Lagaan: A Project Management Case Study

My coursework on Management Resources and Operations, was to do a case study on a Major Project and reflect upon it from a Project Management perspective. The questions were released in early April (actually 1st of April) and I had the entire Easter holidays to do it. But as usual, I lazed around, and then some more. Quite predictably like my classmates, I was skimming through different websites and journals looking for case-studies and research papers on “Major Projects”. And being an Indian, the typical ones that caught (read blinded )my attention were Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore/Chennai Metro rail Project and Bandra-Worli Sealink project. I started reading journals and every piece of information that I could lay my hands on (only after having recovered from the hangover of the Easter holidays i.e.), but quite unsurprisingly, I could not get through the first question itself, which was to write about the project’s scope definition, its importance in terms of the business context, and its Work Breakdown Structure. There were 5 other questions, all with equal weight, and a maximum word limit of 3000. For me the problem was, I could not get through the 100 word mark.

And when I was just one week before the deadline, on the 15th of April, while watching numerous YouTube videos on the Bandra-Worli Sealink project, and still scratching my head over the possible stakeholders of that project, my enqueued playlist on Winamp started playing Ghanan Ghanan. (Oi, don’t accuse me to be so dramatic about it; I am just stating the facts) And then, right in front of my eyes, I could see my life flashback. I had seen Lagaan on 15th Jun 2001, Friday Matinee, in a theatre called Devdoot in Silchar. I saw the packed theatre get converted into a cricket stadium. By now, I had seen Lagaan so much that I knew the script backwards. I had seen Satyajit Bhatkal’s making documentary “Chale Chalo” and loved it for bringing out the “lunacy of film-making”. And I could see through all my questions getting answered, pretty much like it was all common-sense. The stakeholders, risk analysis, causal mapping of risks, project management processes, and project network; all came easily and naturally. With the occasional reference to PMBOK and Harvey Maylor’s “Project Management”, I was ready to roll.

***After the Jump, The Case Study Paper***

But well, lazyness got the better of me. Although I knew I was already behind schedule, but unlike Lagaan, my reason was pretty much my own laziness. Lagaan was getting in the way of my lying around time. But I did manage to get the creative portions done quickly enough. This was the diagram representations of Work Breakdown Structure, Project Network, Critical Path, Gantt Chart, Risk Causal Mapping and the PM Processes. Once they were done, it was much of a downhill ride for me. The only issue although, was to contain the entire essay within 3000 words, and most importantly, not sound over-enthusiastic of my love of Lagaan. (I wish I could include more and more screenshots) This had to sound like a technical paper, but I knew, Prof.Terry Williams would surely notice that Sujoy Singha loves Lagaan. And yes, to answer (which is not included in the report) the question (which is in the coursework question paper) what made the project to be initiated and what was its business context, I can only answer that Lagaan needed to be made. To quench the thirst of Bollywood lovers like me craving to see a cinematic magnum opus unveil its hues on the big screen and make my eyes gleam. Lagaan needed to be made to make me lift my hands in triumph every time Kachra took a wicket. Lagaan needed to be made because it is a common emotion that I  still share with the hundreds of friends that I have; and we do it by saying “Re Bhaiya Chhute Lagaan”. Lagaan needed to be made because a silly sod like me could understand the principles of Project Management through it. It was DESTINY.

**And before you start guessing my age and gender, lemme clarify that I am just a 26 year old guy, asking to be hugged, coz he still loves Lagaan. ** No, delete that line. Ok, don’t. Anyway, the case study is up for display below. It can be downloaded, and please send in your thoughts, comments, complaints, suggestions, hate-mails, love-mails and even flowers to my inbox:
Cheers!!!! Sujoy

To Download the paper, click the Link Below.
Lagaan: A Project Management Case Study

NOTE: I do notice that there is a bit of a problem in the formatting, but it is due to uploading on Scribd. The original document has sensible formatting by my standards. So Scribd, up yours! No, I take that back, as they are hosting my document for free and distributing it for download as well. Thank you Scribd for being my vehicle for worldwide acclaim/doom.And well, although I do consider this as my labour of love and no matter how much I love Lagaan, I cannot emphasize enough that I was still quite lazy. Perhaps, I am already, the modern day Project Manager.

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9 thoughts to “Lagaan: A Project Management Case Study”

  1. Very well done dude. Loved reading the vivid narration of your preps for the case study. And although I am not at all knowledgeable about Project Management, the paper made sense.


  2. Hi Sujoy, It was interesting to read ur bolg.. I am also pursuing a Project management course in UK and just like u Bandra Worli sea link is what i chose as my topic…it would be very helpgful if u could pls forward your work on it to me on I would make sure that i give u credit in my references..

    Nitesh Joshi


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