Liveblogging: Britain’s Got Talent 2009-Semi Final 4


~~~Through to the Finale of Britain’s Got Talent 2009.

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Britain's Got Talent 2009

We are back today after yesterday’s pause in the Live schedule. It was such a shameful Champion’s League Final. Barca outperformed ManU by miles. They almost treated ManU like babies, and kept the ball with them throughout the game. And ManU could do nothing but stare at the ball with their jaws dropped to the floor and hearts skipping to beat with fear. Anyway, coming back to Thursday night it is-Britain’s Got Talent 2009 Bay-Beh. Semi Final 4 . We are nearing the finals, one night at a time. The list of finalists so far are:

Susan Boyle; Diversity;
Shaun Smith; Flawless;
Shaheen Jafargholi and Stavros Flatley [ click on link to their Semi-Final Performances here]
Tonight 8 more semi-finalists will perform before the British audience. Here is the lists of the performers tonight.


2 Grand(Duo of Granfather and Grand-daughter; very emotional act)
Brit Chix(Wannabe Spicegirls meets Hair-Metal)
Callum Francis (Young musical performer; He is quite a confident performer)
Fabia Cerra ( The big shocker at the auditions when she made ITV censor the footage with the Union Jack, you know where. Can a dancer/stripper make it through, in the name of variety,to the Royal Variety?)
Fred Bowers (73 year old Breakdancer; Can it get any more inspiring than this?)
Jackie Prescott and Tippy Toes ( Dog act; We have one such act every year. Sure it’s cute, but I can bet that its never gonna win the finals)
Julian Smith (Saxophonist; I believe he is the favorite for the night)
Sugar Free (Street Dance Hip Hop Troupe)

My favorite act of the night [and also to win]: Julian Smith
Most undeserving act: Brit Chix
Likely to win the audience vote: 2 Grands
Most likely to be buzzed off: Brit Chix, Callum Francis,  Fabia Cerra, Jackie Prescott
Judges choice: Sugar Free

The Fourth Semi-Final is on tonight :8.30 pm, London Time, on ITV1. We’ll be there to cover it live.

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The Liveblogging of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 – Semi Final 4. [ As and when it happens]

OKIE DOKIE. We are here on ITV1 now. The Semi Final is just about to get started.

**UPDATE: George Sampson [BGT 2008 Winner] is performing tonight [ I’d prefer SIGNATURE]**

And the clock struck 8:30 pm, and here we are. A recap of the Tuesday Semi-Finals. Shaheen won. Stavros rocked the crowd. And tonight eight more performers will try their luck at the grand prize, and the chance to perform at the Royal Variety. It’s Britain’s Got Talent Semi Final-4 live from London. Ant and Dec are here and they say that we are in for a treat tonight. But IMHO, this is one of the weaker nights in terms of performances. I don’t think we have any serious contenders tonight who could actually win the finals. The judges are taking their seats – Piers Morgan, Amanda Holden, and Sigedddy Sigeddy Simon Cowell.

Amanda reminds us of the depressing match that was last night, and she really missed the show [and so did we]. Piers is an Arsenal fan, and gets booed. Time to start the show.
First contestants of the show: SUGARFREE from Kent. They are a dance group comprised of hairdressers and watchmakers. Let’s see if they can outperform Diversity and Flawless. Rightly mentioned by Simon and Piers, they are in the toughest category. Let’s see if they can prove the Girl Power as they say. And they descend from the top. It’s Britney’s Circus for the dance track. I hate that song. The outfits are shimmery black with red belts. The dance isn’t out of the box, and neither is upto the level of standard set by the boy dance groups. I wasn’t wowed at all, and it just came and went away. I am not being mean at all, but this didn’t have the winning stuff in this one.

Judges verdict:
Amanda: I definitely think you’re gonna give the boys a run for their money. I think there is room for lip gloss and sparkle.
Simon: It was good, I don’t think it was brilliant. [As usual booed]
Piers: I enjoyed that.
Code: 01

Second act: Jackie Prescott and Tippy Toes.
Simon suggested them to try tapdancing. I really love and adore this act. Amanda doesn’t think that Tippy Toes can tapdance. Simon hopes this could be the best animal/dog routine. They are dancing to the track of Taco – Puttin on the Ritz.
First buzz of the night. That’s from Piers.
Issues of animal on the stage could be quite unpredictable.

Judges verdict:
Simon: I look kinda like an idiot now. We had an agreement that he would tapdance. I am a lil bit disappointed.
Piers: Tippy reminded me of Wayne Rooney last night. On a positive note, we get to prove that Simon is an idiot.
Amanda: It wasn’t to the standard of Kate and Gin.
Their code: 02

Time for the first break of the night. See u soon on the other side

Back from the break. Next up: 12 year old – Callum Francis. We certainly remember his theatrical act of Oliver Twist. His dream to sing and dance in the WestEnd. Amanda sez: He cannot afford to miss this opportunity. And he’s performing a Jungle Book medley, And he’s here as Mowgil with Baloo. I think he is going to the finals. He has to. It is just way too charming. And he fits Mowgli to the T. This act is absolutely energetic and I loved it, loved it, loved it. He is a confident little lad, and he completely enthralled the audience. That was so much fun.

Judges verdict:
Piers: Whatever happens, in 10 years time, you will be playing in a Westend show.
Amanda: I have died and gone to heaven. That was perfection.
Simon: I love the film. That was a great routine, and I actually think you will be in the final.
Code: 03
Wow, an unexpected entry to the list. I am quite sure he is through.


Next up: 73 year old Fred Bowers. Ant and Dec give him a nickname: ‘OAP’ Diddy. He loves Hip and Hop music. And he says he is 73 year old, but inside he is 23. Simon praises his spirit, and Piers is worried that it might go wrong. Here we go, he is out in the open, wearing a Blue Tee. Dude, he’s got the spirits. He is rolling on the floor, and try to show us some moves. It was certainly like a party.

Judges verdict:
Amanda: Thanks Fred for being alive. I don’t think it is good enough to get through into the finals.
Simon: Good luck to you
Piers: I want to salute you for that.
Code: 04
Time for another break, and 4 more acts to go.

And we are back to the show.
Next up: All girl rock act, Brit Chix. I hope I am spelling that right. Simon sez: It might sound great, or terrible, nothing in between. And the song kicks in. They are covering Wanna Be – Spice Girls. And Simon buzzes first. They are rocking it up. The arrangement is something that I would like, but it is just not connecting me[the riff is catchy, duh]. Three buzzers for the second time. [Can’t remember the first time].

Judges verdict:
Simon: It sounded fake. Just horrible.
Piers: We are looking for potential winners for the show. And you don’t have that.
Amanda: Maybe we will see you next year.
The vocalist apologizes to the band. The band apologizes to all the peeps at home and Scotland.

We get a recap of Amanda crying. He talks about BGT being a lifechanging experience. Piers fears if a Saxophone is good enough to make it to the finals. Julian is nervous if he will miss this opportunity as well. The performance begins a bit rough [There is for sure some problem with the Studio Sound initially, and then it sorts itself out after the first 3-5 seconds]. Bless you Julian, that’s a brilliant instrumental performance of “All By Myself”. I can totally see his heart and his soul in his performance and how much he wants this. The crowd went ballistic [in a very good way], and everyone loved his performance. He really wants it, and someone from the crowd just yelled “I love you Julian”.

Judges verdict:
Piers: You are probably the coolest contestant on the show. That was a brilliant performance.I think you can win.
Amanda: I think that was the best act so far. You stirred so many emotions in me. Thank you very much.
Simon: I normally hate such kind of performances, but I liked this. Your performance is unique. I think you have great chance of making it to the finals.
His code: 06
Time for the third break, and the last 2 performances of the night.

The next act: 2 Grand.
I feel really emotional about this performance. A grandad and a grand daughter singign together- does it get more sentimental. They are singing -“Somewhere out There” from An American Tail.Grandpa’s singing is received with applause. The audience is clapping really loudly. I don’t know. I am quite confused about this performance. I don’t like it as much as I wanted to. The vocals were not very strong. But then, it was very sweet.

Judges verdict:
Amanda: I am a complete mess. What a fantastic performance
Simon: Sally and John. I really really liked you two. You have complete and utter sincerity.
Piers: Tonight, you showed that it was an legitimate act.
Aww…Sally, she is crying.
Their code: 07.
They have all the emo-cards going in their favour.

Last act of the night. FABIA CERRA.
Piers: My kind of woman. Hehe. Simon: It was completely unexpected in the audition. God knows what she’s gonna do tonight. What she’s got in store tonight, let’s find out.
She is here in a Chicago-Zeta Jones-esque attire, and two things hanging and glittering from her..err..ahem!! Dude!!! She is quite a dancer, serious. I can’t believe she is doing that and that and that too. And the water on the chair trick. That was err…saucy.
Her code: 08

And the phone lines are OPEN…………..NOW

Judges verdict:
Simon: I absolutely love that. Can you turn off those btw? They were distracting me.
Piers: This may be the end of the road. If it is, what a way to go.
Amanda: It was a stop-the-traffic dance routine. I would like them to be turned on.
Dec is playing ‘Off and On’.
She is indeed one spirited lady.

Recap of the acts:
Sugarfree: Was that good enough? Don’t think so.
Jackie and Tippy Toes: Not cute enough to go to the finals.
Callum Francis: If not the audience vote, the judges are sending him to the finals for sure.
Fred Bowers: Praise him, Praise Him
Brit Chix: Buzz Buzz Buzz!!!!
Julian Smith: Please send him to the finals. And he is.
2 Grand: Darn!!!! Only two can go. I think they would have to be eliminated.
Fabia Cerra: Sexy routine, but not Finale stuff.

Less than 10 minutes for voting. Time for a break. Results right after this one.

Right we are back from the break. Sneek peek of the News @10. Headlines include: Susan Boyle threatens quitting Britain’s Got Talent. Time for the guest performance of the night. Last year’s BGT winner : George Sampson. Hey that choreography is pretty much like N SYNC’s VMA performance [can’t remember the year, surely will paste the link later], with the monitors et al. The track is the Electronic Club Remix of “Another Brick in the Wall”. You know whose track is that one. George is for sure a lovely dancer. He praises the acts this year. C’mon Ant & Dec, give him some time to get a breather.
The votes are closed. The biggest thing this summer – Not Wimbledon, Not Ashes, the Britain’s Got Talent Summer Tour.

Piers says its going to be really hard to decide.
Amanda thinks its Julian Smith and 2 Grands.
Simon praises George Sampson, yet again.

Time for the results. All acts on the floor. I really wish that Callum makes it to the finals.
And Julian Smith too. They are the two most deserving ones. Fabia doesn’t stop shaking.
Here we go with the results.

The winner of the fourth Semi Final Audience Vote: JULIAN SMITH
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So very happy for him

Okay, time for the two options for the judges.
The first one : 2 GRAND

I knew it. It is going to be such a tough decision for the judges. I see Amanda going for 2 Grand. Over to the judges.

Simon: I just knew this was gonna happen tonight. Callum-loved the act. Surprisingly loved -2 Grands. Simon goes for 2 Grand.
Amanda: I’m going for 2 Grand. Awwwww…..Callum
Piers: I would have gone with Callum.
He is still smiling. Good for him. He is a brilliant performer, and will surely make it big.

So here we are ladies and gents, JULIAN SMITH and 2 GRAND, are the finalists from tonight. Sally is still crying and speechless.
Ant to Julian : Tonight, you did it. JULIAN SMITH everybody.

Just two more places to go in the finals. Big Final on Saturday, Last Semi-Final of BGT tomorrow at 8:30 pm on ITV1 and Paul Potts [BGT Season 1 winner] is the guest performer. See you there. For more visit:

And yes, we will keep you updated with the Susan Boyle news, right here. Keep watching this space.

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7 thoughts to “Liveblogging: Britain’s Got Talent 2009-Semi Final 4”

  1. Hi from Auckland New Zealand! Loving your live blogging of Britains Got Talent! This is the best breakfast show ever!! We’re watching line by line to see what happens next so keep up the great work! We’ll be up early on Sunday morning to checkout the finals, and will be voting for Susan Boyle or Shaun thingy, or maybe the lovely Julian – its gonna be a tough choice! Cheers from the City of Sails, karen


    Sujoy Reply:

    Hello Karen,

    Such a small world innit. From London to Auckland, we are speaking the language of BGT on this blog. Yayy!! Thanks a lot for your appreciative comments.
    Tonight is the last semi-final of BGT, and the Finale is tomorrow.
    Hope to see your comments on the Liveblog of Semi Final 5.



  2. Hi Sujoy,

    I watched the show, so fantastic. The results is really favors me, hehe! I really love the performance of Julian Smith, what a man! With his instrument, he overwhelmed everyone. That is power, totally overwhelming power! Go on Julian!

    Also I like the Duo of 2 Grands. They are not the best singers, but, what they reprents are unique. As Piers said, this show is for family entertaining, and their performance is all about it. Nice, but i don’t think they can enter the top 3 places.

    Well, will back to you Sujoy!

    Like you, my friend!

    From China


    Sujoy Reply:

    Seems like you are quite a dedicated fan Thomas! And for sure, the results did like you. But I wanted Callum to win. Julian was brilliant for sure.
    Thanks for the appreciative comments, and hope to see your comments on the Liveblog of tonight’s show.

    Ni Hao and Shi-Shi to everyone watching BGT in China!!!


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