Celebrating REKHA-TOBER with Madam X Comic Strip

Madam X

It is late October, and although I would have very much liked to have done this at the beginning of the month, due to various stupid reasons and my laziness, I couldn’t. What am I talking about? REKHATOBER of course – the birth month of only the best actress ever – Rekha. A few summers back, me and many other Bollywood bloggers, lead by Beth, decided upon doing this monthly feature every year to celebrate Rekha’s birthday. [For more on it, go here for all the posts on Rekhatober].

This year, I cranked up the gear, and went digging into the deep abyss of the internet, to find a 90’s gem called Madam X. So, hit the jump for more on Madam X, our podcast on it, and the awesome Comic Strip to blind your eyes with its sheer awesomeness.

Now, this is a movie which very few people seem to remember, some even denying its existence. Primarily because, to the casual eye, it has the gift-wrap cover feel of a typical 90’s movie – y’know – Shakti Kapoor, cheap extras, MacMohan, hilarious costumes, outrageously cheap art direction, recycled background score, and ketchup. But remember what they say about books and covers and all that.

Madam X is definitely not one of Rekha’s finest. But it is undoubtedly one of the best ones where she gets to unleash her fiercest avatar. She roars, she grunts, she uses a whip even. She’s wearing what Lady Gaga is wearing now (a decade and a half before Gaga got there), and she does all of that in style. If it not were Rekha, Madam X wouldn’t exist. And oh, she is playing Lady DON.

Time for a bit of a shameless promotion. Since I have such a restless mind, I have been recording a few conversations (with consent of course) with my cinephile mates, and have published them online as podcasts. Oh, you’re familiar with the concept. It’s called TrippleEggs ( yeah, cheap pun. What’d I do without them eh!). The second episode is now live, and it is where I speak with Beth (@bethlovesbolly) on Rekha, and Madam X. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you should. It could potentially change your life forever.

The gist of the conversation – Madam X is awesome and you should watch it. For the details of how much fun we had in the podcast,  listen it here, or on iTunes.

Now for the stuff for why you’re actually here – here are some of the blinding bling-bling screenshots from the movie, that I have converted into a nice and sweet comic strip.

So, here it goes. Back in the 90’s, the scary times of Bollywood, there was a story which went something like this…

Madam X Comics

Like every other 90’s flick, this had all the essential ingredients.. viz.

Madam X Comics

And then.. some more..

Madam X Comics

Ok.. some more.. last one.. honest.. pinky promise!

Madam X Comics

Formula karte karte.. climax hi aa gaya what the bhen!

Madam X Comics

Last 10 minutes.

Madam X Comics

So, there you go. And yes, I promise, before October wraps up and Daylight Saving kick in, I will conclude REKHATOBER with some face-melting Madam X GIFs. For your part, please support the TrippleEggs Podcast initiative, and save pandas (I thought that’d do the trick).

HAPPY REKHATOBER to one and all.

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