Liveblogging: Britain’s Got Talent 2009-Semi Final 5


~~ Through to the Finale of Britain’s Got Talent 2009

** Finalists Review and Predictions of the Winner of BGT Finale. Click here **

Britain's Got Talent 2009

Right, time to roll the dice . This is the last Semi-Final night. It’s Friday and at 8:30 pm, London Time, on ITV1, we will witness the final 8 semi-final performers trying to make a place in the last two spots left at the Grand Finale to be held tomorrow. It is Semi Final 5 of Britain’s Got Talent 2009. We are almost there with the complete list of the finalists to perform; the only two missing will come from tonight’s list of performers and they are:

Aidan Davis (Solo Dance Act; very George Sampson-esque, and he is pretty damn good)
DCD Seniors (Dance Troupe from Cardiff)
The Dreambears (Comedy Dance Group; It was actually quite funny in the auditions)
Good Evans The cute singing family act from Coventry. They are such a cute act to watch
Greg Pritchard ( He sang Nessun Dorma in the auditions at an unattainable pitch; He looks like a rockstar and sings opera;definitely not the favorite of the night)
Hollie Steel (The favorite to win the night, and for sure a strong contender as well, she looks like a little ballerina and has the voice of an angel)
Luke Clements (The fruit juggler act, and he loves apples; Simon challenged him to do it with melons)
Martin “Gos” Matcham (Did a very Karaoke version of “I want to Break Free”, but has the world’s coolest guitar[at least the most glowing]. But is he good enough to make it, and will Simon get a good bashing from Martin’s mother-in-law yet again? Watch the clip.)

My favorite act of the night [and also to win]: Hollie Steel
Most undeserving act: Martin Matcham
Likely to win the audience vote: Hollie Steel
Most likely to be buzzed off: Martin Matcha,
Judges choice: Aidan Davis

So to sum up my predictions, the acts that are going through for the finals from tonight’s Semi Finals are: Hollie Steel and Aidan Davis. Would you support my judgement?

The Fifth Semi-Final is on tonight :8.30 pm, London Time, on ITV1. We’ll be there to cover it live. And yes, Paul Potts, winner of Season 1 of BGT will be performing tonight as well. See you there!!!

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The Liveblogging of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 – Semi Final 5. [ As and when it happens]

Okie dokie. Last Semi Final. Last two spots to be filled. Ant and Dec recap last night’s performances. Julian Smith’s soul stirring performance, and 2Grand’s cute act winning the judges’ vote. A quick run through the performances for the night. And here we go, live from London, Semi Final 5 of BGT 2009. Welcome everyone!! Enter the BGT judges:- Piers Morgan, Amanda Holden [what is she wearing, that’s something] and Simon Cowell. A reminder: Potts is here tonight.

A few comments from the judges.
Amanda sez: I might climax here tonight!
Piers: I don’t think we can move away from this dress.
Simon: I know it already who’s gonna make it through.

Right, let’s kick off the show. The dance act which cannot be any more camp- it’s the DreamBears. Men with regular jobs, but by night, they claim to be Cabaret Superstars. They promise they will be going physical tonight, and Amanda sez: They are serious about winning tonight. The act has started to the track of “It’s Raining Men” [quite predictably]. And Simon is already on with his buzzer. Surprisingly, they are quite good and very nimble for big guys. They are absolutely enthusiastic about this. Simon points out the wardrobe problem.

Judges Verdict:
Simon: It was a bit clumsy, the costumes didn’t fit.
Piers: I am finding a bit of a guilty pleasure.
Amanda: I loved it. No problem in putting 3 queens in front of the Queen.
It was hilarious. Their code: 01


Second act of the night: Good Evans
The family act from Coventry. Are they going to be good enough to go through to the finale. Simon sez: If they perform together, they are out of the competition. And they are performing together as a family.
The song has started, but it is not at all tight. It is sweet, no doubt, with the little twins, and mum n dad, and star Elliot of the family performing together. But it is not good enough. The vocals are all over the place. BTW the track- I don’t know this one.[Update: As indicated by Tara, it’s from High School Musical, something I have no knowledge about; I have better things to do than watch Zack Effron]. The audience seemed to like it, but it was kind of a lukewarm response, even compared to the Dreambears performance.

Judges Verdict:
Piers: He buzzed. It was a disaster.
Amanda: The girls were brilliant.
Simon: I can’t say anything horrible about the two of you in the front [ the cute twins ]. You are not gonna win. [Lotsa Boos].
Their Code: 02

Time for a break now. After the break : Greg Pritchard and Luke Clements.


Welcome back after the break. Next act: Luke Clements. He is going for Melons, is he? He wants to bring back Variety in “Royal Variety”. Let us see what he brings to the table. Yes, there is a Water Melon with a fuse. But he is just making it explode, and he did the same act of juggling and eating-this time it was tomatoes. O Oh! 3 buzzers. Yes, all of them.

Judges verdict:
Amanda: Your audition was different. But now you have turned into a run-of-the-mill juggler.
Simon: Why didn’t you swallow the Water Melon?
Piers: 3 buzzes, I’m afraid.

He is an honest, confident and a very positive guy. May he perform much more and juggle his way to success.

Act 4: Hollie Steel. Her audition was stunning. Amanda sez: This little girl is the dark horse of the competition. Simon is worried if her nerves will overshadow her performance. Let’s see if she can do it.
She is performing Sound of Music – . She started very smoothly, and her performance is stunning. But she has forgotten her lines..aww…stage fright. She is crying. Amanda is up from her seat, but the crowd is cheering. The performance has stopped. Hollie wants to do it all over again. But there is no more time for her to perform again.

Judges speak:
Simon: When you were on it, you were brilliant. We will find the time to get you perform it again.

Time for an unexpected break. Man, this is the pressure of Live TV. It is just way too much pressure for a little kid to handle. Little Hollie, can she overcome her nerves? We’ll find out after the break.

Our suggestion: Simon, offer her a show, or a recorded performance with someone famous, if possible – Sound of Music. But don’t make her go through the same routine again. Because, if she fumbles again, she is gonna be absolutely broken.

Back from the break. Hollie will perform again later in the night. Time for the next act: Martin Matcham
Martin has more lights in the guitar, and more Wow Factor. Is he gonna blow the show, or blow his chance?
He is performing : Robert Palmer: Addicted to Love, and it is a photocopy of the music video, down to the last inch [Link here].The buzzer from Simon goes off when Martin’s Guitar starts the solo. His performance was ok.

Judges verdict:
Piers: This was Robert Palmer re-incarnated. I loved all of it.
Amanda: I think you improved.
Simon: Hated it.
Ant and Dec instruct Martin’s mother-in-law to stay in place. His code: 05


Time for the next act: Aidan Davis
Simon had commented his act was absolutely stunning. Amanda sez: He has raised the bar of breakdancing in the show. He is dancing to a Mix of “Rock Your Body” – Justin Timberlake. The Infinity Loop Video Wall concept is stellar. It is such a brilliant concept. And his dance is crazy, crazy, crazy!!! Absolute Timberlake Standard. The crowd is on their feet. He says it was amazing, and amazing it was for sure.

Judges verdict:
Amanda: You absolutely blew me away there. You went through the roof.
Simon: Whatever ‘it’ is, you’ve got ‘it’.
Piers: You know how good you are.
His act was well conceived, and brilliantly executed. His code:06

Time for another break. 3 more acts to go. See you on the other side.

Tonight is a very unpredictable night. We are back from the break. And Hollie Steel is back, performing her act again -Sound of Music – Edelweiss. The backing track is helping. Not only did she complete it successfully, she did it brilliantly. The high pitch in the end, was spine-chilling, goosebumping brilliant. She is crying. Awww..

Judges verdict:
Simon: You are the bravest girl in the world.
Piers: That is one of the gutsiest thing I have ever seen in my life. The second time, you reminded me of how brilliant a singer you are.
Amanda: Congratulations. The most beautiful, innocent, pure voice.
Her code: 04. Audience, please don’t get confused with the numbers. I really wish she wins the audience vote, and most probably, she would.

Next act: DC Seniors from Cardiff. It comprises of 22 dancers. This is a showbiz dance act, and as Amanda rightly puts it, the Royal Family would absolutely love this. Let’s see if they can outperform the other two excellent dance groups. The dancing has begun, but I am not very keen on the music – “One Night Only”. The costume changes is back as it was in the audition. The second half was much better, but do we see a potential finalist?

Judges verdict:
Simon: It’s not as good as what we have seen from Flawless and Diversity.
Piers: We have had some really good dance groups. Any other year, you’d be in the Finals.
Amanda: They’ve got variety. We need some make-up and sparkle. [ Did Amanda just say something that contained the word ‘vag’?]
Their code: 07

Final act of the night: Greg Pritchard. The man who gave us the glass shattering pitch version of Nessun Dorma. Simon sez: It is one of the oddest act I have seen or heard. Here he is, the final act of the evening. He is onstage with cape and all that. He is singing in two voices – what is that song? Barcelona? Is that really Freddie Mercury’s Barcelona? Simon has buzzed. Sure he can pull off the high-note falsetto. And he’s got the capes. He has the world’s most unusual voice. But a: He ran out of breathe. b: He is never gonna win.
Lines are now OPEN. His code: 08

Judges verdict:
Piers: Very unique, very Britain’s Got Talent.
Amanda: Simon is getting 2 for the price of 1.Really good.
Simon: I felt I was in the middle of a horror movie.

Dreambears: Hahahaha!!! Hilarious, Funny and Entertaining.
Good Evans: Meh! Was cute, but that’s it.
Luke Clements: 3 buzzes. It was bad.
Hollie Steel: We are voting for you Little Hollie.
Martin Matcham: Nah! Nah!
Aidan Davis: We have a winner of the night.
DC Seniors: More than the dancing, the music turned them down.
Greg Pritchard: That was weird.

Time for the last break of the night. After the break, Pottsy [Paul Potts] is performing. And also, the RESULTS.
Little Hollie made to the Headlines of 10 o’ clock News. We are back from the break. Time for Paul Potts. His online success can only be matched by this year’s Susan Boyle frenzy. He got his dental challenges taken care of. Coming back to his performance, he can pierce the room and everyone in it with his vocals. It reminds us, why we won BGT Season 1. Amazing voice!! But my friend [who is watching the show with me tonight] says, he’s got a brilliant voice, but he reminds me of -Mr.Potato Head. [ I didn’t say that, honest. So no threats to me, or hate mails]. He has gone for the climactic pinnacle showdown, and may I ask: Is Amanda in tears?
Paul is still very humble. And this is the part, where he thanks BGT. He is talking about his Royal Variety performance experience. Good luck Potsy.

The phone lines are now CLOSED. A quick review of the show with the judges.
Piers: Whatever happened to Hollie tonight was nervewrecking, inspiring.
Amanda: This doesn’t feel real.
Simon: I am totally knackered.

Okie dokie. Time for the results of tonight.

Two acts to go through to the finale. Results of the public vote, here we go:
The winner of the Audience vote, and through to the Finals: AIDAN DAVIS
He is crying. Happy Tears!!! Bless Him!

The two acts for the Judges Choice: i) Hollie Steel, and ii) Greg Pritchard
Over to the judges:

Piers: Tough one again. I’m gonna say- Hollie.
Amanda: She gave the better performance vocally. I’m gonna go with Hollie.
Simon: You’ve got three Yes-se. Hollie.

HOLLIE STELL is through to the Finals. She is crying. Awww. She is coming back tomorrow night.

So here we go, our finalists from tonight – AIDAN DAVIS and HOLLIE STEEL.

Piers sez: This is the best lineup.
The final is on tomorrow night on ITV1 at 6:45 pm, London Time. 10 acts battle for the throne.

Coming soon before the Finale:

**Special post on the 10 finalists of BGT 2009 and our Predictions**.

Stay tuned everyone, and send us your love.

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19 thoughts to “Liveblogging: Britain’s Got Talent 2009-Semi Final 5”

  1. I love your liveblog. So witty and funny. I read all of your liveblogs and loved them.

    My favorites for tonight’s semi-final 5 are Aidan Davis and Greg Pritchard though. I have never heard that unique act from male vocalist pitching that high note. He was very entertaining and unique.

    A little ballernina is just ok to me.

    Look forward to reading tonight’s comments.


    Sujoy Reply:

    Hollie Smith is not a ballerina, she looks like it. But she can sing her lungs out. Have a look at her clip.

    Thanks a lot for your comments and praises for the blog. See you on the liveblog.



  2. Hi back Sujoy,
    after the surprising show yesterday which turned out to be far more fascinating than you predicted (which I equally did…), let’s see or, in my case, READ 😉 how it will work out for the candidates today! I’d bet on Hollie Steel and Aidan Davis, too, the act airing later being likely to win the public vote, the other one being chosen by the judges – in case no further regrettable Jamie Pugh “accident” will occur. I think Aidan Davis is better than George Sampson – the latter was very good indeed last year, but not special: I had seen a group of breakdancers on the central square of Nice, France, just weeks earlier, and their performance was clearly more versatile than George’s. Imho, Faryl Smith should have won, with Escala coming in second and Signature in third.
    Looking forward to your linguistic outbreaks! ;-))


    Sujoy Reply:

    Thanks Oliver, Just a couple of minutes left now, for the show.
    IMHO, Signature was the biggest act last season. Brilliant in every aspect. George Sampson is a good dancer, but he won just because of sympathy vote.

    Aidan is good, but don’t we have Diversity and Flawless already.
    Needless to say, Aidan does deserve to be in the Final.



  3. Oh yes, very very true, the fact that only ONE can win is more than dreary this year… Diversity, Flawless, Susan Boyle… I know you love Signature – would it be due to a kind of a “national link” between you? 😉 Signature were great, but as far as my impression is concerned, they could never fully recreate the marvelous atmosphere from their audition.
    Have fun! (Are you in front of a TV set or directly IN the show theatre?)


  4. I’m so glad you’re live blogging – I reading impatiently from the US! By the way, the song Good Evans sang is from High School Muscial (know that b/c I have a little girl…)


  5. Poor Hollie! It’s great she’ll get a second chance. I’m still rooting for her and my second favourite is Greg.
    Well it’s a nice evening cause it’s also the finale of Holland’s Got Talent! We’ve got an absolutely brilliant guitar player, I really want him to win.


  6. What happened with Hollie is precisely why I am so against children’s being in show business; the pressure can be excruciating. Certainly she is a tremendously talented and precious youngster, but, again, show business is bad for about any participant’s emotional and physical health and should not be a part of any child’s life. I have much angst for Susan as well; she is far too fragile emotionally to be able to handle even a “moderate” amount of the pressure and especially the disgraceful behavior of both the media (especially the Paparazzi. of course) and certain insensitive and ignorant segments of the public. Susan Boyle is a fine woman with considerable talent who hardly deserves the nastiness and outright cruelty of those people who show by their behavior they have plenty of issues of their own. I love Susan’s smile which mirrors her goodness. And for those who criticize her performance of “Memory”, she had a cold. She discusses in an interview how she knew she had to go on after the shaky beginning; this is a lady of great courage and character, who has sacrificed for others most of her life. I pity her critics.


    Sujoy Reply:

    @ Vicki:
    Yes, the pressure of Live TV, Live audience and the cameras flashing all over you can be intimidating even for a grown-up [ Jamie Pugh for example]. I can’t even start imagining what little Hollie went through. But it was such a courageous thing for her to ask for a second chance, and she did it brilliantly. I think, with her second performance, she has been able to overcome that fear more than anything else that could help.

    As for Susan, I do like her singing. But sometimes she acts like a nut-case. Her dance routines dedicated to “Piers ee Baby” in the Semi Finals -ugh! It was embarrassing to even watch it. I know she has got the talent, but please, don’t behave like that. But that also doesn’t mean that the media should treat her in such a negative light, like she has been in the last couple of days.
    Susan’s story is definitely what dreams are made of.


    Sujoy Reply:

    @ Vicki;

    Thanks a lot for the flurry of replies that you have showered on this post. It is such a warm appreciation and I am so glad to have liveblogged. All the hardwork feels absolutely worth it.

    As you mentioned, Susan does seem a bit of autistic. Observing her behaviour and mannerisms, she often seems like the reaction takes a long time to sink in to her. But nevertheless, she has definitely got the heart in the right place, and the talent to transcend boundaries and bring the world together. Her performance exactly captures all of us, irrespective of our nationalities, or situation. She indeed seems like a very kind and loving person, and when she accepted her defeat to Diversity, she has only made herself more and more respectable. It is such a shame that the media thrives on such personalities and tries to cook up stories.

    And btw, its not only Susan, I’d also like to visit Sunny California :(.. No invitations for me.

    Nevermind for the typo of my name..Hehe. I have been called way more worse names than Dujoy. 😉

    What you mentioned about the manipulation of the results, can be absolutely true.Simon Cowell and the producers of BGT or any damn talent show have to think about the business of making money after the show. Even with American Idol this year, even though Adam Lambert was clearly the better singer, and the favourite to win, the producers and AT&T gave out offers like multiple voting for fans of Kris Allen. It’s because the producers want to earn more and more money. It’s all about the money, isn’t it?

    Do take care of your backpain, and get a good couch. Say hi to your Chihuahua and Yorkie.!!

    Cheers and hope to see you soon again.!!


  7. Dujoy- thanks for responding- and appreciate your site btw. It has been suggested that Susan might have a form of autism, albeit she is quite high-functioning. Now this has NOT been authenticated in any way but the syndrome mentioned fits at least some of her behavior. She also has an off-beat sense of humor, part of which might be driven by this condition. What she is as a person I have read by many who really know her, is a kind and loving person who is there to help anybody she can. I along with others with whom I’ve talked sincerely wish she were our neighbor. I love her sweet face and her precious smile. I think many people who have never met her have a sincere love for her as well; she touches the soul. Well, Susan, if you read this, we would love you to move to sunny California- which, today, unfortunately is suffering GB’s gloomy weather. And, Susan, I’m old enough to be your surrogate “mum” (“mom, herer). LOL


  8. Sujoy- something else, which I have posted on other sites; there were not that many votes- so easy to manipulate results. I read on the ITV site (under the article that states that she and the sax player were gracious in defeat) that several people in GB tried to vote for Susan but were given an “error” message. This left me with the disturbing thought that perhaps Simon Cowell didn’t want to be “saddled” witha “fragile” personality as a winner– wouldn’t make him enough money- and so her loss would take care of that situation. This needs to be investigated- gow many other votes did she miss out on?


  9. Reasob for typos: I type 3/4 reclined because of back probs) with the keyboard on my stomach and a dog right under the keyboard (Yorkie or Chihuahua, whichever pounces on me first) :o)


  10. Hello vicky,

    Speaking to you after such a long while. I remembered your appreciation of Susan Boyle, and since SuBo is reigning the charts currently, the first person I thought of was you 🙂

    Its such a brilliant thing to see her being successful. And we all saw it in the making.
    How've you been? What've u been doing lately?

    We at OKS miss you. 🙂
    I guess we'll see you at the next season of Britain's Got Talent.


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