Liveblogging: Britain’s Got Talent 2009-Semi Final 2


~~Through to the Finale of Britain’s Got Talent 2009

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Britain's Got Talent 2009 Semi Final

After last night’s brilliant showdown where Susan Boyle and Diversity progressed (as expected) to the Grand Finale, we have eight more acts trying their luck to impress the viewers at home and the studio, and the judges as well. As expected, the eight semi-finalists are a mixed bag of the good, the bad, the ugly and the utterly weird.

The acts that are ‘On Tonight’ in Semi-Final 2 of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 are:

DJ Talent (Some guy who happens to be a DJ. Just a waste of a slot)
Flawless (The other awesome streetdance group)
Gareth Ol(Funny ventriloquist with an Asian twist)
Hot Honeyz (Girls Dance Act)
Jamie Pugh ( Sang ‘Bring Him Home’ from Les Miserables and enchanted everyone. Not as big a favourite like Susan Boyle, but you never know.)
Merlin Cadogan (He aspires to be the next Houdini; Escape artist)
Peter Coghlan( Yes, the weirdo in the bunch; aka Mamma Trish; You decide for yourself)
Shaun Smith(17 year old singer, who sang ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ at the auditions; could be a teenage sweetheart)

The Second Semi-Final kicks off at 9:00 pm, London Time on ITV1  and we shall be covering it live, as it happens. Be here to see who makes it to the Finale.
My favorite act: FLAWLESS.
Most undeserving act: DJ Talent.
Likely to be win the audience vote: Jamie Pugh.
Most likely to be buzzed off: DJ Talent

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The Liveblogging of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 – Semi Final 2 .

We are just minutes away from the second Semi-Final of Britain’s Got Talent and it’s live. Oh damn you adverts!!! Ok, we are here. Ant and Dec do a recap of the first Semi Final that happened last night. And the quick run through the acts that are on tonight. Live from London, we enter the studios with the crowds cheering. Ant and Dec welcome us all and the judges – Piers Morgan, Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell. [ Just a random thought, if one of the judges do fall on those stairs, that would be THE YOUTUBE MOMENT].
Tonight, 2 more acts go forward to the finals and closer to the 100,000 pounds prize and the chance to perform at the Royal Variety Show. Amanda calls Simon : Credit Crunch Cowell. The acts are waiting backstage.

The first act of the day; DJ Talent
Ant & Dec’s comparison of DJ Talent and Simon : Music producer, Shiney teeth, Public liking..err 2out of 3.
The act kicks off. He is on a golden throne yelling, I say ..We Say…Britains Got Talent, DJ Talent…He is somehow quite catchy and accompanied with women in golden bikinis doing the bootylicious dance and pole dances et al. No buzzes so far. Everyone actually clapped for him. I say Britain, You Say Talent. And he is for sure in his best Bling Bling.Definitely will give Bappi Lahiri a run for his money. And btw, he is Bengali ..a Ghosh.

Judges verdict:
Piers: I loved it.
Amanda: You win in the competition of bling.
Simon: You are a really nice guy, but a musical nightmare [Everyone boos]

His code: 01. Phone Lines open only after the final act.

Second act: Merlin Cadogan
He is definitely fit and he did put everything on the line during the auditions. But as Piers mentions, can he pull it off in front of a live audience. Right, he is wearing a straitjacket, and says that he will try to escape from it, hanging upside down from a rope, while the rope is burning, i.e. Deadline is 1 minute.. [Trivia: Houdini tried it, and broke two of his ribs] Can he do it? It is bloody nail-biting, I swear. But he has made it. Yes, he ha done it. F@#$%&^. Man, that was something. My heartbeat stopped for a while. Dec says: My heart was in my mouth. And definitely mine was too.

Judges verdict:
Amanda: [She does not get the risk involved] I am happy that I did not buzz.
Simon: 10 out of 10 [After correcting Amanda that Merlin had the danger of falling on his head, not burning to death]
Piers: He wasn’t asked. Awww!!!

First break of the night. Adverts flowing. And after the break, two more acts. I just love the Compare-The-Meerkat vs. Compare-The-Market commercial. Simples!!! [ROFL]

We are here after the break. The third act of the night is here. It’s Hot Honeys.
They are from Kent and aspire to be on West End. The dance has begun. But I don’t feel the vibe. They are for sure taking Simon’s comments to heart : Less is More. They have stripped down to the length they could. Buzzers are going on: Surprisingly it’s Simon and then Piers.

Judges verdict:
Simon: Definitely not the act to win.
Piers: It was lukewarm honeys.
Amanda: You upped the game.


The next act: Jamie Pugh
One of the moving auditions on Britain’s Got Talent-as Piers mentioned. But, him being the not so confident guy, can he overcome his nerves and perform in front of the live audience in the studio, and the cameras. He is singing -The Impossible Dream by Andy Williams. It is not as good enough as his first audition. Serious. Amanda buzzes first. Are Simon and Piers finding it good? He did end it with the grand climax, and the crowd cheered him.

Judges verdict:
Piers: It was not quite as good as your audition.
Amanda: I did not feel comfortable watching you. I was nervous for you. [ Received with Boo]
Simon: [To Amanda]He was more nervous after you buzzed him half through the song. I liked the last note, but as a whole, the performance was not good enough.
His Code: 04. Is he getting the vote? I am not impressed at all.

The second ad-break of the show. Four more acts to go.

We are here after the break. The next act: Peter Coghlan aka Mamma Trish doing drag. Simon does say that it is the lowest form of entertainment. And Piers says that he represents the variety mixed bag of this country. He is dancing to Single Ladies by Beyonce. God, it is still a bit eww. Keep the camera up.First buzzer: from Simon. Second buzzer: from Amanda. Is Piers alive? He completes the act, but do I hear a few boos from the crowd. He says he has been a professional drag-queen for 26 years [that’s my age]/

Judges Verdict:
Amanda: You let me down.
Simon: You just looked like a fat bloke in a red wig. It did not go anywhere. You just stood there. I don’t think the Royal family would not want to see you.
Piers: I found you mesmerizing. You would inspire a lot of men to hit the gym tomorrow.
His code: 05

The 6th act of the night: Gareth Oliver. Time for his montage. Make or break time for him. He says, he has a new character. And he has brought a puppet who looks like Pavarotti. And he’s called: Pava.Some Italian mimicking, and then the puppet starts singing. First buzzer: Simon. Oh, a nice joke in between.
What is the difference between a coconut and Simon Cowell? One is hairy and..err, whatever, and the other is a coconut. But the puppet did really sing much better than Jamie Pugh. Honest!

Judges verdict:
Simon: Why not an incredible act tonight and save it for the final? I have seen better.
Piers: [To Simon] That was rubbish. You Gareth were good. That was a very very good performance.
Amanda: That was sensational. And Pava, he has got a very good singing voice.
His code: 06. I say, he has a better chance of going through than Jamie Pugh [ But then, I am just silly]

Ant and Dec mimic the ventriloquist-puppetry drama.
3rd break of the night, and the final two acts after this.

Back from the break. The next act is SHAUN SMITH. His montage reminds us that he did perform a very good rendition of Ain’t No Sunshine. He is 17, a rugby player, and quite a charming guy. Simon stresses on the importance of the right song choice. He is dressed quite well, and that Jacket is something I got to own. He is singing U2 – With or Without You. Good song choice. The vocals has to make an impact, so that the performance is memorable enough for the audience to vote. The song is very very summarised though, but the performance was really good. Shaun Smith is definitely joining Susan and Diversity in the finals.

Judges verdict:
Piers: You errupted the place.
Amanda: You sold it to me tonight. You were so brilliant. Susan Boyle has got big competition.
Simon: For the first time in the night, I felt like I was judging a talent show. You are dark horse in the competition.
Aww..his Nann is in the crowd, cheering the best she can. Ant reminds her- We are doing a live show, so keep it down, Cheers! Hehehe.
His code: 07


The final act of the night. They are FLAWLESS.
Piers reminds us of their brilliant choreography. Simon sez: They have to step up..way up. How come Amanda has no any of the acts. Okay Lemme just watch this one. Madcon Beggin…yeah Baby. Simon’s voice is in the track: So what is the ambition here: The commandos of FLAWLESS reply: Chase the dream, not the Competition…SIR! The act is designed as a military drill. Very very innovative. However, there was a lot of things going on, a bit here and there, not as clean as DIVERSITY. But here it is. They are for sure going to the FINALS.
Their code:08
Lines are OPEN NOW>

Judges verdict:
Amanda: Great, Tidy, Tight. I don’t see why you shouldn’t go through. Fantastic performance.
Simon: We have seen some utter junk tonight. That was utter genius. That was my favorite act of the two nights.
Piers: I might have to consider of being a donut. [ He mentioned at a news show, that if Susan doesn’t win the show, he will be a donut]
A recap of the acts:
DJ Talent: Catchy, but that is it.
Merlin Cadogan: He did a good job, but not good enough to go through to the finals.
Hot Honeys: That was just ok. Even their audition video wasn’t long enough for me to judge them.
Jamie Pugh: His nerves certainly ate his performance. That was not good. He blew his big chance.
Peter Coghlan: Let’s not remind me of that.
Gareth Oliver: Pava was hilarious.
Shaun Smith: The audience vote goes to him.
Flawless: The judges vote is for sho!

Time for a break. Results coming up.[BTW, what kind of an airline can be called : AirLingus. Yes, there is an advert on. It is just not right].


Okay we are back in the studio for the results.
Escala is in the house promoting their new album. They were on BGT last year, and they are performing Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir. I just love love love it. The whole string quartet is very very awesome. It is rock to the core, and the sound is absolutely grand. But I want to see the Guitar solos too. Can’t have it all, can you? Reminds me of Vanessa Williams meets Apocalyptica. But excellent song to cover on the strings. More than Escala, I feel the need to listen to some Led Zeppelin tonight. The votes are being counted in the meanwhile. Crowds are on their feet, and apllause applause. That was indeed a great performance. Escala thanks BGT for being a platform to showcase their talent.
And now, the phone lines are closed. The votes are being counted, and over to the judges for the review of the show tonight.
Piers: Half and Half. I liked the second half.
Amanda: Every year it gets better and better.
Simon: I am in a much better mood now. The last two acts were absolutely brilliant.

Let’s welcome all the 8 semi-finalists back to the stage.
[Biting me nails now]. The results are here.
Winner of the 2nd Semi-Final and through to the finals is:- FLAWLESS

Over to the judges for the 4th act for the finals. The choices for the judges are: Shaun Smith & Gareth Oliver.
[ Absolutely deserving, both of them]. But I think Shaun is gonna make it. Let us see what the judges decide.

Simon: Shaun [easy peasy, without any hesitation]
Piers: Simon does not get variety. Gareth should have a place in the finals.
It’s down to Amanda’s choice. [Crowds screaming]
Amanda: Shaun Smith.
Gareth was surprised to see his name in the final 3 in the Semi-Finals. He is such a polite bloke. And I wish him all the best. But now, it is SHAUN SMITH and FLAWLESS, joining Susan Boyle and Diversity in the Finals on Saturday Night.

Tomorrow: 3rd Semi Final of Britain’s Got Talent- 8:30 pm, London Time. We will be there, liveblogging. See you then.Good Night.
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  1. Ew… I actually totally absolutely HATE Peter’s act!! So stinky.. ew.. Don’t wanna remember abt it anymore…
    I still can’t get what Gareth did?!!? Absolutely know nothing..
    I just love Flawless same as you, Jamie – he has beautiful voice!, and Shaun Smith – he’s really really cute!!
    Hope 3 of them can pass Semi final.. I’m waiting for it!! <3 <3

  2. Thanks very much i needed this very much Dj talent is really bad :[!
    Go Diversityy x

    Sujoy Reply:

    @ Beauty-Lily;
    Thanks for the comments. Very much appreciated. Watch this space for the latest updates from Semi Final 2; LIVE

    Oh yes, Peter’s act was utterly gross. Gareth did a mimic of badly dubbed Chinese movies – which has a mismatch between the dialogue and the lip movement
    My bet is on Flawless and Jamie [But that would be a sort of a repetition of last night, a singer and a dance act]. Both are absolutely brilliant.

  3. Thank you for commenting the show!
    I’ve been looking for almost an hour on the internet to find out who has won tonight ( i’m from belgium and i don’t have itv on my tv).
    But aren’t there 2 acts going to the finals??

    Sujoy Reply:

    Yes, there are 2 acts going to the Finals.

    Shaun Smith and Flawless are through to the Finals.

    Thanks for visiting my post. Cheers!

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