Filmfare Awards Nominations – 2012 [Review and Predictions]

57th Filmfare Awards Nominations - 2012

The nominations for the 57th Filmfare Awards have been announced. And by the looks of it, the jury clearly did not watch a lot of movies. There is a clear omission of some of the most best movies in Bollywood of 2011. And a clear favouritism can be spotted as well, as you’d expect from the biggest movie awards in Bolly land. There is no clear consistency in the number of nominees (as in some have 5 nominees, and others 6 – e.g. Best Actor / Actress), and certain nominations are complete wtf-ery. The complete list can be found at the Filmfare awards website.

Hit the jump, as I discuss the nominations, and make my predictions.

Lyrics: Quite similar to the Screen award nominations, but wtf – Javed saab got a nomination, not for Khwabo Ke Parindey, but for the more impromptu Senorita. Remember  – “Na Main Samjha, Na Main Jaana, Jo bhi tumne hai mujhse kaha hai Senorita“. Really Filmfare..Really? Gulzar saab’s Daarling also makes it to the list, along with Irshaad Kamil’s Rockstar accomplishments. And to end the list is another mindfuck – Vishal Dadlani for Chammak Challo. I think it is indeed the end of the world order.

OKS Prediction: Irshaad Kamil for Sadda Haq, but if Vishal wins for Chammak Challo – all bets are off.

Rockstar - Sadda Haq, Ranbir Kapoor

Music: A surprise entry here – Sohail Sen is nominated for Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. IMHO, that soundtrack had only one good track and that was Madhubala. Is it worth the nomination – No! Tanu Weds Manu is absent from the list, and so is Shor in the City. Other nominees are Vishal Shekhar for Ra.One, A.R. Rahman for Rockstar, and SEL for ZNMD.

OKS Prediction: A.R. Rahman for Rockstar, just coz it’s easy and uncontroversial.

Playback Singer Male:  Filmfare seems to be clearly impressed by Mohit Chauhan, as he gets dual nods for Rockstar. But wtf, Akon and Vishal for Best singer in Chammak Challo. C’mon, that song was so auto-tuned that even the fire brigade siren called it it’s step brother. And seriously Shafqat and Rahat nominated for one of their weakest songs ever. There is no explanation whatsoever for Bodyguard making it to the nominations, for any of the categories.  There’s no Tochi Raina, Shriram Iyyer for D-D-Dilli, or Wadali Brothers for Rangrez, or Lehmber Hussainpuri for Saddi Gally. And where is Bappi da’s Ooh La La? Bloody annoying!

OKS Prediction: Mohit Chauhan for Rockstar; he’s the man of the moment.

Playback Singer Female:  Again, you can see Filmfare did not listen to that many soundtracks. Bodyguard is included again, just so that we do not forget the year’s biggest grosser. Alyssa Mendosa’s Khwabo Ke Parindey gets the well deserved nod, and so does Shreya’s Saibo. Usha Uthup’s Daarling is a safe bet, but really – Katiya Karu ? I didn’t even like it a bit. Where is Sona for Bedardi Raja? I give up.

OKS Prediction: Alyssa Mendosa for Khwabo Ke Parindey, ZNMD

Supporting Actor Female: It’s interesting to see Juhi Chawla (I Am) getting on the nominations list after ages, and for a well deserved role. Up against her are, Parineeti Chopra (Ladies vs Ricky Bahl), Rani Mukherjee (No One Killed Jessica), Swara Bhaskar (Tanu Weds Manu), and Kalki Koechlin (ZNMD). If it was left for me to choose, I’d go for Swara Bhaskar for her intense and fierce Biharan performance, an absolute treat to watch. But again, this is the Filmfare awards.

OKS Prediction: Juhi Chawla, I Am.

Shor in the City - Pitobash

Supporting Actor Male: Evidently, Filmfare lapped up ZNMD..or vice versa. Farhan and Abhay make it to the Best Supporting role nominations. And poor Arjun, I mean Hrithik msut’ve felt left out. Quite cool to see Naseer saab getting a nod as well for his Superstar Surya role in The Dirty Picture. And Vir Das nominated for Delhi Belly is just one of those favouritisms I was talking about. Probably, it is more down to him doing the hosting honours last year, or his Jaa Chudail routine, whichever you preferred. Ending the list, is the strongest contender – Pitobash for Shor in the City. And you know how much I loved his role as Mandook.

OKS Prediction: Pitobash, Shor in the City. I hope Filmfare does an ‘Udaan’, and gives it to the well deserved guy.

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  1. First WTF – what have Indians come to now in usage of foul words in articles such as these ? Not just here from websites such as IndiaFm or TOI or Rediff to name a few I cannot believe at the filth Indians are suddenly capable of writing on message boards -surely one can express a view in a decent manner- I do not even see usage of such words on Yahoo Canada and Yahoo US headlines message boards- as for Filmfare Awards it lost its originality long ago. You mentioned Dhobhi Ghat – I can name quite a few who could not stand it – that is found it boring- as for Don 2 – SRK unlike in Ra One was at his very best and so was Ranbir in Rockstar – difference Ranbir’s acting great but in a mediocre movie. About Chamak Challo song well I know children under 5 – even under 1 dancing to the song so no doubt it is a catchy song – true other songs are better – now should the award go to a song that is unique in the sense that it got little kids swaying. Let me also add that ZNMD was also not liked by friends I know here in Toronto and New York – so what appeals to some may not appeal to others. Cannot please everyone. One friend who could not stand SRK in Ra.One said after watching Don 2 that he would watch a movie like that a second time.


    Sujoy Reply:

    First WTF – you start with a WTF and expect me to let this post be foul words free. NO! #EPICFail
    Secondly, this is my blog, where I express my opinions. Yes, I believe expressions can be conveyed in whichever “decent” matter. But I choose NOT to. Because the emphatic “fuck” expression states can hardly be recreated by a censored speech. No one questions Scorsese for using the same word when he makes an angry gangster speak so. Yes, I am not a gangster, but I am a real person, living in a real world, and often feeling angry.
    So your argument to make blogs refrain from using expletives is completely invalid. And that is my opinion, and since this is my blog, that’s it.

    As for other websites such as TOI, Rediff and IndiaFM, I am not accountable for them. But I can assure you that I have not read a single article with the F word, on these websites, unless they are asterixed.
    As for your opinion on Don 2, ZNMD, Rockstart etc., everybody is entitled to their own opinion. What I express here on my blog are my opinions. And hence, I have stated them as OKS Predictions.



  2. @nazirmo, Very well said!! We have all become slaves to this filthy language and environment! One can’t talk to his / her friends without using abusive words. Its a matter of shame. I fully agree to you that we should express ourselves in a decent manner. Usage of abuses indicates only one thing, and i dont want to mention that. 🙂 You’re right to mention that one can’t find this kind of language in the sites you mentioned. I don’t know what kind of modernization this is where using F word is fashion and getting involved in pre / post marital affairs is a necessity!!! Of course i must not dive deep into the latter as its out of context here but ya i feel bad for the youths who very much take pride in speaking bad language and spreading filth. It applies to the author of this blog as well. I liked your posts but not the language. Anger is something that no one can control, but does it mean you’re licensed to throw whatever comes to your mouth? RIP decency. RIP clothes. RIP culture.


  3. Dhobi Ghat???? Seriously…??? I understand the personal view and opinion part but seriously again seriously Dhobi Ghat??? … That movie is Pathetic, Fatally Boring and Utter nonsense. Please.


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