And this is what happened at Filmfare Awards 2012


Filmfare 2012- what does that mean to me and you? Aap ka to pata nahi, but for me, it definitely means a lot of edited emoticons, lols, facepalms, sleepy faces, drooping make ups, fake laughters, lazy applause and SRK’s PJ’s and self-deprecating jokes (to compensate for Ra.One). There are the lacklustre performances spiced up with snazzy Adobe Premiere effects like a Balaji serial. And finally, lots and lots of laughter tracks randomly sprinkled throughout the show. Now, since the heavily edited version of the show is 2.5 hours long (imagine what was at the editor’s table), I have taken up the responsibility to help you not spend these 2.5 hours, and instead spend a few minutes with this post that gives you all the masala of what happened at the Filmfare Awards 2012. Hit the jump to find out

In the words of the great Missy Higgins, “So this is how it goes”. We have the typical faces that you’ll see during the awards show – irrespective of which award show you’re watching.


FILMFARE 2012 Sleepy Faces

Jo Filmfare se kare pyaar, woh neend se kaise kare inkaar!




FILMFARE 2012 - Funny Faces



But in all seriousness, the awards show had its moment of glory as well. And these are my top 3.

FILMFARE 2012 - Usha Uthup Crying, Irshaad Kamil, AR Rahman

1. Usha Uthup winning her first Filmfare after 45 years in the industry, was so damn emotional. And her speech was heartfelt, and kind of an “up-yours” to the thankless ones who have it easy.

2. Irshaad Kamil’s win for Naadan Parindey was again followed by a moving speech.

3. And A.R.Rahman’s win was graced by a special “2500th Filmfare Award” trophy. And Rahman almost forgot Imtiaz Ali’s name, and Imtiaz had to chuckle.

And for the other highlights of the show

FILMFARE-2012 - SRK and Ranbir in Drag, and Madhuri dances on Dhak Dhak

a) Priyanka does a Jungli Billi Ka Swayamvar, and ends up marrying Ooh La La Mr.Bling Bappi Da.

b) SRK and Ranbir do pole-dancing in drag.

c) And they all invite Madhuri Dixit on the stage, and do an impromptu “Dhak Dhak Karne Laga” routine. And the world is a happy place. Except for Mr. Nene who looks well embarrassed.


And that was my coverage of Filmfare 2012. Share the shit out of this memes, and be our Facebook chum for all the desi awesomeness that you’ll ever need. Or, you can follow me on twitter for my wise rants. Cheerio!

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2 thoughts to “And this is what happened at Filmfare Awards 2012”

  1. The best part of the Filmfare awards was the following :
    a. The evergreen Usha Uthup who cried and said she never received one award despite being in the industry for 25 years.
    b. the cute pair of Ritesh deshmukh and genelia dsouza dancing to the heart.
    c. After a long hiatus could see Anuradha Paudwal on the stage presenting an award… We need to heaar you more in movies..remember after Asha Bhonsale she is the only lady with Hatrick.
    The rest best ignored…..
    What say


  2. I watched the filmfare awards through your blog.
    The awards have always been a drag. ALWAYS
    Usha Uthup getting an award was the best part.
    Shahrukh Khan, what the hell has happened to him??


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