Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in 30 Memes

When you suffer through a long commute on days when the public transport is quite screwed, you tend to find comfort in the warm arms of meme apps. And I thought to make some of my own, and perhaps, retell the story of Karan Johar’s directorial debut – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai through memes. So, here are 30 memes.

Does this post change the world? No. Does it bring world peace? No. Does it make me chuckle? Yes.


WARNING: Spoilers DUH!

Our story begins with a quick flashforward. Tina is pregnant with Rahul’s baby.


Poor Tina did not survive to tell the tale to her lovely daughter, and mysteriously names her – ANJALI. So…


And through the letters, we go back in time ( who needs a TARDIS ) to St. Xaviers College, Mumbai, where our Rahul dude is the BOMB.


Meanwhile, being brought up on Alok Nath’s sanskaar and Amitabh Bachchan’s anushashan, Rahul only believes in ..


Enter – Mystery girl Anjali


Enter Comic College Principal


Enter Mandatory MILF


And enter supporting cast – Himani Shivpuri as Rifat Bi


And so.. Miss Braganza shows how it’s done


And Super Dude Rahul gives a life lesson..


Super dude Rahul is also being pushed to save the izzat of his college. Sometimes, he is not that lucky.


Meanwhile Oxford return, Principal ki beti, Tina Malhotra can sing Om Jai Jagdish, and at the same time save the day by…


Rahul instantly falls for the bassist chick, and sings and dances, and oh..


So, Rahul tries to do a trial run of his proposal for Tina..


Poor Anjali can’t handle this. She just leaves college in her final term, and a sad song and rona dhona later, we see her transform into a sari clad Hindustani naari. But before that – end of flashback. And little Anjali – daughter of Super Dude Rahul,  just flips out.


Super dude Rahul’s mum tries to make her son remarry, but seems like Rahul is still stuck in his college thought process.


And thanks to a handy tip from a fictitious Neelam show, Agent Anjali goes for Operation Match Making Papa –


And through some weird turn of events, Agent Anjali gets to know of Shimla SummerCamp. Dadee Farida did find some weird search results with keywords “Shimla Summer Camp”

Meanwhile, Anjali Sr is now about to get hitched with a certain muscle-man called Aman. And as the script demanded, Rahul and Aman cross paths –


And then poor Anjali has to negotiate going to the Summer Camp with her dad, which does not turn out ok, on a few levels.

But being the badass daughter of Super Dude Rahul, Anjali sets off with Dadee to Summercamp to find Anjali Sr. And then –


The sort of jokes that only I will laugh at.


Agent Anjali then goes full throttle to unite Super Dude Rahul with Anjali Sr.


And Rahul and Anjali get all cosy and friendly, and even sing a song replete with flashbacks. But then, Aman shows up. HOLY FUCKBALLS!!! Anjali is now in a dilemma.

And Super Dude Rahul, backed by Agent Anjali and Dadee, is now back to his Super Dude Rahul days.


Poor Anjali can’t decide what to do next, and so she leaves summer camp. But not before this..

k2h2_meme_9870By now, Super Dude Rahul is all determined and shit, and things turn out in his favour. Anjali Sr gets all emo, and she ditches Aman, and totes runs after Rahul, and gets married to him.



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