Heroes:Exposed – Am I Bothered?

It’s official. Heroes SUCK!!!! 

Episode after Episode, I keep questioning myself why I still keep on watching this show. The entire Fugitives thing just fell flat, pretty much like Matt Parkman sat on the face of Nathan Petrelli. Frankly, with the way things are turning out I could be least bothered about the turn of events in the ‘Heroes Universe’. Since the last time when we discussed Peter, Hiro, Claire, Angela, Mohinder and HRG, the plot hasn’t progressed much, even after 4 episodes. Hiro didn’t feature in the latest episode. What has he been busy with? Breaking some random Indian lady’s marriage. Angela got questioned by Nathan if she was “REBEL”. Mohinder is in captivity and HRG just seems to be such a mysterious character. I really don’t know and don’t care on which side is he playing his game. Of course protecting Claire and Peter and supporting Nathan in a very secretive way. Someone just pull the trigger on him. BTW, Claire has found romance in the form of Aquaboy. Ugh!!! And well Daphne isn’t dead. As for the other remaining characters, let’s discuss their future in Heroes, and why I’m JUST NOT BOTHERED.

SYLAR AND PARTNER: That wannabe Kid has to go. He has stuck around for way too long for no good reason. Just seems like an annoying male version of Claire, but with microwave radiating powers. Sylar’s quest for his Dad and realization of his mother’s murder by his beloved Dad, all of which flashbacks to Sylar’s brain (which by now is a mix-fruit jam of donno how many mutants) when he and partner come across a dried up hot-dog joint. Jeez!!! Sylar had family issues, who would’ve imagined? And why does he keep tolerating that useless piece of shite, and not tear up his head wide open. Even though I am well psyched that Sylar is back to being on the dark side, this arc of his story is just getting on me nerves.

Matt Parkman: The dude who was all powerful and could bend free thought. God knows what came upon the writers to just screw up with this character and give him the most useless power of all – Yes, Isaac Mendes’ forecasting eyes of the ‘heroine-high’ Oracle, only sans the heroine. I seriously don’t get the point in someone painting shades with perfect hues in times of crisis, especially when the government’s secret service is hunting their asses. And oh oh, HRG reveals Parkman’s inability to focus in presence of audio distortion. Hmm!!! Parkman’s search for Daphne still goes on, but in turn, due to a well crafted blunder by the Petrellis ( yeah all 3 of them ), Matt is now standing in front of the White House, and as predicted in his own paintings, has explosives tied tightly to his belly.
P.S. Parkman’s vision is complete B.S. compared to Isaac Mendes’ in terms of long-sightedness.

Nathan Petrelli: The prick of all trades, and the bollocks of none. Yes, that’s what I call him. He deserves to be called the “Father of Claire”, coz we can clearly see where Claire gets her irritating genes from. Nathan argues with Angela, and accuses her of being REBEL who hacked into their “database” and leaked the footage. Angela instead whispers something into Nathan’s ears. Only these two know what joke they shared, but I am NOT BOTHERED. Nathan does realise that his original plan has failed miserably, and his control over the operation has been shifted to that other dude. So basically, Nathan is now reduced to just another flying dude in suits. But well, I would like to have that power, but we’ll discuss that some other day.

Final Thoughts: Just a few questions.
Is there any chance that this show can be revived? I AM NOT BOTHERED. The puppeteer entered in the last scene of the Episode and asked Claire to help him, coz the REBEL said so. Now, the Rebel surely seems like a guy who can stay anonymous from Mobile Networks and hack into Computer networks. Last seen, I remember Jessica/Niki’s son- MIKA had the power to talk to machines.

So, is MIKA the REBEL? WHATEVA!!!!

Will Sylar kill his Dad, and will that involve HRG in the Flashback scene?

What did Angela whisper into Nathan’s ears?

Will Matt Parkman fart or will he explode?

Where are Hiro and Duracell-Ando?

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