Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009: Live Finale Results

***And the Winner is – Joe McElderry***

So here we are here for the big finale. The final show of the season. To be honest, I have no more interest in the show now that Stacey is no longer in the finals. So, we have Olly vs. Joe for the finals tonight. And in a matter of hours we will get to know the winner of this season’s X Factor. We’ll be there to liveblog it.

But for now, let’s have a look at what are the finalists singing tonight:

Twist And Shout

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey


Olly and Joe – The Climb

The live results show starts at 7:30 pm London Time. Be there!

**And the Winner is..**

Not just yet. Coz the phone lines are open still. Olly -2, Joe -3. The judges are in. But first, here’s an ensemble performance from the X Factor final 12.

And hey, people welcome Danyl, Lucie, Jamie and Rachel. And then Lloyd and Rikki, Kandy Rain and Miss Frank. And they’ve their childhood photos in the background. And hello Jedward. And finally Stacey. Not to forget – Olly and Joe. The song btw is Take That – Never Forget.

A quick recap of last night sans Stacey. Round 2 with Robbie and George Michael. I still can’t believe Stacey was voted off last night. Anywho, my job here is to liveblog the events of tonight. So here we are. The results show continues after the break.


Back to the show. The final show continues. The contestants sing their own favourite tracks from the show.

Olly sings – Twist and Shout. Hmm.

Look, I am no more fussed about who wins this competition. I am just fed up with the competition. I just don’t care anymore. And I don’t care if he sings well, or if he dances in that silly Thriller routine. So, best of luck Olly – may you win this.

Louis sez: You’re a born showman

Danny: Everybody coming to XFactor tour will be looking forward to your performance.

Cheryl: You are in your element.

Simon: You are fearless . [Can’t hear beyond this, coz the audience is up with Olly Olly chants]

Like I said before, he is the entertainer, and Joe is the better singer. But Joe is more like music-theatre Broadway musical and not a popstar. So, I guess Olly wins the show. But then, I have been proved wrong on more than one occasion.

Joe performs after the break. C u in a bit!

Update: Susan Boyle performs on ITV1 after the XFactor results show.


Right, back from the break. Cheryl introduces – Joe, who will be singing -Don’t stop Believing. And please, someone stop Cheryl from saying “The Whole Package”.

Right on to the performance. I love love love this song. And if you like Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, [on a totally different note] try this out – Axis of Awesome: Four Chords. It’s basically a mash up of a lot of hit singles on the same four chords of Don’t Stop Believing. Back to the performance, with this song, Joe is less of a west-end star, and actually a popstar. This should be the kind of songs that he should do, and a spot-on choice.

Louis: You got the voice, the attitude, the charm.

Danny: Definitely the best voice on the stage tonight, no doubt.

Simon: That was a brilliant song choice. Tonight – Brilliant.

Cheryl: Everybody in here believes in you.

Ok, @Daximo exclaimed at the sight of Cheryl’s hair. He thinks that Cheryl has been mugged and dragged through a hedge. A classic case of don’t mess with your hairdresser. LMFAO. And officially we have voted for Joe now.


Back from the break. And oh people. This is the best thing in the show this season. Apart from Stacey’s ” Wonderful World”. A live collaboration of Alexandra and JLS on “Bad Boy”. This is massive and actually, this song is growing on me. And then the massive JLS hit – Everybody in Love. I love love love this performance.

And now for some Leona Love. She’s singing her latest single – Stop Crying Your Heart Out[Thanks to Kevin for correcting me]. Sorry, I was busy somewhere else [in the loo to be precise]. So I really don’t know how Leona’s performance went. It’s break time now, and the Winner’s single – a Miley Cyrus cover nonetheless -The Climb, will be performed next by Olly and Joe. Brb!


The Winner’s single. First up Olly. Lemme tell you – I AM NOT into Miley Cyrus and the -I have a dream – type of songs. So I better shut up on this. And it doesn’t matter what I say right now. I have voted for Joe so that Olly does not win.

Ok, right now they are showing Olly’s family members congratulating him and wishing him best of luck. And all that white background and foggy look makes me think – Are they in heaven? πŸ˜›

And now over to Joe’s performance. And hang on, I am wrong here now. Coz, if this is a Miley Cyrus song, this should be the pop songs that are the teens are into these days. And coz Joe is nailing this song, Joe definitely has a big shot at becoming a popstar as well as a Broadway star. Hmmm. And anyway, coz Joe has the better voice and vocal talent – I’ll still say – Go Joe Go Joe!!!

And now for Joe’s family wishing all the best. I love Joe’s Nan πŸ™‚ A recap of the performances from last night, and tonight by the finalists.

And now for a special Guest performance by George Michael – December Song. Just in time you bet! πŸ˜› Very cheeky business strategy. No wonder he agreed to perform.

Anywho time for a break.


Back from the break. And believe or not, we have Sir Paul McCartney performing on the X Factor stage. Phew!

He’s performing Drive My car with the final 12, and that seemed like an Olly song tbh. And we are here in for another one. It’s -Live and Let Die, and the backing singers suck, big time!!

But this song is one helluva grand song. And he may look old, but the man’s still got it!

And I remember he supported and endorsed Geraldine McQueen πŸ™‚ And bless Simon Cowell to have put Paul Macca through to the next round πŸ˜›


RIght, the lines are closed, and the votes are being counted now.

And the FINAL MOMENT is here now. The winner about to be revealed now. Are you tensed people? I am!!

10 million votes were in for the finals. And the winner is about to be revealed.

The WINNER of XFactor 2009 is : [Please Joe, C’mon Joe] Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…. Joe McElderry!!!

David just deafended both my ears !!! Joe wins!!!

So there we go – Joe McElderry wins the show.

And the winner’s single now. And the final 12 are onstage dressed in white, and apparently, Rachel loves Joe πŸ˜› Wooohooo. At least this time, the British people got it right. I bet the atomsphere right now in South Shields must be amazing. Must be like after the Cup finals [you know what I mean].

Phew! That was a stressful journey for me. Liveblogging every week. And now, it’s all gone now, in a moment. I feel nostalgic about the way I got connected to this show, and through this blog, how connected I feel with the X Factor lovers of the show from all over the world. Especially -Annie, Rojhat love you both. Thanks to Rickey for linking, and retweeting every week. Awesome bloke you are Rickey. And all other people who read my blog and commented on it. Thank you all!! I hope to continue blogging on various pop culture and TV stuff. So do give a visit once in a while.

But for now, I’m feeling a bit relieved. And I am looking forward to an X-Factor free weekend next week, especially coz I will be watching Avatar on IMAX in 3D. Woohoo!!!

Big hugs to all. And thank you again!!!

BIG UPDATE: Holly on XTra Factor just revealed the Weekly No.1 votes

Week 1-Danyl

Week 2-Stacey

Week 3-Rachel

Week 4-5-Danyl Danyl

Week 6-Stacey

Week 7-8-9-10-Joe


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9 thoughts to “Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009: Live Finale Results”

  1. I am a Joe fan. But I don't see him becoming a popstar. He might become a huge broadway star though.

    But one thing's for sure, Joe is by far, the better singer. And I love listening to him sing big songs. But he isn't pop material stuff


  2. Juuuupiiiiii If Joe didn't win I would really change my mind about this world -wide famous british common sense πŸ™‚
    Suj, luv u too. What shall I do on Saturday evenings now? πŸ˜‰ I'll drop by sometimes. Hope to see some more activity in Naruto section now πŸ˜€ It's so much going on now, with sasuke killing itachi and battle naruto vs pain (pein???) aproaching soon…
    Anyway, it was great reading u here πŸ™‚


  3. Oh yes, you can expect a lot on the Naruto front. Pain vs Jiraiya is left to be written. And I saw Itachi vs Sasuke, and it was phenomenal. Do keep visiting!!
    I'm so looking fwd to Naruto vs Pain. Thanks for reading my blog again πŸ™‚

    Big hugs, and Merry XMas [in case I don't get to wish you before XMas]


  4. Help!
    During the showing of Olly's family – can anyone tell me the song that is playing?? It's driving me crazy! I know it, but I can't think of it! Thanks so much!


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