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Hi, I’m Sujoy, an ex Software Engineer, currently pursuing Masters in Management in the UK  but an artist at heart. I’m still trying to etch out a clear mark of my creative side, and well, I believe OKS(One Knight Stands duh!) is just one side of it, more so, because I love writing. I completely dig Comics and still spend hours in the Graphic Novels section skimming through the pages of a Frank Miller or a Stan Lee creation. There was a time when I used to draw pages of Batman and Spiderman for hours. Years have gone by, and well the pages now feature Naruto and Spawn. Music for me is the realization of the existence of Life as a Force, which most of us call GOD. My taste in music is as varied as a Jukebox carrying music from the West to the East. Last updated- My favorites list ranged from Nusrat’s Qawwalis to Queen’s anthems, from Intoxicating Asha to the very Non-Veg Tenacious D, and of course the must haves include-RD Burman, Beatles, Aerosmith, Jagjit Singh, Metallica, Deep Purple and GnR. Movies are much like an addiction to me and I won’t be able to answer if you were to ask me about my favorites. Apart from Music, Movies and Comics (which include both Mangas and Animes), I love Technology (which is why I have a separate blog on it). So well, am basically a perfect fit for an example of something called a DORK. In the words of the great John Lennon,

You may say that I’m a dreamer, But I’m not the only one

Contact:- If you want to socially network with me, my links are provided in the “Find Me Here” tab on the right. For any direct queries, any suggestions, anything you don’t like/dislike/hate about the stuff here, or even something you absolutely adore, or simple plain appreciation (who doesn’t like that once in a while) you can drop me a mail at: Cheers!…Sujoy

P.S. We require more guest authors. To all my lazy but immensely creative friends, c’mon, let the digital ink flow.


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  1. Nice design. Could start a discussion page as well. Like the montage pics u hv made. Did u use GIMP for these or Photoshop.

    The posts are cool as well.


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