Heroes: Volume 4 – Fugitives

Heroes: Villains disappointed all of us a lot. The characters were going haywire, and the time lines were getting jumbled up. Clearly, it felt like the writers were on strike. While the entire battle of Pinehearst vs. Primatech and Company is over ( I guess ), we saw one of the strongest characters/villains of the entire series: yes, Papa Petrelli ( Arthur ) and he was killed. Sylar went to the goodie-goodie side and then came back to being even darker and with the filthiest dialogue. Claire became more and more irritating and useless. Angela was left in a coma. Suresh, Tracy, and the bunch that just do not matter kept us all on the brim of errupting like Ted ( Volume 1: Genesis). With just an hour of the new volume: Fugitives, I can already get a good vibe about it. It is where everyone is together  and focussed and working towards/against one single thing – Nathan Petrelli’s pathetic and egoistic war against the ‘Others’. I am happy though, to see everyone in the same time line, same room. Let us have a quick round-up of what we can expect from this Volume of Heroes – FUGITIVES. And we’ll do it character wise, one by one. 

Peter Petrelli: He has always been one of the key characters of the series, kinda like Rogue meets Superman. Peter has gone through a lot. Exploded, Battled amnesia, travelled through time, been sucked all of his powers, rescued by Sylar, betrayed by elder brother. Phew! Now that he has some ‘power’ injected  we are not fully aware of his capabilities. But we did see him fly and also, in this first episode of Volume 4, we see him absorb power from Tracy and Mohinder. What this means is that he could have his original power restored. However, he had to physically touch them to get their powers, unlike before when he could get the powers by being in the vicinity. So, this could mean, that Mutation or getting ‘Power’ from the ‘Formula’ has its limitations and is not as powerful/effective as an original power. 
Further, the entire fight against his moron elder bro Nathan is what makes me take sides with Peter. He is definitely the one to watch out this Season.

Hiro Nakamura: He is one of the cutest characters on TV since Teletubbies. But Hiro has been facing some major problems in characterization. The story just went so absurd when he started travelling through time, time and again. The “Catalyst” arc was totally unwanted and now that Hiro has no time and space bending powers, he is forced to stay in the same place. However, his best friend Ando was injected with the power of being a “Super-Charger”. This means he can boost anyone’s abilities, much like a Super-SideKick. Does this mean that, the Formula would bring out the powers which is pretty much inherent in someone’s natural character? I remember Daphne saying once, that she always wanted to run and hence, got the power (presumably from Arthur Petrelli). Coming back to Hiro, he has a GPS tracker installed in his body and Ando’s. What remains to be seen is that if Hiro can still remain as one of the key characters of Heroes without his powers and power-grin!!

HRG (Noah Bennet) and Mohinder Suresh: These two are the one of the most unwanted characters of Heroes fighting a neck to neck race with Ali Larter’s Jessica/Nikki/Tracy and Claire Bear. Mohinder was first the Indian genius doing his research on genetic mutation and stuff, talking about chromosomes and enzymes. Then he meet Maya and all hell broke loose. He tried his defective formula and evolved into the unhygienic monster. But all of a sudden, the Solar Eclipse happened ( which btw, has a deeper significance in the Heroes mythology, conidering the title sequence has it, and every time a solar eclipse happens, a major event takes place; Takezo Kensei and all that) and Suresh lost his power and again got it back. But his skin marks didn’t go. But in the current volume, we can see he has perfectly clear skin and he is back to driving cabs. Also, he has retained the powers and so he has the strength of Hulk sans the slimyness of Shrek. 

On the other hand, HRG aka Noah aka Mr.Bennet is outright cocky. He has got no powers at all, and he believes way too much in the power of his little electric charger gun. In the words of Russell Peters, “Where the F@#k did he find the Balls to..” fight the fierce mutants like Sylar just with the help of that shitty little thing. He is one of the most boring characters as well, and to watch him saying “Claire-Bear” makes me giddy. Just KILL him I say!

Angela-Claire: Angela Petrelli was portrayed as one of the master minds in the previous Volume. Then she was sent to coma by Arthur (sorta revenge for poisoning him), and then she managed to wake up and then she just got all the more annoying. I have some real problem with the way she talks. Even if no mutant touched her, I think she would die of her old-age problems like arthritis or something. 

Claire: She is one of the most useless characters since the volume Generations and Villains. The first Volume-Genesis was all about ‘Save the Cheerleader’ and Sylar getting the healing power from Claire. Hence, it all made sense. But now, Claire is the one who can heal herself and that is it. Pretty much like Wolverine but no metallic-claws or metal skeletal system. So everything about her is human- she can’t run faster, or jump longer distances, and she even experiences pain, but well she can heal. How the hell is that exciting at all? Oh yeah, her blood can be of help to other folks. So she should be given the premium membership of the Mutant Blood Bank. Apart from that, just keep her away. Yeah of course, Nathan and Noah have a soft corner for her (she being their daughter), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she can be of any help. And the bad thing is that she CANNOT be killed. Darn!!

Nathan’s global security policy, Tracy’s chance at leaving the show, and what is up with Sylar will all be answered in the next post on Heroes. I shall call it – Heroes Fugitives- the Sequel Post. Until then, watch this space. 

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