Chart Fart: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

****Anjali Sharma’s Probability Pie-Chart****
****for Prospective Dulha (Groom)****

‘Member Anjali Sharma’s mind is all messed up. Rahul Dude shows up after all these years when she finally learns to dress in a Sari. Aman Verma dude can’t get enough of Anjali love to follow her straight to the Summer camp. And the most cunningly conspiring kids won’t leave a single chance to convert Anjali Sharma into Mrs.Khanna. No wonder she was going through this. This is a state of Anjali Sharma’s mind when she is trying to be all analytical and has distributed the probability of her prospective groom.

Yep, all is not lost for Johnny. There is still Hope 😉 Yeah right!!.. says Anjali

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