Coke Studio at MTV - A R Rahman

A.R.Rahman’s Jagao Mere Des Ko – Coke Studio At MTV

A.R.Rahman’s next big thing on Coke Studio At MTV  got “leaked” on the Youtube Channel before its broadcast tonight (Aug 17, 2013). And it has been gathering steam, and deservingly so. Jagao Mere Des Ko comes to fruition from the collaboration of extraordinary geniuses. Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s Chitto Jaytha Bhoyshunno (Where the mind is without fear) finds a new melodic life in Rahman’s colourful music.

Coke Studio at MTV - Jagao Mere Des Ko

And layered with Suchi’s ear-meltingly beautiful voice, and the lyrical waxing of Sivamani and Blaaze, this is possibly one of Rahman’s BEST yet. And I am not exaggerating. We dig in deeper into the music, the lyrics, and more after the jump. Read More

R.I.P. – Dev Anand

RIP Dev Anand

2011 has been one of the most cruel of years. It took from us some of the most legendary figures of Indian cinema. I woke up today to the most shocking news of legendary actor, Dev Anand saab’s passing away. He was 88.

What more can I say about a man who is beyond adjectives and description? He was the first lover boy of Indian cinema, serenading beauties in bright Black n White. And when Eastmancolor entered the cinema frames, so did his ultra colourful hats, jackets and scarves. From the Shwet Shyam era of Madhubala, Waheeda Rehman, Nutan to the bright hues of Vyjanthimala, Tanuja, Hema Malini and Zeenat Aman, Dev saab’s onscreen chemistry with all his leading ladies has been what cinematic legends are made of.

It gives me immense heartache to think of a world with no Dev Anand. He personified high spiritedness and positivity. Thank you Dev Saab for your gifts of Bambai Ka Babu, Jab Pyar Kissise Hota Hai,  CID, Tere Ghar Ke Saamne, Johnny Mera Naam, Guide, Jewel Thief, Hare Rama Hare Krishna.. the list is indeed endless. Thank you Sir for Navketan Films. You will always be loved, and missed much more.

Rest in Peace, Mr.Evergreen!

Janamdin Mubaarak Panchamda!

This is a repost of a post I did a long time back. I completely forgot to post it on the right day, i.e. June the 27th, the birthday of one of the greatest composers of India – Rahul Dev Burman.

Happy Birthday BOSS. Janamdin Mubaarak ho Panchamda!

Panchamda - R D Burman

Each and every word or phrase written in his praise falls short..because he is THE PAPA of all Music Directors on the face of the Indian Music Industry…because he is the reason why today’s “music directors” wanted to be it,.. because the entire Remix industry exists because of his yesteryear’s hits..because it is for his albums that DJs and retro nights exist..because he can make Asha Bhonsle sound the best – whether it is a ghazal, hindustani classical song, cabaret, or simply bollywood. Because he is Pancham, RDX, Rahul Dev Burman..because he is THE BOSS.

To the Baap of Bollywood Music..this is my heartfelt “paay-laagu” or “pairi-pona” of sorts. Because I am so small to talk of his genius. But that is not going to make me stop writing this blog about him. Because I have grown up on his music, totally breathed it, have literally lived on it till today, and I am sure will, till I die. This is not a chronicling of the body of work of Panchamda, but is more of a celebration of his melodies which have left an indelible impression on our minds, bodies and soul.

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Review: Antaheen (2009)

Antaheen Title Wallpaper

There is just something about beautiful movies that makes them so effortlessly loveable. ‘Antaheen’ is one such movie. And even though it does try to ruin it with some really jittery additions to the narrative, I have failed, quite miserably, in my attempt to not like it. I am in love with this movie and after having watched it twice , I am very sure that it is indeed one of the finest that Bengali cinema has produced in the last couple of years.

There is no single storyline which carries you forward. But writer Shyamal Sengupta’s narrative shuffles between characters and it is their individual slices of life that build the streamlines which finally coalesce to the larger story arc. And Director Anirudhha Roy Chowdhury aces in that. It is a collage of love stories, one which speaks of love in different forms and in varying degrees. So there is Love in the first drops of rain which drench the Kolkata horizon; there is love in the heavy shower which splashes the glass panes; there is love in a random sight such as a kite stuck to a roof antennae. And there is love in the endless wait for a stranger’s call. While ‘Antaheen’ can be accused of high emotional and hopeless romantic exaggeration, it also portrays real life moments with equal ease. Moments of loneliness and mid-life crisis, and moments of unhappiness in marriages.

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