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I love India’s Got Talent. I love India’s Got Talent [IGT] for showcasing the various talent acts from my motherland, India. And the world is watching. The stage has been set, and it is not only for the Indian viewers to watch. The format of ‘Got Talent’ has always been followed by online viewers, all across the length and breadth of the globe, and hence the expectations from the judges of the show to showcase only the best of the best of India’s talent is very justified. How can we be left behind when names like Susan Boyle and Paul Potts are becoming online favorites. The first online success from the India’s Got Talent show is the Illuminati group from Mumbai who performed an onstage depiction of the classic Nintendo Game – Super Mario – consisting every detail – from the Mushrooms, to Mari and Luigi fighting with lasers and the Princess Castle.[ They got mentions in Game Fanboy blogs like Boing Boing, Kotaku and Nintendo WiiBlog]. The bad thing is, that this act did not make it to the 40 semi-finalists.

India's Got Talent Indian Folk act

This raises another question. Unlike the US, UK or Australia, India has a lot of inherent folk acts which has ‘INDIA’ written in Capital Letters. These acts showcase India of the villages – the Krishna Act from Orissa , or Aslam Khan’s Rajasthani folk song group, or the Malkhamb acts. It won’t be surprising if the Incredible India campaign from the Tourism of India department chooses these acts to promote Indian tourism. On the other end of the spectrum, we have acts showcasing the modern India, the hip hop dancers from Nala Supara Mumbai, to acts like the Nintendo – Super Mario, and even rock bands. Also, in a country where the TV Channels are already pouring Talent shows which are choosing the Best Dancers, Best Singers and Best Dance groups, do we think TALENT is limited to only these. Are we prepared as a nation to crown, for example, the Krishna act, as the winner of Season 1 of IGT ?

IGT Amar Jyoti from Punjab

One major concern is the way this show has acts which are performed by a group of not so fortunate [ in other words, handicapped -physically or mentally] people. Although, it is a big boost or encouragement for them, but again, if these acts were to make it to the top 40, will they able to handle the pressure of live Television, big stage and audience votes? Will they be able to handle rejection in front of the camera? And also, please stop playing ‘Ye Haunsla’ in the background every time we see a group of handicapped people.

Deep Musical Dance Group

IGT has Bhangra, Laavni, Manipuri, Kathak and Hip Hop on the same stage with Carnatic music on Saxophones, or Indian classical music fused with Rock or Electronica, or even Punjapi Rap – doesn’t it undermine the superiority of our folk culture, classical music and dances by putting them on a single stage, and then, getting them voted off, to prove that the nation prefers Hip Hop over a Laavni performance. Although, I am elated with the shows concept of travelling across the length and breadth of the country to showcase talent from even remote areas of the country, and put them on a platform for the world to see, it still makes me feel sad when an act like the Raavana Act gets eliminated [ even when he was so crap].
Don’t get me wrong. I digg Hip Hop, and do try to ‘drop it like its hot’ sometimes.[ My fav dance groups have been Kaba Modern and Jabawokeez] But c’mon. Reality shows like Boogie Woogie, Sa re Ga Ma, or dance Indian Dance also feature awesome dancers, or singers don’t they? My argument put in simple words is this: Hip Hop, no matter how awesome it is, should not win this show – because Hip Hop in itself doesn’t represent INDIA. IGT is not just a show; it is also a global statement. So, my appeal for the audience is: Please select a winner for the show, who represents INDIA in the truest form. These dancers and musicians can get other reality shows to appear again and show their moves or musical skills. But IGT is the only stage where the variety artists get to show their talent. Anyway, I leave you with some more screenshots of some awesome and some not-so- awesome acts on IGT.

The Dancers:

Viren Michael Jackson India's got TalentViren - India's Got Talent MJ

As Kirron Kher says, “Humka Lagat Hai Ki Michael Jackson Raanchi Mein Hi Paida Hua Hai”.

Parvez Dance Group

Parvez Dance Group from Mumbai.

Hip Hoppers

Rohan Dance Group from Mumbai

Sneha and Richard on IGT

Sneha and Richard set the stage on fire with their Salsa performance.

Locking and Popping Technologic Vishnu on IGT

Locking and Popping on Daft Punk’s Technologic – Vishnu on IGT

And then…the not so quite efficient mimic of Mithunda meets Mr.Bachhan’s Yarana avatar.
IGT Mithun Da mimic

Even his bulbs got fused  out of shame.

The Incredible India Variety Acts:

IGT Naman International Theatre Group
Naman International Theatre Group portraying Surya, the Sun God.

Little Vaishali Patil dancing to Shankar's Breathless

Little Vaishali Patil dancing to Shankar’s Breathless left the audience breathless. And have a look at the evolutionary reaction of judge, Shekhar Kapoor.

Reaction 1:

Reaction 2:

IGT saxophone act

The Ladies performed Vande Mataram on the Saxophone. Spellbound.

Satyajit Padhye on IGT

Ventriloquist Satyajit Padhye on IGT.

Lokmanya Tilak Sanskritik Nyas Ujjain

Biggest name in the contest – Lokmanya Tilak Sanskritik Nyas Ujjain

IGT Brass Band - Sohan Band

Brass Band – Shaadi Wala Band – no Emossanal Atyachar, only Celebration!!! Have a look at Kirron Jee’s reaction.

Reaction 1:
Emotional Reaction of Kirron Kher
Kirron Kher getting emossanal..ahem emotional.

Reaction 2:
Kirron Kher gets emotional and Dances
Kirron Kher gets emotional and Dances…overwhelming emotions. 🙂

Two more acts are on this category, which are my Favorites to win this season.

Numbah 1: The Krishna Act from Orissa.
IGT Krishna from Orissa

Is that a painting? Is that a movie? Is that a dance? Its all of it. Its an experience

Numbah 2: Aslam Khan and Group
Aslam Khan and Group

Padhaaro Nee, Mhaare Dess…Bow to thee…we are belittled by your your Talent!!


The following acts do not fit into the above two categories. And so, here we go.
IGT Fusion Group Blendz
IGT Fusion Group Blendz creating music.

IGT Chal Jhooti

Two words..Chal Jhooti

IGT Jasleen Royal

Frankly, she looks quite stoned, her hair is all over her face, her voice is not quite awesome, and well ..that’s it. But she got selected for the semis. Don’t you think she is a bit spaced out?

Moushumi on IGT

Moushumi Di on IGT reminds me of Runa Laila. Seriously. I feel like she’d start singing ” Shaader Laau” any moment. And she should. That”’ certainly get her more votes.

Priya Raina from Jammu on IGT

Priya Raina from Jammu on IGT mimics Sridevi, Juhi Chawla, Karisma Kapoor, Kajol, Priyanka Chopra. She’s brilliant.

IGT Super Mario

Super Mario stage representation by Illuminati. Even though they were not selected for the Top 40, they get my vote 🙂

And well, how can we wind up without mentioning Sonali’s beautiful closeup shots. So here we go.

Shot 1:
Sonali Bendre on IGT


Shot 2:
Sonali Bendre on IGT

Very long post it was!!! Phew! Go on, shout out loud in the comments. The next post on IGT will have a review of the entire show as a whole, and will be posted only after the semi-finals. C ya !

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9 thoughts to “India’s Got Talent. And the World is watching”

  1. First comment 🙂

    Look at Sonali, she is so pretty 🙂

    Shekhar Kapoor, I love him and his work. And I love his honesty, and sincere reactions.

    Kirron Kher makes the most amazing faces.:P

    And the acts are amazing. Truly, an Indian show


  2. Super mario group Illumanti are unjustified bring them back, replace anybody there singers have many platform on indian television kick them there too prove themself and give this kind of tallent the real platform


  3. Judge is some one who is not emotionally attached… Some one can look through things rather than personal performance… none of the judges were good enough… were overall judgment was bad.. absolutly stupid…

    I personally believe there should not be allowed any program that is regional/religion touch to it. The winner was good, but they may have not won it if they did not get additional votes (which may become huge ) just cos they done dasavthar. Judgment is stupid. The way it decides the winner is stupid. Regionalism is stupid. In short all the program organization was stupid. In short apart from perfomance the show was absolutely pathetic.

    No originality, No innovation (if u innovate u wont go through), No nothing.



    Shubhi Reply:

    No regional or religion touch to it..yeah right. Wake up and smell the coffee. We live in a real world, not an ideal utopian India. Here patriotism is shown with songs and movies and Anti-Pakistan slogans.

    Judges shuld look through things – Shekhar Kapoor, Sonali Bendre and Kirron Kher are experienced people who have made their way to the top. Their experience in judging what’s good, bad, ugly or utterly weird is by far sharper than me n u. Yes, they have emotions too. And so before calling them stupid, have a look at yourself Mr.Jishu. Can you judge if a C major is on the C major scale or not? Can you judge if a Salsa is upto the mark or if someone is out of tune or not? Leave that, can you tell if an act transcends boundaries of nation to become a truly ‘world-beating act’?

    Ok, I should not be picking on you. But you have been watching this show in a totally wrong light. Dasavtar is a part of our mythology. But what i feel, u fail to realise is that the act was not a religious depiction, but an artistic tale told through choreographed moves, and without any dialogues. No originality..huh! Don’t get me started!


    Sujoy Reply:

    Relax u both. Every one is entitled to their own opinion. And so am I. Innovation, Originality is all relative. We all draw inspirations from every day experiences – the food we eat, the road we travel, the people we meet, and the stuff we grow up with. If you say a depiction of dasavtar or even a “Damadam Mast Kalandar” rendition is unoriginal – get real.

    Regionalism exists and will always exist in India. Take it & go.

    If I see someone from Assam, I will support him – but not with a deaf ear. M-Sonic were certainly good, and hence deserve the attention, and the space amongst the finalists. But again, that does not mean that I support Aslam Khan and Group from Rajasthan any lesser.
    .-= Sujoy’s last blog ..:India’s Got Talent: Semi-Final Roundup =-.


  4. Sujoy,

    Thanks a lot for your coverage of the show. But we would definitely love to see a post on the Grand Finale. Love your screenshots 🙂

    Cheers to the show, and hoping that Season 2 returns next year..bigger and better.



    Sujoy Reply:

    Watch this space, the review is coming soon 🙂
    .-= Sujoy’s last blog ..:India’s Got Talent: Semi-Final Roundup =-.


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