India’s Got Talent: Season 1- Grand Finale

Hey there! This is the last post in the India’s Got Talent series this season. Thankfully, the space of the 10 finalists on the Grand Finale got increased by 1 – Thanks to the Judges Wild Card entry. In the Wild Card Entry special, out of the 6 contestants who battled it out, my favorite – Aslam Khan Langa Group got selected. The previous night , which was the Independence Day Special, saw 6 special acts showcasing their talents to become the India’s Got Talent show-stealer- Bharat ki Shaan. The acts which competed that night included amongst others, Illuminati [ aka the Super Mario act ], Soham Brass Band from Delhi and . The criteria for selection of these acts is unknown, but yes the motive was clear. After the online adulation and success achieved by Illuminati, the producers – BIG Synergy wanted to show some sort of acceptance to the Illuminati Group – and very rightly so.

Nikhil and Ayushman hosting IGT

Coming back to the Grand Finale – Ayushman and Nikhil were dressed in their best of suits, and so were the judges. The stage was set, and the acts were about to be unveiled.Here we go. ***Lotsa screenshots after the jump.**

Act 1: Sneha and Richard

Sneha and Richard - IGT Finale

Salsa made it to the National Finals. Quite a big thing, isn’t it. And yes, they deserved every bit of it. They even showed a bit of Daredevil Stunt in their dance show-off. Bravo! Have a look at the Judges reaction.

Sneha and Richard  - Judges Reaction

Act 2: Piyush and the Fine Tuners.

Piyush and the Fine Tuners - IGT Finale

They are a Indian fusion music act – and not so surprisingly in their Intro, we get the background music to be – Indian Ocean’s -Maa Rewa. But they are far behind that level. The band is great, except the vocalist – the dude who named it after himself -Piyush. He is completely out of tune. In the auditions, semi-finals and in the finals too. And yes, gimmicks do work, and I am not complaining. People ‘use’ issues of the Nation viz. Mumbai Terrorist attacks of last year- and it would have been really beautiful, if the bloke could SING. I am surprised by the results – not in a good way.

Piyush - Judges reaction IGT

Act 3: Prince Dance Group, from Behrampur, Orissa.

Prince Dance Group - Dashavatar
Prince Dance Group - Dashavatar

The group which gave us Shree Krishna, and then the National Flag- Tricolor act. All eyes were on this particular act. The question was, will they be able to outperform their previous performance. The answer is Yes, and in what style. They performed Dashavatar, and it spelt Grandiose in every single move. It was a Magnum Opus. Just have a look at the many Screens below. Definite winners.

IGT - Dashavatar -1
IGT - Dashavatar -2
IGT - Dashavatar -3

Act 4:Satyajit Padhye

IGT - Satyajit Padhye

Honestly, his act was a bit flawed. There was an environmental message, clubbed with a few glittering choreography too. But the script wasn’t as crisp as before. But yeah, he did make us chuckle by making the baby puppet call Ayushman – Daddy!! Look at the reactions from the judges.

IGT - Satyajit Padhye - Judges Reaction

Act 5: Aslam Khan Langa Group

IGT- Aslam Khan Langa Group

One of my favorites to win the show. They performed – Damadam Mast Kalander – made famous by Abeeda Parveen and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. I just can’t stop dancing when Qasim takes the stage, and makes every one sway in their trance. Just love them. It was perfect!

IGT- Aslam Khan Judges Reaction

Act 6: Rajesh Amrale

IGT - Rajesh Amrale

The Malkhamb guy. His act was brilliantly choreographed, and with more dangerous act. Yes, there was a stage mishap, but he carried on. Funny thing was, after such a tiring and demanding act, the audience shouted “Once more”. Yeah, like he’s gonna do that once more just for you Mr. The act was awesomely, breathtakingly, dangerously good. Have a look at the judges’ breathless reactions.

IGT - Rajesh Amrale -  Judges Reaction

Act 7: Mandeep Singh and Group

IGT-Mandeep Singh Bhangra

This Bhangra Dance Group did what they do best – Bhangra. Explosively youthful and absolutely energetic. Vibrant colors and loud dhols. My Dil said Hadippa.

IGT-Mandeep Singh Bhangra - Kirron Kher's Grinding Smile

Act 8: Vaishnavi Patil

IGT- Vaishnavi Patil

The little-cute-smiley girl who enthralled us with her audition dance to Shankar’s “Breathless” chose to perform on another Shankar song – Man Mohini from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam [ yea…the music is by Ismail Darbar, but can you imagine anyone else singing it]. Her performance was ok, compared to her previous acts. I even liked her “Monjulikaa” act more than this one. Brownie points for the Moon-landing sequence though!

IGT - Vaishnavi Patil - Kirron Khers reaction

Act 9: Lokmanya Sanskritik Nyas, Ujjain

IGT- Lokmanya Tilak Sanskritik Nyas Ujjain

Ropes, Upscaled stunts, Platforms set on glasses – all of these spelled danger in every move they performed. And they were flawless. But my problem is with the cameraman dude. I could not enjoy this performance as much as I could because of the gibberish imagery that was on display. Really bad editing as well. Lovely act!

IGT-Lokmanya Tilak- Sonali Reaction

Act 10: M-Sonic from Guwahati, Assam

IGT- M Sonic

Mainak’s voice is brilliant. They have performed – Teri Deewani by Kailash Kher, A.R.Rahman – Maa Tujhe Salaam; and in the Grand Finale, they performed – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s – Piya Re. Not only did he sing it flawlessly, the band did an improvised rock twist to the song cover. BRILLIANT. If there was a prize for the best musical talent on this show, it goes to M-Sonic.

IGT - M Sonic Judges reaction

Act 11: Rohan Dance Group

IGT - Rohan Dance Group

From Nala Supara to New York; Shekhar Kapoor corrects it to: From Nala Supara to New York. And he’s very correct. Brilliant is the word. Awesome choreography, and flawless execution. As Sonali sez referring to Shekhar Kapoor – Mogambo indeed Khush Hua.

IGT - Rohan Dance Group - Kirron Khers Reaction

Now, once the performances got over, the bakar-ch@#$ commenced. You know, killing time to get the votes tallied. Some reality TV ‘Star’ – Sambhavna something performed to Aaja Nachle – and her dance was yuck! Really! Vaishnavi would pin her down with just a single move. And then came the Fear Factor gals. And then there was yet another performance by a not-so-annoying TV starlet – Shweta Salve. What annoys me about talent shows now is that, it is a collaborative, mutually beneficial enterprise. And this is not just an Indian phenomenon. We have FOX promoting their blockbuster exclusive trailers on American Idol etc etc.

Fear Factor- Beauties

And on IGT- we get to hear a lot of chanting of the sponsors – by Ayushman, and then the promotion of their next upcoming shows – Fear Factor and De Dhana Dhan. Trivia: The host of the show:De Dhana Dhan – Sharat Saxena, played Daaga in Shekhar Kapoor’s Mr.India. And well, we have the special prize distribution ceremony with Bollywood celebrities cum Movie promotion – Shahid Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee promoting ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’. Yawn Yawn Yawn!

IGT - De Dhana Dhan

And after a long wait, and Nikhil Chinappa uttering every word at snail pace, we are told that the top 3 acts selected by the Nationwide votes are: Piyush and the Fine tuners ; Lokmanya Tilak Sanskritik Nyas, Ujjain ; and Prince Dance Group from Orissa. Quite obviously, there were no surprises as to who were declared the winners – Prince Dance Group. But I am a bit disappointed at the choices that India made as the runners up. Aslam Khan and Group, Rohan Dance Group and M-Sonic deserved that space in the runners up than any of the other acts. But then, India ne meri kab suni hai? And btw! Could Rani Mukherjee be any less interested in the results? She and Shahid just went on chatting as Nikhil announced the results. Whateva!

So there you go.

IGT - Dashavatar -4

The first winner of India’s Got Talent – Prince Dance Group from Orissa.

What a season it has been! Very colourful! But before I go, you might have noticed, that I have kinda unknowingly kept away from mentioning Shekhar Kapoor throughout the post. That’s because he showed quite a few lukewarm responses which were not at all screencaping-worthy. You know who wins that game – Kirron Kher. Yes, Sonali is indeed very photogenic and pretty, but Kirron jee gives the best reactions. We wrap up with a montage of the judges reaction through this season.

Kirron Kher
IGT - Kirron Kher

Shekhar Kapoor
IGT - Shekhar Kapoor

and finally, Sonali!!!
IGT - Sonali Bendre

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4 thoughts to “India’s Got Talent: Season 1- Grand Finale”

  1. Brilliant review Sujoy! And excellent screencaps. So glad that you did this coverage. The show was indeed brilliant and absolutely at par with the standards set by the international Talent shows – be it Britains Got Talent or America’s got talent.

    What we do need from the next season, is the next internet sensation – to challenge the likes of Susan Boyle etc.

    I know Illuminati have been successful in creating the buzz around their Super Mario act, but that is no where compared to the mass following of SuBo.

    I hope Season 2 is bigger and better. And loved to see Prince Dance Group win the show 🙂


  2. fab screenshots dude! Loved the show and this post just reminded how beautiful this show is. I hope Season 2 can better this one.

    Btw, I do get irritated by the cross promotion and all that mutual celeb appreciation talk..ugh..#*(^(^(*%%£%^£%”


  3. What a magnificent show, the pics review the greatness of the show. Excellent work man, hope next time all judges don’t give to much lessons and unnecessary comments,

    Awesome work man.


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