Liveblogging: Britain’s Got Talent 2009-Finale

**DIVERSITY** Winner of BGT 2009

Britain's Got Talent 2009 Finale

Yes, the big moment is here. It is Big Finale night of Britain’s Got Talent. All the blood, sweat and hardships end tonight. Will it be a night to remember with stellar performances from all the ten acts, or is the pressure of Final night going to be way too much to handle for some of them. No matter what, we are in for a treat for sure. From the auditions, to Shortlisting for the Semi-Finals and then to the Weeklong Live Semi-Finals, it has been such a strenuous journey. For the finalists as well, this has been such a roller-coaster ride.

Who’d have thought an old lady from a Scottish village would become the Internet sensation of the year, and at the same time the target of the Paparazzi!!

Who’d have thought a small lad from Wales could pull off a legendary Jennifer Holiday number!!

Who’d have thought Greeks dancing in an Irish fashion could be so much fun!!

Who’d have thought a Saxophone could emote so much, so well!!

Who’d have thought Dancing could reach levels of national praise!!

And finally, who’d have thought that we would find someone as good [if not better] as George Sampson!!
[The other acts that I did not mention, I believe are not potential contenders for the title].

Coming back to the Finale, it’s on at an early time slot: 6:45 pm, London Time. We will be covering it Live, yet again. [ I am already getting depressed that after tonight, the show will be over. Darn! But that’s life.]
See you at the Finale.


The Liveblogging of the Finale of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 [ As and when it happens]

The big night is here. Can’t believe that in a matter of hours we will have the new winner of Britain’s Got Talent. The magnitude of the expectations from the performance is just through the roof. I would definitely not want to be in anyone of those shoes of the performers. Right, it’s time. Britain’s Got Talent – The Finals. The show has begun. A recap of the season – A healthy mixture of brilliance, genius, humour, showbiz, jawdropping excellence and also the disgusting and downright weird.
But tonight’s night is the night of the Best of the Best. It is all down to the public and we’ll see if the performers can impress them. The finals has begun, and we are Live from London: It’s the Final of Britain’s Got Talent. Enter Ant and Dec!! [Audience Applause!!!].

Here we are. This is what we have been waiting for. Enter the judges: Piers Morgan, Amanda Holden [looking lovely in a scarlet red fishtail cocktail dress] and Simon Cowell. Tonight, someone is winning the title. 100,000£ and the Royal Variety performance at stake- that we have been only talking so far; tonight someone walks away with that. Piers has something really good to say: It is something that takes our minds off the greedy bankers and corrupt politicians. [ I second that]. Dec reminds us: Each finalist gets one act each, so no second chances. Time to kick-start the show.

First Act of the Finals: FLAWLESS
Let us see if they can ‘Step Up’. They claim that they will let their “Dancing” do the talking. We’ll see that. The act has begun. It’s a healthy mix of MJ: Smooth Criminal, Gotta Be Starting Something and some James Brown to go. As usual, its really creative. And I loved the “I feel good”. It was good, but I feel I have seen better, and even from FLAWLESS themselves. The audience is on their feet. We have to see what the judges thought about it. Still chasing their dream.

Judges verdict:
Simon: That was incredible!
Piers: When I watched that act right now, I think is there any better dance act in the WORLD!
Amanda: You make me proud to be British.
I believe the judges are just on a gimmicky mode to generate more phone votes. FLAWLESS weren’t as good as their Semi Finals. And you will be able ti judge for yourself when you see the clip yourself. Anyway, their code: 01. And 7 more acts to go.

We all remember his audition. We definitely remember his Semi-Finals. He is confident, and as Simon puts it: He is really, really talented. It all boils down to the song choice as I have stressed upon before. Let’s see what he is sing tonight. He is singing that song again. YESSSSSSSSS!. It’s Jackson 5 “Who’s Loving You?”. I love it to bits. I have goosebumps as I am writing down these lines. The jacket and the blue shirt with the tie look so lovely on him. And this song is just working wonders for him. His range is stellar, and his performance has been completely consistent. Its better than his auditions, a longer performance version. And the stage is grander, the performance bigger, better and I loved it to bits. He deserves to win this.

Judges verdict:
Piers: That was incredible. It’s not fair to the adults when you do that.
Amanda: You have absolute star-quality. [He personifies it]. Stronger and Stronger everytime.
Simon:I think you are super super talented young man. You are in with a real shot at winning this.

Look at young Shaheen with a cute Welsh accent. He is smiling, and he deserves this stage. His code:02
GO SHAHEEN.!!!! People vote for him. I am.

Part 1 ends here. Time for a break. 8 more acts to go.

I still can’t contain my emotions after watching that performance by Shaheen. We are back from the break, with the big one -THE FINALS.
His dance was poppalicious; in the auditions, and the Semi Finals. He is such a lovely kid, you do want him to win. But in a competition like this [ especially when we have Shaheen ], does he stand a chance? What more can he show us. He is repeating the track from his auditions: Low by Flo Rida. Him dancing alone on that big stage. Yes, the video infinity loop wall is back like last night. The performance was very good. But then, does very good cut it? It was consistent with last night’s performance, but we are looking for more-C’mon it’s the FINALS. Let’s see what the judges have to say. [A bit unfair for him, coz he had only 24 hours to prepare for the finals].

Judges verdict:
Amanda: I love your superstar attitude. You are so relaxed. You are a superstar waiting to happen.
Simon: Being honest with you, it wasn’t as good as last night.
Piers: That was better than last night, and you are brilliant.
Aww…he is crying, thinking about Simon. Will the public take notice of his tears?

Fourth act of the night: 2Grand
I don’t believe they stand any chance. I would want them to just take this opportunity to perform in front of such a huge audience, on the biggest stage they can perform on. For sure, Grandad’s wife will be very proud of him. Sing your heart out 2Grand. The song is “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin. Grandaughter Sally is singing better than her performances, but vocally , Granddad is a bit cacophonous. Even with all the emotions attached to this, my cynical side is taking over. This is not a good enough performance to win.

Judges Verdict:
Simon: Nerves got the better of you tonight. I am happy that you are in the finals, but there are more talented acts. [OMG, Simon trying to be politically correct]
Piers: The fact that you made it here is a terrific tribute to you two.
Amanda: I’m glad that you are here in the finals, but I agree with Simon.
Great to hear grandpa is feeling on the top of the world.
Their code: 04

Time for another break. After the break: Stavros Flatley and Hollie Steel
[Psst.. I am still going gaga over Shaheen’s performance] We are back from the break. 6 more acts to go tonight. Next performance: HOLLIE STEEL. She has been in the news since last night’s performance. Or rather her break down on the stage. Amanda: I am in awe of her. Simon: She thoroughly deserves her place in the finals. Will she complete her performance tonight? She is singing: Wishing you were somehow here again – from Phantom of the Opera. She seems more confident than last night. She completed it, and she is smiling. Simon would be definitely relieved that she did it.

Judges verdict:
Piers: You looked confident, like a little star.
Amanda: You were actually better than yesterday.
Simon: You were fantastic.

No one mentioned her chance of winning or anything. She is a good singer, no doubt. But c’mon, reality check, she does not stand a chance against the Big acts lined up tonight.Her code: 05

Time for some: STAVROS FLATLEY. Two little pudgy guys, in the finals of BGT. And the public loves em. They are saying that are showing more moves, more dance, and more belly. I can see Lord of the Dance going bonkers. I am rolling on the floor now. They are accompanied by serious tap-dancers onstage and the audience is on their feet. That was electric. BRAVO!!! They showed what they promised. That was lovely, and bloody HILARIOUS. Greek dad is one of the funniest peeps on the show.

Judges verdict:
Amanda: You are my favourite act. I want you to win the show.
Simon: I thought it was absolute utter genius. For whatever reason, you make people feel good.
Piers:[Puts on the wig] It would be absolutely brilliant if you two perform in the Royal Variety.
Their code: 06

Dad Flatley:[ That is not his name, but you know who I am referring to]
Piers, you are the man.
Amanda, I love you.
Simon, somewhere deep down in you, you have some Greek in you. ROFL. LMFAO!!
Can I repeat it please? Dad Flatley is the FUNNIEST guy in the show.

4 more acts to go. Time for a break.

And we are back from break. Next act: SHAUN SMITH. Form a queue ladies!
He is cute and a looker no doubt. He has a good voice. But standing in front of the acts that are on tonight, he is not going to be a winner. Amanda sez: Girls all over Britain will be voting for him. Simon sez: He’s gotta make himself memorable, and he’s gotta make himself a contender. He is singing: “Ain’t No Sunshine” again. It’s acoustic, and it is a small song for a stage as big as this one. Wrong song choice I say. Even “With or Without You” could have been a better song for him. Not even a miracle can turn things in his favour. Comparing that with Shaheen’s “Who’s Loving You?”, it was jamming session good;nothing better than that.
He sure has a career ahead of him

Judges verdict:
Simon: Voice sounded terrific. Great song choice [Yeah right!]
Piers: I second that. But you are in an incredibly category tonight.
Amanda: You have ticked every box in the book. You are sexy and you are brilliant.
His code: 07

All eyes are on her. Susan Boyle has gone from an anonymous spinster in a Scottish village to become one of the most known lady in the world in a matter of several weeks. The pressure is immense. It is the night which decides it all. Her audition was surrounded with an air of surprise and an element of discovery of the unknown side of Susan Boyle. Will that be echoed in her performance tonight? She is singing ” I dreamed a dream” -Les Miserables; again, as she did in the audition. But there is no more an element of surprise this time. There is instead the expectation of her nailing this performance and impress the audience enough to vote for her. Did she do it? I really can’t say if she did it. Neither can I say that she did not. Her performance was flawless. But we have to wait and watch for the results.

Judges verdict:
Piers: You have been in the center of the audience. You should win this competition -I loved it [Received with boos]
Amanda: You sang it so well. You did it girl. You did it for Scotland. Simon had a tear in his eye.
Simon: You could have walked away from this. Win or lose, you have the guts to come back tonight, face your critics, and you’ve beat them. Win or lose, you can walk away from this, with your head held high.

I am getting a scary thought now. She is going to win.
Time for another break with the final acts of the night- DIVERSITY and JULIAN SMITH

Back for the final performances of the night. Next act: DIVERSITY
I love love love them. And I believe they will certainly step up their performance unlike Flawless. Simon sez: The problem is that they have done so many incredible dance performances, how do they top it for the finals? Rightly said. Here they are. It’s such couple of seconds in, and it is far better than Flawless. The Superman theme is brilliant. And the judges buzzer re-enactment is spot on. Leagues ahead of the other one. The crowd is on their feet and so are the judges. That felt electric – 44000 volt electric. BRILLIANT!! They are here to win this. I would not be surprised if they win this.

Judges verdict:
Amanda: You have rendered me speechless. You can be definite contenders tonight. You have nailed it.
Simon: All bets are off. This would be the only performance tonight I would give a 10 to.
Piers:I thought Flawless just edged you. [ Piers, seriously, Diversity were ‘Flawless’. And get your senses checked].
Their code: 09

Last act of the night: JULIAN SMITH
Yes, he can win this tonight. Because he has the story of his struggle clubbed with his sheer talent. Never before did I believe that I could connect with a saxophone instrumental. [Yes, I don’t like Kenny G] But there is somehow that very connection existing in Julian’s performance- in his audition, his semi-final and his Final performance as well. I don’t know that song, but does it matter. It was fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

Judges verdict:
Simon: Brilliant choice of song. You got very shot. Good luck.
Piers: A perfect way to end a brilliant show.
Amanda: I think your career is not ending her tonight. You have a long way to go.

What is he wearing though? What is under that head-cover? Eggs??
Anyway, his code:10
The lines to vote are open.

Time for a recap and short review.

Flawless: That was average compared to Diversity. Serious. You’d be seeing the video on YouTube and I know you’d agree with me.


Aidan Davis: It was great. But not winner material.

2Grand: Cacophony, but cute.

Hollie Steel: She should be proud to have made it to the finals. Fin!

Stavros Flatley: Giggle!!! Infectious!! Hilarious!!

Shaun Smith: Meh!

Susan Boyle: She stands tall, and her voice is all over the world. She is winning this.

Diversity: The BEST dance act Eva..Eva..Eva!

Julian Smith: He gave his best, and I wish him luck as well.

Shaheen and Susan represent the singers for the night. Shaheen definitely has a better voice and is a better performer. But then audience vote is a different ball game altogether, isn’t it. I am still rooting for Shaheen.

Diversity is another big contender for the winning title.

The phone lines are open till 9:45pm tonight. The results will be on ITV1 at 9:30 pm. We’ll be covering that as well. See you soon.

Right now, we are watching : Britain’s Got More Talent – on ITV2.
Switched in a bit late, but Amanda mentioned: The act that gave me goosebumps- DIVERSITY
The act that gave me the laughs: Stavros Flatley.
Piers reminds her of Shaheen.

Host Stephen Mulhern is now talking to Shaheen. He is such a smooth talker, and absolutely knows to spellbind the audience with his charm.

Hollie thinks that the audience should vote for her coz she is the smallest and the cutest. Duh!

Diversity next. Why should audience vote for them: They worked really hard, and they are good, clean boys who brush their teeth 4 times a day. Hehe!

Flawless: We both represent dance tonight, and we are happy, and hope Diversity should be as well. Words can’t express how much this means to us.

2Grand: No nerves, they say. The 10 acts here are all winners – Granddad speaketh.

Susan Boyle: She says that tonight she could have performed better tonight.
Why should the audience vote for you tonight? Because I am your Socttish Wonder Woman. ROFL!

Stavros Flatley:
Why should everyone vote for you? Coz, Prince Philip is my second cousin.

Shaun Smith: I missed that bit.

Julian Smith: He says: Why am I always the last one?
Why should everyone vote for you? Coz I would love to perform at the Royal Variety. [I wasn’t following]. I am preoccupied coz I am voting.

Hey, there’s Jordin Sparks in the house. And she thinks Julian Smith or 2Grand is going to win this. Lemme just say it. If 2Grand wins this, the Queen will walk out of the Royal Variety feeling really bored.

30 more minutes to go for the results. We will be back soon after a quick dinner. Don’t you dare go anywhere.


We are back with the Results Show now. It all boils down to this. The winner will be announced in just a couple of minutes. And we are back to the studio in London on ITV1. This is Britain’s Got Talent’s results.
They are showing a quick reminder of the 10 acts that performed tonight, and I am reminded how much I loved Shaheen’s performance. He is a star in every aspect. Flawless were not as good as I would have liked them to be.Aidan’s performance was good too. Hollie was great compared to last night. But the biggest cookie points of the night goes to Stavros Flatley. I can’t stop smiling when I see them perform. Shaun Smith’s performance is quite mediocre compared to the others. And then, we had the BIG ONES , one after another: Susan Boyle, Diversity and Julian Smith.

A quick montage piece of the 10 finalists. Lines are still open but not for long. Just a couple of more minutes, and the results will be announced when we come back from the break.

We are back from the break [the final one]. And the phone lines are closed. The results will be announced in just a matter of minutes. The excitement is getting translated in my typing. I am getting way too many typos. But I will try to keep up. I ensure, you will get to know every moment of the Results, live and loud here.

AWRIGHT, the Big moment is here. Welcome the Finalists on the stage. All the acts are here, and this is the Moment of Truth. It does not get bigger than this. This is the moment you all have been waiting for. The top 3 will be announced first.

The top 3 acts of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 [in no order] are:

Now that’s just wrong. Or is it? Any way, no Shaheen. We know the winner by now, don’t we?
Okay here we go.

In 3rd place tonight is: JULIAN SMITH. Applause everyone. [Amanda is standing]

Susan is shaking..awww. Someone hold her.

The winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 is: OMG!!! DIVERSITY.

Did I just see that? Diversity outdid Susan Boyle. Susan believes the best performance won. She is such a good hearted lady, but….but…..she started dancing. And she is now showing her leg.!!!!!
But there you go…DIVERSITY has won Britain’s Got Talent 2009.

And time for an encore performance of the winners. So Britain does love dancing after all!!

What a season everyone!! Massive thanks to everyone who followed my Live Blogs, the comments are open anyway for you to pour in your thoughts and opinions. I am still a bit sad for Shaheen, and in a bit of a disbelief that Susan did not win. But DIVERSITY were for sure a deserving act.

See you guys soon for some good event coverage soon. Gotta watch “Mumbai Calling” now. Adios and Gracias!

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21 thoughts to “Liveblogging: Britain’s Got Talent 2009-Finale”

  1. Uuuuu, what’s happening to you? 😉 The Shaheen-ism seems to alter the perception now… Have you watched another Shaheen? He was very good indeed, but where the show is right now, perfection is required – and Shaheen is farther from it than Hollie and the granddaughter of 2Grand, in so far as the maturity of his voice is concerned – that’s what I think.
    Good luck anyway!


    Sujoy Reply:

    Really, you think Hollie or even Sally from 2Grand were closer to perfection than Shaheen.
    OMG. You need to repeat the show. I think you saw another Shaheen. Pound for pound, I’d say Shaheen is the greatest singer on tonight’s show.

    Yayy!! Bravo with your workaround. You are still going gaga over Callum. Yes, I do believe though that Callum deserves a spot in the finals much more than 2Grand.
    And yes, Susan Boyle’s performance was absolutely a winning performance.


  2. Hello, again,

    Holly cow, I am praying god sake that Shaheen would win tonight. He was just sensational I am actually watching it interfacing with ITV.COM/TALENT from US.

    Callum Francis should be on it tonight rather than 2 Grands, or I wanted to watch his theatrical act.

    I just finished watching Susan Boyle’s performace. Like it or not, I have to admit that Britain, we just got the winner here.
    Susan Boyle, you are indeed our inspiration, hope and dream! Never give up your dream, I will remember that.


  3. Yeah, I watched all the clips apart from Stavros Flatley (can’t stand it) the same way Jen did. And again – power, depth, transitions from piano to forte and vice versa – no audible advantage for Shaheen in my opinion. Origin shouldn’t be the decisive argument ;-). But I also think that this performance was his best performance, so yes, he becomes better and better – it’s just that with all that quality on stage, it won’t suffice, or shouldn’t. In terms of perfection, Diversity should be winning.


    Sujoy Reply:

    a) I like Signature because I can appreciate dance, energy in the form of fusion of Bhangra and MJ. I love Bhangra coz I am an Indian, and yes, that is why I love Signature.

    b) Shaheen has Iranian roots. Not Indian. So, speaking of origin, I am not rooting for him because of that.
    Looking at his performance, I can’t remember of anybody who gave such a brilliant live performance of Jackson 5’s “Who’s Loving You”. All the turns and vocal twists in Soul and R&B, he delivered them pitch perfect.
    But yes, who is gonna win the final night, we’ll see in a mo. I wouldn’t be surprised though if Diversity win this.



  4. My take on this:

    Flawless: not as good as Diversity

    Shaheen: meh; great voice, don’t like the song

    Aidan Davis: good dancer, nothing great about him

    2Grand: the granddaughter is great; the grandfather should have let her sing alone

    Hollie Steel: my favourite; absolutely loved her audition, she started great in the semi-finals, too bad she broke down; she was good in the final, but not as great as she could have been, so I don’t think people will choose her over the others; which is unfortunate, as I think she is the most talented singer of the bunch

    Stavros Flatley: I don’t find them that funny or talented; they are trying too hard to be funny, their show is more of a gimmick and they don’t have any actual talent

    Shaun Smith: absolutely loved his audition, not so much the semi-final, and he actually performed the same song worse in the final

    Susan Boyle: she has a great voice, but she’s not the best of the show, and I’m kinda sick of her and all the media coverage

    Diversity: probably the best act tonight; really impressive

    Julian Smith: he was very good, I liked him


  5. Hi Sujoy, thanks so much for this coverage.
    I’m from Slovakia, and I can follow it thank to you.


    Sujoy Reply:

    @ Danny: Thanks very much for the appreciative comments. My love to everyone from Slovakia who follows and loves this show.

    @Oliver: I just watched a quick recap of Stavros’ audition show, when junior walks up to Amanda and kisses his biceps and does the Greek God pose. I was split into pieces. I don’t care if they have any real “talent”. But they can for sure entertain me.

    @cib3k: I agree with you on most counts. Except for Shaheen, Hollie and Stavros.

    Thanks for following the blog, and hope to see you again.

    Cheers!! DIVERSITY are the winners. They deserve it.


  6. Hello, again

    I do not know what to say. American Idol was same thing this year.
    Very Shocking result after all, oh my god.I guess a lot of young voters were calling like frenzy for Diversity, not for old lady like Susan.

    Susan Boyle, it’s still ok. You are already a winner in our hearts and in America, maybe not in Britain.


    Sujoy Reply:

    For Susan, the road does not end here. She has a long way to go. She will do very good.
    But yes, shocking results indeed.
    American Idol too: Adam Lambert was my favourite to win.

    @bojaaritar: Thanks a lot for the comments. Hope you catch the show on YouTube or something. Cheers!


  7. Thanks for liveblogging! It’s been such an amazing season. I liked Shaheen too, but i realised that he probably wouldn’t get the votes. Still, I started to like Diversity, so good job to them.


    Sujoy Reply:

    Thank you Becky for such lovely comments. Shaheen will make it big for sure.
    Diversity were brilliant in the dance category, and they deserve every bit of that prize. Of course the Queen has to adjust a bit of her taste.
    Coz, it’s going to be Hip Hop,B-Boy and stunts in the Royal Variety Show.

    Thanks a lot for the visit, and hope to see you soon!


  8. That was one hell of finals and one hell of commentary… You got it all well..

    I personally feel Diversity totally deserved it..

    Thanks for lovely coverage.. Btw, ur fascination for Shaheen in the post was a bit too much…;);) Boy is good, no doubt. However, Aidan is equally good and talented.


  9. I just want to thank you Sujoy for liveblogging so we on the other side of the North Sea could join this wonderful season. You’ve got a really nice way of writing, or like Simon would say: you’ve got the likeability factor. Thnx!


    Sujoy Reply:

    Hello to all the lovers of the show on the other side of North sea. Colinda, please convey my regards to everyone out there who loves BGT.
    Thanks for appreciating my writing. Yeah, I should apply for BGT next year with my likeability factor. Hehehe.!!

    Cheers and hope to see you back here again. We will covering some really interesting stuff here.


  10. Hello Sujoy,

    Thank you for your Liveblogging! Very nice!

    Now the show is end, but with great joy and sucess! I love Diversity! They are so fantastic! Though I wished Susan could win, but I have to say Diversity really deserves the championship!

    Pity about your most loved, which I also liked much, the 12 years old boy Shaheen jafargholi, though his name is very very difficult for we Chinese to remember it, but i can now, hehe, because I like him!

    Pity about Aidan Davis and Shaun Smith. As I predicted, Susan and DIversity will struggle for the first place and the third place would go to that 3 young guys. But, Julian Smith is a dark horse that surprised me! Anyway, his performance is wonderful! Go on Julian ,now you are not a “Nearly Man”, (Is he still Nearly man to the winner,hehe…)

    I love this game, but now its end. so, we have to wait till next year?

    What do you think about the America’s got talent?


    Your friend in China


    Sujoy Reply:

    Thanks man! I hope China keeps loving BGT. And may we see more great talents next year.

    All the 10 finalists are winners.

    I will be reviewing Chinese movies as well on this blog, so keep a close watch.

    America’s Got Talent is starting in June. Although I will not be liveblogging it, I will be surely keep a keen watch on the acts.



  11. Hi Sujoy,

    how are you? Wishing you all the best!

    Tried to visit your blog several times, but all failed, I don’t know what’s wrong with the internet.

    Happy life!


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