Liveblogging: Britain’s Got Talent 2009-Semi Final 1


~~ Through to the Finale of Britain’s Got Talent 2009.

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Britain's Got Talen 2009

The excitement is nervewrecking, isn’t it? Of course, all eyes are on one Scottish lady tonight. Yes, Susan Boyle. Susan Boyle is performing Live tonight, after her 2 minutes of global internet acclaim [thanks to YouTube]. It is indeed time to see if she can outperform herself and make a place at the Finals. The long, exciting, tedious, disgusting and yet entertaining auditions have resulted in more than 200 acts to be selected, which have now been shortlisted by the panel of judges – Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan to a mere 40; 8 each for the 5 semi finals. The Grand Finale of Britain’s Got Talent is to be held on next Saturday, the 30th of May. Until then, it is going to be a whole week of Live Semi Finals. 2 from the 8 semi-finalists will be proceeding to the final- one selected through audience vote, and the other by the judges verdict.

The acts that are ‘On Tonight’ in the first Semi Final are:

Darth Jackson ( A weird act, someone dressed as Darth Vader, dancing to Billie Jean)

Diversity (Dance Act from London)

Faces Of Disco ( John Travolta pants meet masks of Simon Cowell)

Julia Naidenko (Belly Dancer)

Natalie Okri ( A little girl who sang Alicia Keys)

Nick Hell (A guy who hangs weights from his ears, nose and lets his fiance drop a bowling bowl on his belly)

Sue Son (Solo violinist)

Susan Boyle (Need I write, Les Miserable – I dreamed a dream, Most watched lady on YouTube)

The First Semi-Final kicks off at 8:30 pm, London Time on ITV1  and we shall be covering it live, as it happens. Be here to see, if Susan Boyle stays on in the competition. My favorite act: Diversity. Most undeserving act: Darth Jackson.

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The Liveblogging of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 – Semi Final 1 .

Ant and Dec begin the show. Montage of the big, good, bad and ugly performances of BGT this year. And of course, how BGT went global, thanks to the power of YouTube. New York, Larry King, Korea, Japan is talking about BGT and Susan Boyle in particular. A quick recap of the 8 semi finalists. Susan Boyle has had a make-over, and Ant and Dec remind us “This is Britain’s Got Talent”. The First Live Semi-Final of Britain’s Got Talent .Let’s welcome the judges -who talk complete and utter TALENT (arguably, how come we have Darth Jackson here, like that is ever gonna go on the Royal Variety Show). Here come Simon, Amanda and Pierce. Pierce reminds us that America is talking BGT and Simon buzzes on Ant’s hair-do. Ok, here we go. Time for business.

First act: it’s DIVERSITY from London -Street Act.

Lights are dim. MI theme. Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya from Matrix Revolution theme. Lovely Jumps and throwing. the MI theme continues. Brilliant throws. Waves.

MJ-Smooth Criminal mixed with 4 minutes. And the Phone Sketch to Vote Diversity- That was clever. Explosive i say. They deserve to be in the finals.

Definitely was tight and their effort shows.

Judges verdict:

Piers: You lot were fantastic tonight. You’re fast, fantastic and you;re brilliant

Intelligent, funny, can’t take my eyes off from you. Utterly Utterly fantastic

Simon: I thought I was in American Idol. (comparing Amanda to Paula) Sensational. Congratulations. Standing ovation from judges.

Call for them: Code:01

And Diversity makes the call gesture.


Second Act: SUE SON-violinist (in her red dress).

Very grand sound, and the piece is beautiful. But does it contain the impact to make people call to vote for her? I doubt it. Don’t know yet. She even says that she could have done better, but she is happy with the audience vibe:

Judges Verdict:

Piers: That was terrific

Amanda: You are a vixen with a violin.

Simon: I would always sacrifice friendship for success. You are really really good, but your personality didn’t come out on that performance.

Her code: 02. Time for a Break. Dominos Pizza. Ooh, it’s Escala (Not just music, it’s Escala. Debut Album out now. No, they are not sponsoring me to write this)



Oh yes, by night you are an undiscovered talent. Simon sez: Everything is wrong about him. Honestly, if he wins, I resign. Damn, he’s here for the shock factor alone.

The Imperial March theme is on. Simon’s buzzer is on, and he goes on to dance on Thriller. Piers seems to enjoy it. I say, its the song, not him. Thriller is just too good to buzz. Amanda is laughing. The lamest moonwalk. The crowd likes him too.

Judges Verdict:

Piers: I was feeling the force tonight. Is Michael Jackson in that suit tonight?

Amanda: Tonight, I was disappointed. DUH!

Simon: You are insane, and APPLAUSE from the crowd.

And he is unmasked. I would surely give him a punch if I meet him in person now.



She prefers BGT over PS3, XBOX 360, Nintendo …She is singing Jamelia’s Superstar. Her voice isn’t as strong as it was in the auditions. She is cute, but not cute enough to make her go through to the final. I can see her relatives calling for her, but no one else. And this song, doesn’t showcase her BEAUTIFUL voice. And the backing vocals are just getting louder and louder than her little voice.

Judges verdict:

Piers: That was terrific. You are a little star in the making.

Amanda: You owned that stage. Fantastic performance.

Simon: I still adore you. On a slightly downer, I wouldn’t have chosen that song. Just smile and youre going to get a load of votes.



Born in Latvia, and she dreams of dancing before the Queen. Simon reminds us of the reality- will bellydancing guarantee votes. She is dancing to Moulin Rouge’s OST- Lady Marmalade . Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir. Simon smiles. Hehe. And so does Piers. O Oh!!! Amanda buzzes. Yes, the act is a bit boring right now. Well, the audience loves it, and both the men judges give a standing ovation.

Judges verdict:

Piers: Jealousy ..ahem ahem. Amanda – what were you thinking with?

Amanda: You are far too sexy for words.

Simon: Very talented. The Royal Family would surely like to see you and I would like to see ‘more of you’.



Simon sez: Nobody wants to see it. Nick says 10 times more bizzare and dangerous. Oh, I don’t want to watch this.

God, he drilled his nose from right to left. And he’s hanging …wtf…a Chainsaw.3 buzzers. Thank you judges.

Judges verdict:

Piers: You are dsgusting, the ears are ugly.

Amanda: Its not entertainment

Simon: This is not family entertainment.

His code: 06

Time for a break, and the final two acts are next.


And we are back. The 7th act is next, its FACES OF DISCO.

Obama and Brown dancing to In the Navy – by Village People

Other masks include: Prince Charles and the Queen, Ant and Dec,Peter Andre and her Mrs. Hold on-Simon and Simon and lotsa Simon.That was actually fun to watch.

Judges Verdict:

Piers: It was brilliant, until the end.

Amanda: Starts fanning..’Huge’ amount of talent.

Simon: The end was sensational.


And here we are. The moment is here. SUSAN BOYLE.

Susan Boyle Britain's Got Talent FinalsWill she prove herself all over again? Oprah is talking about her. Larry King is talking about her. Here she is. This is her moment. And aww, she had a make-over. Can she do it ? She sings – Memories (from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s CATS). She starts a bit pitchy, but she picks up her confidence and gets the act together. The crowd is cheering. One thing is for sure by now, she is definitely getting the vote. Amanda is almost bursting into tears. Simon seems mesmerised. And oh, here she goes to the higher scale, and as the song ends -A New Day Has Begun, it is indeed that. Everyone stands up, and she gets a standing ovation. Lines are open, and her code: 08

She feels fantastic about the performance.

Judges verdict:

Piers: The world is watching you.

Amanda: I am biting my acrylic nails.

Simon: I apologize for the way we treated you on the first performance.

Ant and Dec: She is not from Barcelona (I really don’t know which one is which).

A Recap of the eight acts. I still like DIVERSITY the most.

Sue Son was awright!

Darth Jackson – you should be in a galaxy far far away sucked in by a black-hole.

Natalie Okri-Wrong song choice.

Julia Naidenko -Not sure if bellydancing will cut it.

Nick Hell: That’s creepy and miles away from the Royal Variety

Faces of Disco: HILARIOUS. But then, both slots are filled.

Susan Boyle: She is through, my forecast.



Back from the break. All the acts remind us of how much this means for them. The phone lines are closed. A recap from the judges . Simon sez: it went from the ludicrous to the brilliant. And all the 8 semi-finalists gather. The votes are being counted. Susan outperforms anyone in terms of applause from the studio audience.

Okay, the audience voted highest for: SUSAN BOYLE (that was pretty obvious). She is through to the FINALS. And she is dancing on the stage, and one more for Piers Morgan. (That was embarassing)

The next two acts for the judges choice : DIVERSITY and NATALIE OKRI

Judges have to decide now who goes.


Amanda: NATALIE (are you bloody kidding me?)

Simon: Totally adore you Natalie. But…DIVERSITY

So its SUSAN BOYLE and DIVERSITY who go through to the finals to be held on Saturday. Natalie Okri is crying. Susan is a silly lady. She just roams around on the stage. She does not know how to react sometimes.

Semi Final 2, tomorrow at 9 pm on ITV1. For more, visit:

We will be Liveblogging that as well. Until then, good night and see you tomorrow!!

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12 thoughts to “Liveblogging: Britain’s Got Talent 2009-Semi Final 1”

  1. Alrighty, caught 6 of the 8 on net. Susan was good, Diversity was mind-blowing.. Whats so big deal about Sue and Julia.. they were just about ok. Nick Hell was all crap and creep.. absolute garbage and Faces of Disco were there for entertainment I guess, though could not tickle the funny bone. Simon seemed flattered however. yet to see Natalie and Darth..


  2. @ David: Thanks for the inputs
    @ Vee and Bhargav: Thanks for the lovely comments m8s.
    I have my exams on the 27th, but I just can’t escape this, can I?


  3. i left a message, but why it was deleted?

    I just want to ask for help whether i can get english subtitle/scripts of the BGT show?

    thank you,



  4. I watched Susan’s performance through You Tube. Can you explain to me why the guy at the end said she’s not from Barcelona? Obviously, I know she’s Scottish, but what’s the background to that since I only saw her piece on you tube. Thanks!


    Sujoy Reply:

    To reply to ur question, when Simon apologized to Susan for the way she was treated by them, Susan replies: I know nothing. And jokingly says,”I am from Barcelona, I know nothing.”
    And at the end of it, Dec says,”She’s not from Barcelona”. Just a lil bit of a joke.

    Hope that info helped.


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