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It’s been quite a week. A very hectic one and disappointing as well. I know nobody actually cares about it, but what the heck, it’s my blog after all. So am just gonna write all about it. My laptop has finally been gone. I now feel childless and am blurting out one line at a time from my work desktop, when my manager doesn’t hover around. My sites have been down for the last 4 days, and it has been a pain to get them running. Thanks again to Brajeshwar for all the help and assistance. And oh! last week I attended the Rock in India concert which featured 7 Indian Rock Bands and Machine Head and Megadeth also. Add to that a very drunk Saturday Night with my drunk gang at STYX and Purple Haze in Bangalore (ok ok…Bengaluru..I prefer Bangy). And yeah, I managed to watch a lot of movies too. So literally I am exploding with source content, unable to write out my posts. So the posts will be coming very soon but, at their own pace. So, more than you, I should hold on and stay calm. A brief snippet of what you can expect.

Movie reviews of : La Vie En Rose, Jumper, 27 Dresses, Across the Universe,

Two new sections introduced:
A)24 frames – A scoop of a special scene from a special (good/bad/ugly) movie/TV series/anime etc.

B)Links of the Day – the first is already rolled out. A daily feature of the best reads of the day

Rock in India: Saat Hindustani – The Se7en Bands of India
Megadeth n Machinehead Muted
Saturday Night in Bangy
American Idol coverage
How I met your mother returns
Some more cool humor cooking up. Need more incense in my room! No not for meditational purposes. Actually, the Biriyani at Belgaum hasn’t actually died out.

Hope to start writing soon enough. Peace!
P.S. My Laptop hopefully reaches me by end of the month. It’s a Dell Vostro 1500 and it’s BLACK. Pray for me that it does reach me!!!

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7 thoughts to “Coming soon on One Knight Stands”

  1. Hare Raam Hare Raam
    Hare Krishna Hare Raam.

    Yeh Lo Bachcha LAPTOP

    umm hmmm Muuzhe Maaf Karo.

    pehle galat jagah comment daal diya tha 🙂


  2. hullo..i got a suggestion..(i usually do :D) but umm..dont u think u should include a “suggestion box” on ur blog?
    and i wonder if u’ve seen a movie called “into the wild” starring Emile by Eddie Vedder (pearl jam)…just thought u wud wanna watch it..if u havent already..was released sometime in sept 2007 i think. i’d love to see a review from u if u decide to do one- on the movie or its soundtrack.
    and as always..keep up the good work!


  3. @ The Walrus,

    You mean a different page altogether for suggestions. Hmm, may be eventually when I get a more dedicated reader base. Now, it would seem rather empty if an entire page asking for suggestions would have only two or three comments. 😛

    Into the Wild is on my list next. I shall definitely watch it.
    Thanks for the appreciative comments. 😛



  4. ok i know this is getting repititive, but do watch the video “Hard Sun” – Eddie Vedders on youtube..fantastic editing..trailer of sorts..great song too.


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