Day of Geekness @ Bluewater – Lego, Doctor Who and Other Geek Awesomeness!

So, I went to Bluewater on Saturday. I have been there just once before, and the first time was more of a brief visit than anything else. Personally, I don’t like long whole day shopping sessions. I just get tired easily. But I had no idea of what awesomeness was in store for me. I have been writing way too much in my previous posts. So, this one is going to be just about pictures, pictures and more pictures [ accompanied by tiny, little comments]. The pictures have been taken by my very humble Samsung J200’s 1.3 MP camera. So don’t expect much of a quality. But to have captured all the goodness just made my day.

Here’s batch 1: WH Smith’s book collection of Biographies.

Look Ma! Ant n Dec have got a Book now. And there’s Peter Kay..Yayy!! And Jeremy Clarkson.

After the Jump:- Lotsa Lego!!! Lotsa Star Wars and Doctor Who awesomeness!!!

Lots more biographies. Captain Jack – John Barrowman, Jack Dee, Loose Women, and even Stavros Flatley. Why does Britain love reading so many biographies? Or is it just me standing in the biography section?

And then, there’s the Guy – Mr Harry Hill 🙂

And of course, the legendary cook – Late Keith Floyd. And next to him, the guy who always loses in QI. And seriously, there’s already a book on Robert Pattinson.

Okay, enough of books. Let’s go to – Lego!! Batch 2: Lego Shop.

Welcome to Lego!!

Still in awe!!!

Embracing the awesomeness. George Lucas is fraking God! That’s a bloody Death Star.

Shhhhhh!!!!! That’s an anniversary edition. Okay, enough of packets..time for some real ones.

Star Wars awesomeness overdose!!!

And yet some more!!

Lotsa Lego!!!

Lego Chess!!

Lego-Trons and Lego-Bug.

Phew. Next..!! Showcase Cinemas showing a Saw marathon. Seriously?


A store called MenKind. It was very cool. Have a look at the action figures.

Alien, Predator and I think the Alien from Species. Or is it masked and unmasked versions?
And then, snazzy bike and a fighter jet.

Regan on her infamous bed, and Bruce Wayne in his famous vigilante avatar – ya know Batman.

Now that’s a hard one to bring together. The Joker, Eddy from Iron Maiden and the Governor of California.

Terminator vs. Tony Montana.

This one will be actually lovely to see on the screen. Shaun vs. Chucky & Saw 😛

Finally – A collection of awesome miniature models of….

So that’s :
1st row: Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses, Rocky Balboa and Mr.T

2nd row: Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley

3rd Row: Che Guevara, Vincent & Jules from Pulp Fiction.

That’s extremely cute and definitely a collectable. But at 80 quid, that’s repulsively expensive.

Ok, people!!! We close down today’s show with some Doctor Who awesomeness.

No.1: The Official Anual 2010

No.2: The Official Model: With Companion and Tardis

And finally, a Chilli Sauce called Pain 100%. ROFL

Thanks for joining me in this ride of geekiness. Hope you liked it. Throw away some graceful comments below. Cheerio!!

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