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One Knight StandsYes, it is almost a year since I started this blog. My labour of love, my ramblings through the woods of uncertainty and often madness. This is where I have vented out some of the weirdest stuff that my brain could have ever imagined. In the process, my writing skills have been challenged, and I have tried to meet those challenges. I know I haven’t frequented this space for quite some time, so start things over, I am planning on doing a theme change for OKS. 

The main theme is going to remain as this one. This is called the German Newspaper Theme. It is simple, quite editable, and I like it. I have done away with the Silver Lexus theme, although I loved it. This will be an ongoing project until I am satisfied, so you might encounter some weird page when you hit the website URL. Just don’t get scared, and stay calm.Don’t panic, Uncle Sujoy will be back with help in just a mo!

Also, since this is an ongoing process of numerous trial and errors, I will keep you posted about the changes through this post. I know I am running a risk of my website having a shitty look for the next few days, but then, the ugly duckling always becomes the beautiful swan. Until we get to the perfect design, wish me luck on me mission! Cheers!

Update:~ Dec  14th.

The new blog theme is called Velocity, and it is available for free download on BlogOhBlog. The original design is by Jai Nischal Verma. I have tweaked some bits from the original theme files. I have added a random header image generator code in the header php file, added social bookmarks, changed the template for single posts, pages to include sidebars, and added the MyBlogLog widget in the footer. All of that and much more can on how I changed the template can be read in details in the next post of Techkeyla. 

Reasons for choosing Velocity:

a: Fixed Width and Three Column with post in the middle

b. Basic Colours and white background

c. Flexibility to add code.

d. Widget Ready

e. Clear and Big Enough Font, so no need to change CSS (which I really hate).

Hope you guys enjoy reading OKS in the coming year. Loadsa year-end posts coming up. Cheers!!!

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