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Don 2 Poster With the only exception of a mediocre ZNMD, SEL’s last successful soundtrack goes back to early 2010 – My Name Is Khan. And whilst their peers and even newcomers have been busy churning out awesome ballads, hard hitting rock anthems and techno chartbusters, SEL’s 2011 discography list doesn’t sound impressive at all. And that unfortunately does not change much with Don 2. Excel Film’s most anticipated project, and one of this year’s most anticipated release (sometimes I think I use that word a bit way too much), Don 2 does pretty much nothing as a soundtrack. It merely serves as a background score, but even as a background score, it isn’t that good either. The dissection continues after the jump as we discuss the tracks on their own.

#1. Aa Raha Hoon Palat Ke – This is sort of an intro to the album, with a heavy bassed cello arrangement, and SRK doing the honours of announcing his comeback. I don’t see anyone going psyched over this. It even ends with an echo on the Don…Don…Don. Pissed me off. And we are just at Track 1.

#2. Zaraa Dil Ko Thaam Lo – This one feels like it has a “Aaj Ki Raat” hangover, and well, just so that you don’t forget it’s a Don movie, SEL have inserted the looped Don theme throughout. I like the funky electro arrangement, and the chorus – Zaraa Dil Ko Thaam Lo, is catchy. Anusha Mani’s silky vocals are deceptively close to Sunidhi Chauhan, and so is the case with Vishal Dadlani who sounds more like Shankar. The strings sections are reminiscent of a Bond situation, and I guess that was what was intended – to make Don a spy/ international criminal franchise. To me, this is the strongest track in the album. No wonder they released this in the trailers first.

#3. Hai Ye Maya – This track sounds like some montage piece to me, and could possibly be an end credits title, or a sneaky track inserted between Don’s crime deals, set in Monte Carlo or Macau. There’s the obvious words thrown in the mix such as – Dhokha, Dushman, Pehchaan, Aankhein.. and all that. I am not going crazy over Usha Uthup’s vocals (considering I love her as an artist), but I love the use of the horns section. It does give it a very crime movie feel.


#4. Dushman Mera – It is with this track that you feel that SEL has given up on this soundtrack. Sounds like they’ve been underpaid or something. Paired with Sunitha Sarathy, Shankar has some very mediocre lyrics to play with. And the arrangement is very reminiscent of the many crime capers of 80’s set in the dockyards of Mumbai. Y’know, the ones with smugglers, importing-exporting boxes of charas and all that. Yes, I know the original Don is one of those movies. But even as a hat tip to that genre, this track is really weak. This made me so bored that I fell asleep during it.. twice.

#5. The King is Back (Theme) – Just so you don’t forget to worship the ‘King’, this track does the task to remind you of that. An Enya-esque intro fades in into a groovy mix of electro and punk rock cymbals crashing.  Love the mixing, and the editing done on this. There’s a calm piano and strings section as well, which surprisingly sounded to me like THAT theme music from HDDCS. But that doesn’t linger on, coz we are thrown back to the distorted guitars and the drum pedals again. This completely works for me.

#6. Mujhko Pehchaanlo – A reprise of the title track from the previous movie, but SEL have decided to ditch Shaan, and recuit KK instead. It’s more miss than hit for me. Shaan would’ve been a better choice. The strings arrangement make it sound like a Bond soundtrack meets a casino movie – like Ocean’s Eleven, or even Casino Royale. I can imagine  sweeping shots of the Bellagio or shimmery slot machines. Or am I hallucinating? Good thing though, is that this is over sooner than you realise it.

#7. Hai Ye Maya (remix) – Now I often tend to hate remixes, and there’s no exception with this. It just gives me a feeling that the composer ran out of creative juice, and handed over his master track to a DJ, so that he can rape it. And whoever mixed this, has done a very good job with that. The seizure inducing dubstep influences are very much there, and I’d suggest, if you care about your ears, stay the fuck away from this.

#8. Mujhko Pehchaanlo (remix) – Whoever threw the “Don Ko Pakadna Mushkil..” on a loop, deserves one of those One-Tight-Slaps. Just bloody annoying. Skip.

#9. The Don Waltz – I am imagining this will be some sort of a hotel dance scene showcasing SRK’s expertise with the Waltz. Cue – Terence Lewis choreography. Nothing more for me here.

So that was the track list discussed.

Strongest tracks – Zaraa Dil Ko Thaam Lo, The King Is Back.

Everything else ranges from mediocre to downright shite.

OKS Rating – 1.5 Dhishkow Out of 5

And since, there hasn’t been much entertainment derived out of the soundtrack, I have decided to take matters in my own hands. Presenting, …


Don 2 Moving Poster

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