Liveblogging: Britain’s Got Talent 2009-Semi Final 3


~~~Through to the Finale of Britain’s Got Talent 2009.

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It is the third night tonight. So far, 4 have made it to the finals; Susan Boyle, Diversity, Shaun Smith and Flawless – two dance acts and two singers. Tonight’s third Semi-Final of Britain’s Got Talent Season 3-2009 is going to bring us some more brilliant performances and some absolutely stunning, off-the-hook and shocking ones. The list of the eight Semi Finalists performing tonight are given below.


The Barrow Boys (Farmers dancing with Wheelbarrows)
Ben & Becky (Ballroom dancers)
Floral High Notes (A combination of opera with flower arrangement)
Harmony (Musical Theatre performers)
Kayode Oresanya (Human Saxophonist…how did he get through?)
MD Show Group (Street Dancers)
Shaheen Jafargholi (The sweet lad from Swansea who sang “Who’s loving you?” by MJ in the auditions and wowed us all . This is the kid to look out for.)
Stavros Flatley (The Greek father and son dance duo; hilarious and entertaining)

My favorite act of the night [and also to win]: Shaheen Jafargholi
Most undeserving act: Floral Highnotes and Kayode Oresanya
Likely to win the audience vote: Shaheen Jafargholi
Most likely to be buzzed off: Floral Highnotes
Judges choice: Stavros Flatley

The Third Semi-Final is on tonight :8.30 pm, London Time, on ITV1. We’ll be there to cover it live.

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The Liveblogging of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 – Semi Final 3. [ As and when it happens]

Okay, time to settle down the enthusiasm. It is almost 8.30 pm people. All winners of previous two nights [of Semi-Finals] have been as expected. Will we see a shocker tonight? Or will our expectations be fulfilled. Another reminder: Susan Boyle, Diversity, Shaun Smith and Flawless are in the finals. Three more Semi-Finals to go. Six more slots to be filled in the finals. Two of them from tonight’s Semi Finals fight for the £100,000 grand prize money and a chance to perform at the Royal Variety Show . This is the third Semi Final of Britain’s Got Talent 2009, and it begins now.

A recap of last night’s show. FLAWLESS and SHAUN amongst the other good acts, and not-so-good ones. A quick run through the run up of the performances tonight. Shaheen, we are cheering for you. And you to Stavros Flatley. And we are live from London now, in the studio. [Audience cheers!!! Deafening]

3rd Live Semi-Final..!! They will do anything to get your votes. As Ant puts it -“Expect the unexpected “. We welcome the three judges – Piers Morgan, Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell. A reminder – it is the audience who have the control to send the participants to the finale. Amanda is upset when she gets to know that it is already half way through the Semi Finals. Piers has DJ Talent’s song stuck in his head -I say Britain, You say Talent..Hehe!! Awright, it’s time for the first act.

First act of Semi-Final 3 is: Harmony
Amanda is rooting for them. Simon sez: This could be fantastic or utter disaster. Let’s see what they have to offer. Kicking off the Semi-Final 3 is Harmony. OMG, it’s a pink EXPLOSION. They are on a Pink cake, surrounded by Pink dancers, dressed in pink. And they are singing -Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – originally by Miley Cyrus. Pretty predictive for a girl pop-group which is on an overdose of Sugar coated pop.

Judges Verdict:
Piers: I enjoyed it.
Amanda: I need that cake for my daughter. I loved it.
Simon: Everything was great, other than the singing.
In their defense, they say that they are way too excited.
Their code: 01. I don’t think any one is calling for them.

Next up: Kay Oresanya; the human saxophone.
Amanda sez: He is unique. Simon sez; The fact that he is in the show is a joke. Kay believes his performance would make Simon to say “Sorry Kay”.
The act has begun. It is actually absolutely cacophony. Simon’s buzzer has gone.But Amanda and Piers are swaying their hands, and so is the crowd. No one else is buzzing. To me that sounds like a cross between Donald Duck and Tweetie singing.
He finishes with 2 buzzers off to go, and with a lot of applause. He believes he is what Simon is looking for.

Judges verdict:
Amanda: It is bloody terrible, but I love you. [Kay winks]
Simon: Simon says sorry, that he had to sit through that performance.
Piers: I would buy a ticket, an album. You are a musical innovator. [ Someone give him a glass of water]
His code: 02
Time for Break no.1, and two more acts, on the other side.

We are back from the break now. Six more acts to go. The next act: Ballroom dancer group: Ben and Becky
They did get 3 yes-es in the auditions. Piers thinks if a group of 2 can stand the challenge against so many dance groups. They are on, dressed in blue. I must say, their dance is absolutely energetic. Electric? Not quite. Do they have it to make it to the finals?

Judges verdict:
Simon: Not good enough to make it to the finals. It was kinda cold. [ He upsets Becky]
Piers: What he[Simon] knows about ballroom dancing can be written on a postage stamp. You were brilliant.
Amanda: [Agrees to Piers]
Their code: 03

Okay, the moment is here. It’s Shaheen Jafargholi.
3 very large Yes-es in the auditions. Hehe, he says he gets lost in some kind of trance thinking about the competition. It all depends on the song choice. Simon is worried about the song choice as there are no second chances tonight.

The Shaheen fan-club are gonna celebrate his victory together. Go Shaheen!!!!
Shaheen Jafargholi Britain's Got Talent -BGT-2009- Semi Final-High Quality High Definition Wallpaper

He is singing Jennifer Holiday -And I Am Telling You. The song started really rough, I was really worried. He started early, or the track got a bit wrong. But he got hold of it together, and ended quite well. The song was a bit too big for him, but he did manage to get through. I hope he chooses his next song more carefully. But I loved it.

Judges verdict:
Piers: That was the best singing performance in all the Semi-Finals so far.
Amanda: [Praises the water of Wales]. Compares him to Tom Jones
Simon: Could not have been a more difficult song choice. But it worked.
He is going to the finals. Fo sho.
His code: 04. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!!

Here is a link of Shaheen Jafargholi’s performance in the Semi-Final [Man, YouTube uploaders are blazingly fast]

Time for another break

Back from the break.Up next: Barrow Boys. This is variety. I like the act. And it is quite enjoyable. Simon sez: I don’t think if they can make it bigger and better. We’ll see. Oooh. The track is Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now. They are juggling their Wheel Barrows which has B G and T written on the back. First buzzer – Simon. Second buzzer -Piers. I think this act is not meant for such a big stage. It is not BIG enough. The song continued even after their act was done.

Judges Verdict:
Amanda: I thought it was utterly brilliant.
Simon: I am not taking back the buzzer. It’s still the same thing.
Piers: It was terrific in the auditions. It just didn’t go anywhere.
Their code: 05

Next up: MD Show Group. Their performance to ” They Don’t Care About Us” was dynamic. Piers commends their rawness.
Let’s see what they’ve got. The outfits are a bit gothic. They are dancing to “Beat It” but the Fall Out Boy version. The stage is exploding. Or is it the song. I love the song [not sure about the cover, but the original is just one of my all-time favorites]. Got a bit carried away there. The performance was nice. Lots of energy. How many of them are there on-stage?

Judges verdict:
Simon: I wish I could have bottled your passion. I thought it was absolutely incredible.
Piers: I liked the message that you represent.
Amanda: I love that you always dance like it is a matter of life or death.

Their code: 06
Time for a break. The last two acts of the night, coming up next.

Back from the break. Last two acts remaining. Next up: Floral HighNotes.
The synergy between opera and flower arrangement. I don’t think this will make it. Both are world-class in their own fields. But it doesn’t necessarily translate into a great act together. She is definitely a very good opera singer. But her solo act would have been appreciated more. I hear Boos from the audience already. And there we go, Simon has buzzed. Applause along with some boos. There is some significance to the flower arrangement.

Judges verdict:
Piers: I think the Queen, her Majesty, will love it.
Amanda: I loved it.
Simon: I could have done the same flower arrangement. I think the Queen will be bored watching that.
Their code: 07


Last act of the night: Stavros Flatley
I loved their auditions. The thing is : Will they be able to recreate the magic? Greek +Irish dance. They come out dancing, and all my worries are gone. The audience is on their feet. This act is my favourite of the night. No, its Shaheen. But they are for sure, my second favorite. That was bloody hilarious and brilliantly funny. The signature final throwing off of the wigs was brilliant. And the short skirt is funny hahahaha. I can’t stop smiling.
Their code: 08

Judges verdict:
Amanda: I just love love love you.
Simon: It is incredibly infectious. The final would be a terrible place without you.
Piers: It was brilliant.

Greek Dad to Son: Thank you for letting me dance with you. Audience goes awww. And they are the second act to go into the finals [My prediction].
Phone Lines are OPEN.

Recap Of the Acts:
Harmony: Meh!
Kay: Yuck!
Ben and Becky: Meh!
Shaheen: Wooo Hoooooo!!!!
Barrow Boys: Another addition to the Meh!
MD Showgroup: ENERGY personified.
Floral HighNotes: I don’t get it. May be I am not that sophisticated.
Stavros Flatley: I am still giggling.

Last break of the night.
Ooh..Terminator Salvation. I got to watch it this week. After me exams [that’s tomorrow morning]. Nothing is stopping me from watching BGT Semi Finals, especially when Shaheen and Stavros are on it. Is Britain voting for the right ones? [God, this wait is killing].

Back from the break. Time for the guest performance of the night. BGT veteran, Season 2 finalist Faryl Smith. She has released an album and has been touring. Her performance is quite amazing [ even for a guy like me who doesn’t get Opera at all ]. Speaking of guest performances, will we see Paul Potts, George Sampson, and Andrew Johnston perform in the remaining nights. After the performance, she says, she still felt a bit nervous. Okay, this is the part where finalists thank the show. Hmm!!! And now, the Phone Lines are CLOSED. The votes are being counted as we speak.

Semi-Final 3: RESULTS:
Okay, the big moment is here. Time to reveal the winners. The Semi-Finalists are brought to the stage. Two acts are gonna make it. The first one – Public vote winner is :– STAVROS FLATLEY (OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!) Junior is crying. I am ecstatic. Happy tears. Awwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On for the Judges choice. The next two popular acts as voted by the public are: SHAHEEN JAFARGHOLI [ YAYYYYY!!!]
And the next act is: MD ShowGroup. Over to the judges for the Final Vote.

Simon: The act I liked best tonight was : MD Show Group
Amanda: Shaheen
Piers: [Please say Shaheen] I can only choose one. I have to go with Shaheen. [God, that was something].

MD is crying. All of them. Aww, the lil girl said: We can go with our head held high.


Oh yes, George Sampson is performing on the next Semi-Final on Thursday night [ No BGT tomorrow, Champions League Final tomorrow; Man-U vs. Barcelona …yayy; Will not be Liveblogging that one..hehe]

Go SHAHEEN!!! Can’t be happier. I firmly believe that my exam tomorrow will be absolutely fabulous. Ok then, see you guys with the next Liveblog on Thursday. Do check out for my best picks of BGT this year, tomorrow. Until then, GOOD BYEE!!

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14 thoughts to “Liveblogging: Britain’s Got Talent 2009-Semi Final 3”

  1. Tnx for updating so quick so here in the Netherlands can see what’s going on! 🙂


    Sujoy Reply:

    Thanks Colinda. The pleasure is all mine.

    Do stay with the blog, as we liveblog the remaining semi finals on thursday& friday. As well as the Grand Finale on Saturday.

    Go SHAHEEN!!!


  2. Thanks A LOT, I repeat, A LOT, for doing this terrific job of liveblogging – my contact to “outer Europe” here in Germany, unable to watch the BGT live shows. And this within the EU…
    I wasn’t 100% satisfied by Shaheen passing through to the semi finals, his voice being too little mature for such enormous stages… But tonight’s performance convinced me otherwise. I consider it a kind of a shame that Stavros Flatley made the first place here. Sympathetic guys, certainly, and I mean it, but what they do is what every single inhabitant of Cyprus can do on his veranda… The differnce is that THEY display what in my opinion shouldn’t be displayed in that way in public television: adult and, before all, infantile obesity.


    Sujoy Reply:

    @Oliver: Thanks very much for the LOT of Thanks. Phew. Wish me luck for the exams tomorrow.

    Shaheen’s performance; as i said, didn’t start off really well, but thank God, he managed to rise from the dark-side [ Bit of a Star Wars analogy, hehe]

    However, Stavros Flatley were hilarious. I haven’t seen much of European dances like the ones you mention [ much to do with my ignorance].
    And well, as far as infantile obesity is concerned, the concept of beauty is certainly been distorted by the media by advocating that lean is healthy.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for the comment, and hope to see you here again on Thursday night with the Liveblog for the 4th Semi Final


  3. Originally by Miley Cyrus?? Thanks for making me feel REALLY OLD.


    Sujoy Reply:

    @ Sarah:
    Haha..I really have no idea of what is going on with the world. I have not heard a single song by Miley CYrus. ANd yes, I don’t live in a cave.

    Btw, your recipe pictures are delicious


  4. Er. . . . the song ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ – did Miley Cyrus not copy it from Cyndi Lauper? Or is it another song with the same name . .


    Sujoy Reply:

    @Denise: Yes Denise…you are right..It is a cover version of CYndi Lauper’s “Girls Just wanna have fun”. Thanks for the heads up. The pressure of Liveblogging you see. I tend to forget my pop-music trivia. Hehe. Thanks for the comment. But anyway, what Harmony performed was the Miley Cyrus version.

    @Thomas: Hello my dear brother from China. Great to see people from the other side of the world reading my blog. I have lots of Chinese friends here. I feel so glad that you guys love the show, and thanks for your appreciative comments.
    Well, I must say, your English is not too bad. Hehe. Well, if you do want some help in translating, you can directly mail me: my email is: sujoysingha[at]gmail[dot]com

    I am afraid I do not know about any subtitling service.

    Great, enjoy the show everyone. Thanks for the comments yet again. And I’ll see u guys on the Thursday Semi-Finals.


  5. Dear Sujoy,

    I’m Thomas Li from maind China, you know what? We got a great great number of fans who love the BGT so much. We are also waiting,expecting and watching and talking about the show for every episode. This is really great!
    But, only a small part of the fans who can fully apreciate the show because of the language problem. So, I’m just keep doing a voluntary work of translating and putting Chinese subtitles for them, but, there are still some words that beat me. I’m wondering whether there is any source of the show that provide with English subtitles. With it, it would be quite easy for us to put the subtitles. So, could you do me a favor and provide me some helping information this? Or you can be the one to do this? hehe!!!

    Whatever the answer might be, thank you in advance!

    Enjoy the show!


    Thomas Li
    From China


  6. Just want to say hi 🙂 and to thank you for quick updating 🙂

    I’m actually from Serbia, BGT is popular here but we can watch it on youtube only so it’s great to find out ho is in final in moment when it’s reveled :)))

    Greetings from SERBIA


  7. @Vee: Thanks m8 for the comments. We will be back tomorrow with the 4th Semi-Final Liveblog.

    @Dragan: Hello to you and to all my dear friends in Serbia. Thanks a lot for the appreciative comments.

    A big cheers to all of you. And see you all for the 4th Semi Finals, tomorrow at 8:30 pm, London Time; right here.



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