India’s Got Talent: Semi-Final Roundup

The Good, The Bad, And the mediocre!

I’d rather let the pictures do the talking in this post. And yes, there are many. The five semi-finals of India’s Got Talent were held from 26th of July to the 9th of August. Each Semi-final episode selected two out of ten acts, hence sending ten acts to the Grand Finale. What was not expected, was that there will be a WildCard entry round which will be a battle between a few acts which the judges thought were deserving to be in the Finals. No idea which acts will those ones be, but am rooting for Aslam Khan and Group, from Rajasthan. I just love Qawwali, Sufi and Rajasthani Folk music. But for now, let’s see who made it to the top 10, and who did not quite make it.

Semi-Final 1:

Winners: Lokmanya Tilak Sanskritik Nyas, Ujjain

Lokmanya Tilak Sanskritik Nyas, Ujjain

I believe this is the best that could and would happen to the group. They are in the finals, and it is not any small feat. But, frankly speaking, this is not a act to beat.

Sneha and Richard

IGT Sneha and Richard

For the Salsa duo, jazzing and burning the dance floor with their svelte moves and ravishing chemistry, this is just the beginning. They might not win this competition, but there are bigger worlds to conquer.

Disappointment 1: Viren from Ranchi, aka MJ Jr.

Viren Michael Jackson on India's Got Talent

I really thought that he would at least make it to the finals.

Disappointment 2: Aslam Khan and Group

Aslam Khan and Group

It was a WTF moment for me when Aslam Khan and Group were not in the Top 3 of Audience voted Semi Finalists. It is exactly what I had feared. This act is an act to beat, a world-class act which defines India’s beauty and richness. And if we, ourselves, the people of India do not appreciate it, who else will?

Semi Final 2:

Winners: Rajesh Amrale

Rajesh Amrale

Again a surprise winning act. Of course it is Malkhamb, but there was a similar act which won in the previous episode. Nothing against it, but hard to believe that this act will win it.

Satyajit Padhye

Satyajit Padhye

He is a genius ventriloquist, truly. His act was crisp and humorous and in every way entertaining. His charm comes across easily with his script, his puppet- Chhotu Singh and it was an absolute delightful watch.

Semi Final 3:

Winners: Mandeep Singh Dance Group

Mandeep Singh Dance Group

Its Bhangra. Period! Can anything go wrong? The vigour, the explosion of happiness and extreme colours come alive with this act, and its a joy to watch. Is it an act which can be considered as a contender? That remains to be seen.

M-Sonic from Guwahati

M-Sonic from Guwahati

One of my favorites to win. They are pretty much the underdogs of this competition. The entire competition is overshadowed by glitzy performers and performances, from dancers to acrobats. M-Sonic is a plain-jane Rock Band, with vocalist Mainak Nandy’s flawless renditions of Teri Deewani and the Semi-Final winning performance of A.R.Rahman’s -Maa Tujhe Salaam. They surely have places to go, and winning this competition would probably be the beginning of their journey to success.

Semi Final 4:

Winners: Piyush and the Finetuners

Piyush and the Fine Tuners

This was a surprise as well. My problem is that their sound is a bit messy, and it is a bit all over the place. Maybe they do sound much better in the studio. But, another problem is that, I really do not appreciate much of the utensils-turned-into-instruments-kinda-fusion. I’d rather enjoy listening to Sivamani play the “Beat of Passion” in Taal, rather than see him perform it. But then, that’s me. India thought otherwise, and they are in the Finals.

Rohan Dance Group

Rohan Dance Group

As Shekhar Kapoor sez: From New York to Nala Supara. Rohan Dance Group’s Hip Hop is simply put- Brilliant. The perfect pauses, flips, b-boying are mindblowing and precise. The choreography is top notch and reminds me of Step Up 2, Jabberwocky, Kaba Modern and yeah of course, this years ABDC winners – Quest Crew. But these guys chose a very interesting mix of Madcon -Beggin [ one of my fav Hip Hop tracks ] and Dhan Te Nan from the Kaminey Soundtrack. It was just awefhum to see them win this round of Semi-Finals, and I can’t wait to see them in the Finale.

Semi-Final 5: The winners have not been announced yet. But I know for sure, who’s gonna get through to the finals from this Semi Final round.

1: Sadhya Dance Academy

Sadhya Dance Academy

Patriotism works. So does, fusion with acrobatics,and spandex and Kalaripayattu. Sonali vouched for them. And I trust her..blindly. πŸ™‚

2: Prince Dance Group from Orissa.

I’d rather keep my mouth shut. And just let the images below do the talking.

They came, we saw, and they conquered our hearts with their audition performance.

Prince Dance Group

As Ayushman correctly said, “Apne Viraat Roop se unhone humara Dil Jeet Liya”

And then in the Semi-Finals, they did this.

Prince Dance Group from Orissa

Need I say more, who’s gonna win those 50 lakh Rs! The studio audience cried out loud “Vande Mataram”, and the judges were overwhelmed by the enormity of this performance..yet again. We have the winner.

But yes, we do have the Wild Card entry round, in which some semi-finalists will battle it out to get a second chance to enter the finals of India’s Got Talent. I wish the following are included in that round.

India's Got Talent

Meher’s Belly Dancing; K Suresh’s Spine Chilling stunts, and Priya Raina‘s very delightful mimcry.

Vaishali Patil

The little Vaishnavi Patil perfected emotional atyachar with the carbon copy portrayal of “Bhul Bhulaiya” – Monjulikaa; and she has the smile of a 1000 volts. Yes, I measured that with a Voltmeter.

Ameek Singh Raina

Ameek Singh Raina from Jammu. He’s a kid with a great voice. Yeah, that’s the only reason why I’m vouching for him.

Amar Jyoti School

Amar Jyoti School from Delhi aka the act which made Shekhar Kapoor break into tears on National TV. The Semi Final round performance was very emotional, and actually quite beautiful. Not to forget the ever-giggling little angel.

Jasleen Royal India's Got Talent

Jasleen Royal. I know, I can hear a lot of WTFs. But remember, she was in the top3 voted by the audience. She’s weird. She’s weird.[ Not a typo, I said that twice] And I think India kinda diggs that weird chick appearance.

Aslam Khan and Group

On a serious note, I can only see Aslam Khan and Group to be true competition to “Prince Dance Group”. I just want them in the finals…very badly. They SHOULD be in the finals. Are you listening Mr.Sidhharth Basu; I don’t care if you rig the competition or do anything. Just get them in the finals by hook or by crook.

But well,not to forget my favorites :

M-Sonic from Assam:

M-Sonic from Assam

Rohan Dance Group from Mumbai

Rohan Dance Group

and Prince Dance Group from Orissa:

Prince Dance Group

The only celeb guest judges, this season so far, have been Shruti Hassan and Imraan Khan, who were on the mission to promote their box-office loser Luck.

Shruti Hassan and Imraan on IGT

And finally, let’s not forget the real celebs on the show.

A) The ever smiling- Kirron Kher

Kirron Kher on IGT

B) The Emossanal Man- Shekhar Kapoor

Shekhar Kapoor on IGT

C) And finally, the ravishing as ever, Sonali Bendre.

Sonali Bendre on IGT

We’ll be back with the final winners post. Shout out loud in the comments. Cheers.

P.S. Special Thanks to Darshit (@dunkdaft) for his tweet tutorial on Arcsoft Photostudio. And sorry, I have not hyperlinked any of the videos of the performances; just search for them on YouTube or Dailymotion. If you can’t find them, tweet me @SujoySingha.

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19 thoughts to “India’s Got Talent: Semi-Final Roundup”

  1. Aslam Khan and Group deserved to be in the finals yaar. How disappointing πŸ™

    btw I wouldn’t be surprised if M-Sonic wins. Remember Debojit Saha’s win in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa? Assamese people can really vote in huge numbers! πŸ˜€


    Sujoy Reply:

    Absolutely disappointing indeed. But I am biting my nails. I hope they do get that Wild Card.

    And yes, M-Sonic can deffo win this. Given that M-Sonic sang the Vande Mataram song with a twist – Joi Aai Ahom; I really think that people in Assam r gonna get their Mobile Bills shoot high..Debojit Saha was from my hometown Silchar, and it was such a mania that year..ugh!! It was really chaos, we’ll discuss that offline sometime πŸ˜›


  2. I loved this summary of the show. Very informative and very honest. I do think that Aslam Khan and group should have been selected. Rajesh Amrale is good but then again talent is what comes from within and then is polished, not something you learn and then make it a part of yourself. This way, Bollywood actors, cricketers, tennis stars, writers are all talented and should be included in the show. But its groups like Aslam Khan who are born with the cultural richness, modesty, commendable voices, and simple intruments without any studio level training that still give us goosebumps. That is talent.


    Sujoy Reply:

    Thanks Leena. I absolutely agree with you on this. I would buy their album if it was out. And I love the way that kid Qasim dances in the climax – just can’t make me stop smiling πŸ˜›


  3. Finally, Illuminati got due appreciation for their online success. But that trophy seemed more like a consolation prize. Anyway, they have been received well by Youtubers, but I wasn’t as impressed by their Tom n Jerry Act.

    On the other hand, was glad to see Aslam Khan and Group get a revival in the Wild Card entry round. πŸ™‚


  4. ummmmmmmmmm….Sonaliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!

    I loved that tiny tot Sardar.


    Sujoy Reply:

    Ameek Singh Raina u mean! He was good, but frankly, he didnt stand a chance amongst the other diggajes.. btw, happy mangni


  5. Do u ever do mallakhamb,then speak about it. It requirr great talent to perform like rajesh.
    Bhangda, playing instrument, dancing and commedy is common and majority of people can do that easily but not mallkhamb.
    1)Prince Dance Group from Orissa
    2)Rajesh Amrale
    3)Lokmanya Tilak Sanskritik Nyas
    These r true and rare performance


    Shubhi Reply:

    Malkhamb indeed requires a lot of dedication and training…but yes, you cannot judge it as a talent to be superior to other talents. All talents be it – music, dance, comedy etc etc…all of them require dedication and devotion and extreme sincerity, and no talent is superior to another..

    So, in no way can we say Rajesh Amrale is superior to say, Aslam Khan and Group, or even vice versa.

    Rahi baat show jeetne ki, then we come to harsh reality, the acts which entertain us the most, will make us vote for it, and hence, win the show. I am still guessing if Mr.Laxman indeed voted for Rajesh Amrale.

    The final performance of Prince Dance group was indeed a winning performance.




    Sujoy Reply:

    Thanks Mr.Chouhan. Now please, stop shouting in Caps. My ears are hurt πŸ˜›


  7. I have never seen this show πŸ™ But I am beginning to regret that. And dude, that Orissa wala dance act seems brilliant! If nothing else, I’ll try to search for that on youtube πŸ˜€
    .-= pitu’s last blog ..:Chhapan Chhuri Matwari =-.


    Sujoy Reply:

    Did you watch the finals? Spellbound is the word. Shall post the review soon!


  8. Guyz,the Krishna act of the Prince dance group was awsome.. But my personal favourite from the beginning was The M-Sonic band from Assam… The band comprising Mainak Nandi(lead guitar and vocals), Mantu Basfor (drums and percussion) and Simanta Bodo (bass guitar and backing vocals)… If M-Sonic is reading this blog… i would say that please guys make an Album of urs..i am waiting for your songs.


    Sujoy Reply:

    Yes Pratik, Mainak’s vocals are very good indeed. What was so impressive about the final performance was his flawless rendition of such an iconic Nusrat song and even add Rock elements to it. M-Sonic has certainly a long way to go \m/


  9. Hey sujoy,

    nice website name you got there!!
    could you tell me what song Rohan and group performed to, in the finals – i know it was a couple of songs put together, but i’m looking for tht piece tht they played somewhere half-way.


    Sujoy Reply:

    Thanks m8!

    Rohan and Group performed to – Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Boom! and Bombay Rockers – Teri To..Teri Ta…Hamesha Yaad Satave


    j Reply:

    hey thanks!!


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