First look at Dev Benegal’s ‘Road Movie’

Road Movie

Okay, I am running late with my dissertation. 35-40% complete with more than 10k words to go. But this stuff is pretty strong enough to keep away from. So I’ll be short. Dev Benegal – the guy who made English August with Rahul Bose in 1994 ( and still has to release the DVD, why this torture) is finally here with his new one. It’s called Road Movie and the cast list is bloody impressive: Abhay Deol, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Satish Kaushik (the previous two starred together in Brick Lane, ‘member?). It’s premiering at the Toronto Film Festival on September 18, 2009. Pretty darn interesting stuff. Have a look at the trailer below.

Road, Movie from dev benegal on Vimeo.

***And after the jump, do check out the 2 min Sneak Peek of the movie.***

Road, Movie 2min Sneak Peek from dev benegal on Vimeo.

I must mention that I am very impressed by the choices that Abhay Deol is making. It is a bit too early to say this I know, but he is fast becoming the new-age Naseer! And that is an awesome thing. Easily the best of the Deols…including Esha 😛

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7 thoughts to “First look at Dev Benegal’s ‘Road Movie’”

  1. Memories, memories! English August was my second date with hubby, we saw it at Sterling in Churchgate 🙂 Fab movie. And the only one I liked Rahul Bose in :-p Wherever did Dev Benegal disappear?? I do hope I get to see it soon!
    .-= pitu’s last blog ..:The Avoidance of Pain =-.


  2. Sujoy, OKS looks better than ever before..! Congrats!
    Am dying to see Road Movie.. Abhay Deol kicks a**!!


    Sujoy Reply:

    Thank you jee Mahamahim.

    Aapki kripa drishti hum par bani rahe.

    Road Movie is gonna be so awesome..I just know it.
    And yes, Abhay Deol certainly kicks ASS ( no asterisk).

    BTW, have u seen the rashee movie. Heard it’s almost 4 hrs long. A friend of mine tweeted me saying..I could make a movie while watching that one 😛


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