feast your eyes darling, at the H-Delicious Nom Noms.

**** HD Screenshots of Avatar ****

Avatar Title

**** Lots more HD Screenshots of Avatar after the Jump ****

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Say What: Prison Break Series Finale

I had been thinking a lot to just let my frustrations out on this series. I was a big fan of Season 1 and Season 2. But the entire Sona-Panama chapter and then the Company general-Scylla-Christina-Triangle just made the drama escalate and the series’ level of creativity down the drain. But now that it has ended, I have some good memories of Prison Break – how Michael Socfield knows it all and applies every tactic with an evil smirk; how Linc is soooo dumb; how Alex Mahone and T-Bag are actually the show-stealers and above all- how unnecessary additions of Don Self, Company General and Christina Scofield makes me throw up (ok, I made that up..hehe). So, here it is; a tribute to Prison Break in the for of some screenshots of the Series Finale, served as a comic strip, with dialogues and situations made up by MY EVIL BRAIN. Don’t like it? Just yell at me in the comments section..And oh! We go character wise!!

Theodore Bagwell or T-Bag or Teddy -Prison Break Series Finale

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Heroes:Exposed – Am I Bothered?

It’s official. Heroes SUCK!!!! 

Episode after Episode, I keep questioning myself why I still keep on watching this show. The entire Fugitives thing just fell flat, pretty much like Matt Parkman sat on the face of Nathan Petrelli. Frankly, with the way things are turning out I could be least bothered about the turn of events in the ‘Heroes Universe’. Since the last time when we discussed Peter, Hiro, Claire, Angela, Mohinder and HRG, the plot hasn’t progressed much, even after 4 episodes. Hiro didn’t feature in the latest episode. What has he been busy with? Breaking some random Indian lady’s marriage. Angela got questioned by Nathan if she was “REBEL”. Mohinder is in captivity and HRG just seems to be such a mysterious character. I really don’t know and don’t care on which side is he playing his game. Of course protecting Claire and Peter and supporting Nathan in a very secretive way. Someone just pull the trigger on him. BTW, Claire has found romance in the form of Aquaboy. Ugh!!! And well Daphne isn’t dead. As for the other remaining characters, let’s discuss their future in Heroes, and why I’m JUST NOT BOTHERED.

SYLAR AND PARTNER: That wannabe Kid has to go. He has stuck around for way too long for no good reason. Just seems like an annoying male version of Claire, but with microwave radiating powers. Sylar’s quest for his Dad and realization of his mother’s murder by his beloved Dad, all of which flashbacks to Sylar’s brain (which by now is a mix-fruit jam of donno how many mutants) when he and partner come across a dried up hot-dog joint. Jeez!!! Sylar had family issues, who would’ve imagined? And why does he keep tolerating that useless piece of shite, and not tear up his head wide open. Even though I am well psyched that Sylar is back to being on the dark side, this arc of his story is just getting on me nerves. Read More

Heroes: Volume 4 – Fugitives

Heroes: Villains disappointed all of us a lot. The characters were going haywire, and the time lines were getting jumbled up. Clearly, it felt like the writers were on strike. While the entire battle of Pinehearst vs. Primatech and Company is over ( I guess ), we saw one of the strongest characters/villains of the entire series: yes, Papa Petrelli ( Arthur ) and he was killed. Sylar went to the goodie-goodie side and then came back to being even darker and with the filthiest dialogue. Claire became more and more irritating and useless. Angela was left in a coma. Suresh, Tracy, and the bunch that just do not matter kept us all on the brim of errupting like Ted ( Volume 1: Genesis). With just an hour of the new volume: Fugitives, I can already get a good vibe about it. It is where everyone is together  and focussed and working towards/against one single thing – Nathan Petrelli’s pathetic and egoistic war against the ‘Others’. I am happy though, to see everyone in the same time line, same room. Let us have a quick round-up of what we can expect from this Volume of Heroes – FUGITIVES. And we’ll do it character wise, one by one. 

Peter Petrelli: He has always been one of the key characters of the series, kinda like Rogue meets Superman. Peter has gone through a lot. Exploded, Battled amnesia, travelled through time, been sucked all of his powers, rescued by Sylar, betrayed by elder brother. Phew! Now that he has some ‘power’ injected  we are not fully aware of his capabilities. But we did see him fly and also, in this first episode of Volume 4, we see him absorb power from Tracy and Mohinder. What this means is that he could have his original power restored. However, he had to physically touch them to get their powers, unlike before when he could get the powers by being in the vicinity. So, this could mean, that Mutation or getting ‘Power’ from the ‘Formula’ has its limitations and is not as powerful/effective as an original power. 
Further, the entire fight against his moron elder bro Nathan is what makes me take sides with Peter. He is definitely the one to watch out this Season. Read More