Deconstructing: Shahrukh Khan slaps Shirish Kunder [OKS Exclusive]

Slapgate Meme - SRK slaps Shirish Kunder

January has been very rewarding in terms of providing us trending hashtags to tweet about. From #Agneepath, to #Filmfare, to #SlapGate. For the uninitiated, SRK, in the wee hours of the celebration party of Agneepath (hosted by Sanjay Dutt), performed a slapasoarus act on Farah Khan’s husband, Shirish Kunder. Apparently, the long haired editor had it coming (as the SRK fans would tell ya!), because of his open criticism of Ra.One on twitter.

Whether you belong to the #TeamSRK, or #TeamFarah, these two sets do not intersect any more (i.e. no common elements anymore – c’mon, it’s basic arithmetic). Here is a deconstruction of the events that happened, according to unofficial sources:-

Warning: All events depicted below are fictitious, and are in no way, related to any event of the past, present or future. We come from another timeline and dimension altogether – known as Desi-Funkistan. The author will NOT entertain any threats, lawsuits or hate-mails, as he cannot read any language on Earth. This post is the result of a very highly sophisticated Fun-English translator.

OKS Exclusive: Unofficial Footage of SRK hitting SK

Here’s an overheard conversation from the infamous party
(All times are in IST)

3:00 am:– After the Filmfare awards, people at the party. Amongst them, a certain Mr.Kunder, under the influence of daaru

P.S. Only official photo available of Shirish Kunder
(Haven’t you seen Agneepath?)

Shirish Kunder at Sanjay Dutt's Party

3:05 am:- His threshold of tolerance being challenged,
SRK makes a comeback comment.

SRK at Sanjay Dutt's Party

3:17 am:- Mr. Kunder, seems to be late with his reactions

Shirish Kunder at Sanjay Dutt's Party

3:17:55 am:– SRK is exceptionally fast with his replies

SRK at Sanjay Dutt's Party

3:20 am:- SK gives his best shot at comeback

Shirish Kunder at Sanjay Dutt's Party

3:25 am:- Host Sanju Baba aka Kancha, on an overdose of Red Bull,
makes an entry.

SRK and Sanjay Dutt at Agneepath afterparty

What happened after that is a bigger mystery than big foot, or unicorns. But according to host,  Sanju Baba’s  (who was on an overdose of Red Bull) witness statement, the following incident happened. [Re-enacted by professional look-alikes] Viewer discretion is advised.

Unofficial footage: Shahrukh Khan hits Shirish Kunder

3:30 am – Other people at the party [Obligatory use of rage faces]

Others at the Agneepath party

….After the media started reporting in a frenzy..
SRK slapped, hit, abused SK with all the masala…

A few hours later… on twitter….

Twitter reaction to SRK vs SK Slapgate

… A few more hours later on twitter …

Slapfest Aftermath

2:pm GMT. i.e. 7:30 pm IST: Meanwhile at the OneKnightStands HQ

OKS Headquarters after the Slapfest

12:pm Next Morning – The Meme is posted. And OKS has second thoughts


But then…




[Rage Comics made by Ragemaker. GIF courtesy: Bollypop]

P.S. The author does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the above images. The actual incident happened at around 4:15 am IST, a full hour before the above mentioned events. This is a work of fiction, and not meant to malign any characters/human beings – living, dead or virtual. All that has already been done by #SlapGate on twitter.
Issued in public interest, and also due to fear of being sued by Red Chillies.

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