Liveblogging: Heroes-Into Asylum

Yes, I have a Heroes fatigue. So much, that I can pretty much multi-task during it. Liveblogging is pretty much believed to be an art of capturing a live event in text on a blog post. We would explore the other side of Liveblogging –deconstructing with extra precision. And yes, we are treating the latest Heroes episode with that. Here we go. (* For the extremely ignorant, this is gonna be spoiler-free..NOT!)

00:33: Nathan Petrelli gets confused to be doing Claire in Mexico, and as Nathan as escaping, he is unshaved.

01:32: claire is a prick as always: she wants to go out

01:50: new york, angela rescued by peter, it rains, angela: this is where i am supposed to be—- in a church. damn th

02:39:virginia; damn this switchin geography is makin me feel as sick as tht guy who just throwed up

03:35: danko n hrg debating, blah blah blah, rebel–nathan–more blah blah

04:27: sylar enters, wtf!! he is negotiating with danko..WHYYY..he cud just kill him! and title credits: yea its still TIM KRING’s

06:34: some mutant killer’s pic pinned on the board. the pic has a barcode. hrg comments on dankos speech

08:20: aww…claire n nathan…dad n daughter…cute conversation…F that!!

09:46: angela in the church, peter is wet. angela needs to sleep, needs to dream, me too. The History of the church in the petrelli family,

11:33: nathan plays hard-ass last man standing…whts the point?

13:00; a seven moment…oh yes, its a head, shape shifter is here, apparently, shape shifting is painful remember; minority report

16:30: nathan still drinking, claire joins the drinking game, but is it legal?

20:00 sylar challenges danko, why the hell is he still negotiating?wht happened to the power of the lady who could hear everything
so loudly?

21:15, we r half way thru the episode, is this episode going to be the worst in the history of the series. peter speaks to jesus.

23:30 lousy investigators turn up at the church.

25:01: detective sylar n watson discover the motive of shape shifter….he is a WOMANIZER WOMANIZER…silly silly thing..matchstick…

26:34; claire is the bad ass drinker…tissue regeneration..coz she has 19 kidneys, her blood is techkeyla…the guy gives up..claire wins the money…is this the high point of the movie..

27:37: angela confesses to peter…i agree…angela is really enigmatic…but i really dnt get her…oooh hrg…!! ALL CLEAR. music..sylar n danko vs shape a crowded club….wht were they thinking?

32:00 nathan n claire..daddy n daughter cute talk…aww claire gettin misty eyed…F that!!

36:40: claire sez to nathan: you can’re supposed to be superman….buy him the underwear

37:55: angela had a sweet dream about family reunion and peter believes in it.

38:48: nathan gets back claire’s necklace. officially, i am sick of the petrelli drama. and I am sick of Heroes.

40:00 hrg deceived abt sylar’s death.
we gotta get out of this place, did sylar just cum..?

41:40 will sylar be the only one left…aka last mutant standing!!!

So what did you thik of my first attempt at Liveblogging. More stuff to come; until then, watch this space.

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2 thoughts to “Liveblogging: Heroes-Into Asylum”

  1. You’re extremely biased and, whether or not you liked it, you’re not paying enough attention to give the episode an accurate review worth taking seriously.


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